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I have to say it’s a little weird to have my case study referenced on the Dr Oz show

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The Neuroscience of Psychic Experience

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need to document an entity in a relatives home. What methods should I use?

I’m planning on using a digital and film camera simultaneously, and I am also going to set up a video camera. Are there any other pieces of equipment I should use? Are there any safe ways of contacting a spirit? I don’t want to use an Ouija board…

Answer by wushuboy001
This is a good idea. Try to figure out what is really going on.
Keep in mind its not really a spirit while you conduct your investigation. Otherwise you will just spend your time looking for things that aren’t really there.
Don’t listen to advice from those fake “reality” ghost hunting shows that are so popular these days like “ghost hunters”
Don’t listen to phoney psychics who claim to have the answers like Sylvia Browne and John Edwards.
Keep an open mind and think logically and you will be fine.

Answer by Big C
If you have a voice recorder, bring that with you. Just be sure everybody is completely quiet while using it. Sometimes, you can hear stuff just on play-back from the recorder and sometimes computer programs can help clear up muffled voices. Audacity is a free program you can use. If you put the camera on night vision mode, be sure it is completely dark. If any light gets in or if something in the room has an LED light on it, it will show up in the pic as a streak of light. It is not paranormal. Lots of people make this mistake. Don’t try to take pictures with both cameras at the same time. One might pick up the flash of the other one and give a weird look to some pics. Don’t use a ouija board. If there are spirits there, all you have to do is talk to them. You don’t need anything special for that.

DO NOT provoke the spirit.
Don’t forget to protect yourself with some protection prayers.

You can always call in some investigators. They will have the experience with this stuff and can probably give you more info than what you can get. They will be able to interpret the info better. If you go this route, it will be free. No charge.

Answer by Jon
Well, there are a few ways… You have named some – cameras and camcorders.

You may also want to use a KII meter or an EMF detector. Some believe you can utilize these devices to get answers to questions.

A voice recorder would also probably be good. I would use digital recorder over a tape recorder. With the voice recorder, you can gather some EVPs which may give you some answers.

You can also utilize some motion detectors, they can help you monitor the area.

For more tips and answers to common questions, you can check out the TAPS article website:

For the skeptics – instead of looking for proof of a spirit, try to disprove it first.

Answer by TR
Wushu gave you good advice. I think you’re off to a good start. Don’t worry about other equipment right now. The problem with EMF detectors, for example, is that they only detect EMF — but there’s no scientific evidence to tell us that EMF is correlated with spirits. People will find photos and video more convincing anyway.

About the Ouija board, it won’t help you. Although you’ll find endless dire warnings of doom about this board game (an endless source of amusement for me, but I digress), it can’t conjure anything more than the superstitions you already carry. It’s no more a spirit communication tool than Hungry Hungry Hippos is a hippopotamus communication tool.

Good luck. If you want to get fancy, you may want to investigate a motion-detector trigger for your cameras.

Answer by Jake H
No one wants to use a Ouija Board. But anyway, there was a show called Fact or Fiction on today at Paranormal channel or Zone Thriller (Sky) if you can find them, there was a episode where they caught a ghost strangling another ghost with a video camera. I don’t know much but it was standing on a stool, a camera where you were young and having a picture with Santa them ones.

Answer by Paranormal Investigator
Also make sure you record dates, times and witness. Don’t forget temperature, humidity some now are trying to prove tides and moon may have something to do with it won’t hurt.

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