Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I really need a free psychic that will personally let me call and let me get a psychic ready for no cost?

I really need to know my love and future and all of the other psychics are really selfish and cost to much, please help me the way i asked to be helped.

Answer by Been There
I would very much like to help you … you are letting this desperation control you. Trust a little to life and to yourself, and know that no matter how things turn out, you will be okay. Even if something you don’t want to happen does end up happening, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go on your merry (yes … merry!) way.

Everything is urgent to the young, but those who have lived life for a long time understand that we make our own desperate “nightmares” and life is really very simple and easy once you start enjoying it and stop thinking that “this” or “that” will make you happy. Really, the only source of lasting happiness comes from inside yourself. I wish you all the happiness, little flower.

Answer by vasuastro
Please write birth details hear is free

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I don’t know where you get the idea that psychics are selfish because they would like to receive compensation for their work, just as everyone else does for their work.

It is a known fact, that you will not give as much value to something that is free than to something you have to pay for. It is also important to pay for services to keep the money flowing on a spiritual level.

Answer by Graphiel, mighty one of god
Arent you selfish for demanding free unnecessary things?
And wil you buy my kids lunch for a week in exchange for free service/

then go to hell.
I deserve pay at a fair wage just as you do.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I commicute with the dead?

My uncle passed yesturday and I wanna talk to him.. Anyway I can? Think a ouija board would help? It would be home made.. Anyone have a free psychic number? Maybe I can call one and ask question
Kelsey, no email…

Answer by Med Al
Sure all you need is that Ouija board and some good old LSD or at least some magical shrooms

Answer by Kelsey
i would do a ouija board. i want to do the same thing but dont know where to gert one. email me if u make one, cuz i really want to but have no idea

Answer by Jeff
Im very sorry for your loss. I can’t say if their is a way to communicate with the dead or not. Im no expert nor do I know everything. But If your christian try praying. Pray to god and ask him to tell him for you. If your not christian, just try to talking with him. reach out. Some believe the souls of the dead stay with their loved ones. If that’s true then he can already hear you. I hope this makes you feel better.

Answer by Brian P
Ouija boards are dangerous! If u are able to make any contact, be assured it wont be with your uncle. There are forces that are able to enter the living world through such mediae as ouija boards. These forces are not spirits of dead people, they are of a different elk! They bring disruption and danger into the living world through such portals. Stay clear of ouijas. Many mediums are fake, but there are a few who genuinely transmit between the living and the dead, Dont go to one who charges money for their services. A genuine medium will not charge money. If your uncle wants to contact you he will do. This will be during a period of sleep or daydream. You may not even know he has contacted but you will feel more at ease in yourself after the event, as it is all done in the subconcious!

Answer by subprimelendor
Shoot, ask me what you want to cammicate to your unclay? I’m a psycho and can talk to the recently deported.

Answer by D.W.
By communicating with the living. Those who knew him better than you.

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