Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need free psychic HELP Please contact me if you know or are someone who can help?

I am in hult in my life I have no money so thats why im seeking free help.
I am stuck and dont know where to turn.
Birthday 1-12-91
Whats your point ?

Answer by Atheists FTW!
You know the saying “there is no such thing as free psychic reading.”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : looking for a free psychic reading for a good friend?

I am looking for a free psychic reading for my friend she’s been having hard time financially her she was born on April 18, she is a smart girl but had to deal with so many negativity. Her family are user and she had extremely bad luck with the human race and whenever she met someone she does not trust at all. I also will like to know about her future relationship since she also have bad luck in that department too. thank you

Answer by diamond87
i go to psychic if you have sky channel 886 the psychic are brilliant i have been speaking to them for 6 years now or google psychic interactive 886 they are on 24/7 u won’t be disappointed u can text or leave a caller comment sometimes they do freebee good luck best time to watch is at 9pm

Answer by Dougddog
welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog.To be honest to get best results she needs to ask herself.from a third party reading the only thing I can tell you is I see a cycle of bad relationships due to low self-esteem She has to rise above the cloud that surrounds her and know that she deserves better. Once doing this she can have a healthy relationship

Answer by Salvacionf
your friend zodiac signs is aries. as far as aries is concern, aries is always on the go, specially concerning working relationship. as personal relationship, aries are always the center of attention because of aries ability to empowered whatever her/his choices of field. sometimes aries feels some downfall and feel negatives if her/his energy is low. aries is a fire sign, meaning fire once given the chance would prosper, just dont look back to all the negative or bad experiences she had before. no such bad luck on aries line of work. theyre are smart people, just be strong enough and have the strong urge to fullfill all her dreams. aries is a lucky sign. concerning the number of her borth 18= 9 means success. the lucks are coming , wait for it, it wont be long…good luck

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