Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need your help. Is there any psychics out there, or no any free chat rooms with them?

I am Savannah. I’m 16/f. I am DYING to chat with a psychic. I have very religious questions, and relationship related questions also. If you a psychic reading this, or someone that knows a website that FOR SURE has free online chat rooms, or free emailing. Please, fill my head with knowledge. I need to talk to one like…..SOON.

Answer by somebodysson
no one believes in that anymore, that is so 60’s

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can any one give me a psychic reading for free?

My birthdy is 4 6 89, I wuz born round 9 in the morning, n my house number is 103, lucky number 7. If u rly r psychic n not some dude fcking with me ill know becuz I’m going thru a lot rite now… Plz I rly need it. Thnk you.

Answer by Tyler
You’ve been through a stressful time lately, joe. You are trying to quit smoking and your relationship troubles are causing you a lot of stress, even in the from of strange visions when you are alone. My advice is to just try to relax and take care of yourself. Put on some music and put everything out of your mind. With a clear head, things will start to make more sense to you and things will start to go your way.

Answer by Rainnelor
While this is not what I actually do, I will read Tarot for you…(I will talk about past things and things about you which will let you know whether I’ve connected with you or not…if I don’t have that right then just disregard the reading…I make no guarantees.)

I’ve drawn 7 cards and I choose to start with the 4th one and view it as representative of your nature/temperament/personality. It is the 7 of wands (I read intuitively btw; not by assigned divinatory meanings, so a card does not mean the same thing to me every time I see it.) There is a young man representing you and he is standing on ground that isn’t sure. I read this to mean that you are a young man who has had trouble finding stability in your life, as a matter of fact, there is really NO stability there. You cannot depend on or trust others and you do not really know ‘who’ you are either, so you hesitate to trust yourself…or your own judgment. The young man holds one of the staves in a ‘defensive’ manner and I read this to mean that you are continually finding yourself fighting against those around you…that you are a very angry person. And not only angry but you feel suspicious of everyone’s motives…as though you must continually be on guard. There are 6 staves standing upright in front of him and I read this as you being at odds with your family. You are the ‘odd man out’ or ‘black sheep’ if you will.

The first three cards drawn were the ace of wands, the lovers, and the son. I will use these three cards to connect to your past. I am reading this as you were very much ‘wanted’ as a child…your birth was anticipated with positivity and the in the earliest part of your life, your family situation was stable. Your family felt blessed at that time. They were very pleased with you throughout your early years, but something occurred that caused you to reject your parents’ direction. I think perhaps it had to do with religion…that you were seeing hypocrisy and it made you angry. In turn your family viewed you as ‘getting away from the church’ or their religion. They blame all the upheaval that followed in your life on this one thing. They believe if you had ‘stayed in church’ you’d not have the troubles you have now. It seems that they have ‘washed their hands of you’ because you wouldn’t respond the way they wanted. Sort of that their thought is ‘we did all we could and we can’t do anymore and he’ll just have to face the consequences’. For this reason, though you WOULD like to turn to someone for support right now, you do not feel that you can turn to them. As a matter of fact you do not want to admit to them just how much trouble you are in at this time.

Last 3 cards drawn I am reading in view of your present situation and what is needed. These are
the two of wands, the queen of cups, and the page of pentacles. Okay I read the first card to mean that something is in the possession of the wrong person…meaning either you have something that isn’t yours…or someone took something from you. As I look at it more I’m thinking that it is the first thing and that now you feel caught between a ‘rock and a hard place’ so to speak. You would give this back, but that would mean admitting you took it and would lead to more trouble for you. (You wish you could do this over because you know now that you made a mistake…but you feel that what is done is done and that your hands are tied right now. The second card is reinforcing that thought…and giving the impression that what you took was quite valuable, but not something that you actually need. You feel that you are running out of time. You expect this to go badly and you feel it is close. The third of this set causes me to believe that the only answer in this situation is for you to return what you have taken. That is not to say that there will be no recriminations but that in the long run it will put you in a better position. As a matter of fact, I am getting that you need to make the choice to turn things around now before it is too late. I suppose I am thinking that you are at a crossroads and it is ‘now or never’ as far as getting your life together.’

Let me just explain that this ‘thing’ is not necessarily a material object….it could be a person (as in a relationship where the other person ‘belongs’ to another….or it could even be that you have taken away someone’s sense of worth or hope and need to undo that.

Okay that is what I got. As I said, this is not my forte but I enjoy working at it sometimes.

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