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Tarot Reading – January 2, 3 and 4 – 2013 – Psychic, Intuitive & Clairvoyant Insight

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?

I dunno how accurate they are or not but i would rather have my personal life not being read. Can i do something, wear something or say something?

Answer by Eiliat
If you continue living in reality instead of a movie they can’t read you with tarot cards or any other form of fortune telling.

Answer by vampire9545
just ignore it, it’s not real. how do i know? i have a tarot card set, book on how to and even a mini booklet came with it.

here’s how it works basically, there is a set map for cards, each spot on the map has a meaning in gen(life goal, where u r in life now, n other symbolism) when a card is placed on said spot, it is evaluated by the person drawing the cards.

the basically belief/idea behind tarot is, the cards randomly drawn, aren’t random but dealt in a way just for you and represent you. now sure the cards could be you, but the odds that each card delt is you is a mathematically improbable…..the link is how the card map works n each spots meaning.

Answer by Randy P
You don’t have to do anything. Tarot cards can’t “read you”.

However, successful “psychics” are very good at picking up nonverbal cues from the client, so they’ll be able to read a lot about how your significant other feels about you, just from his momentary reactions. Not much you can do to block that. This skill is called “cold reading”, and it basically involves throwing things out and seeing what sticks. There have been studies where as many as 20 wrong guesses were thrown out before a hit, but the people watching were convinced that the psychic had zeroed right in on the right guess.

Psychics are con artists who take advantage of our willingness to believe.

Answer by BalanceDragon
Yes, tell your significant other not to. Tell them it is going against your will and that he or she is wrong. All tarot readings are subjective anyway, and they cannot get anything out of it unless you are present, so just tell them they’re fooling themselves.

Answer by Tea
It sounds like what you’re needing is a shielding spell. A shielding spell can be cast on any object, but it’s best to cast it on an object that you already wear all the time. This spell will cause the object to constantly project an energy shield around your aura so that it can not be read by other people.

Be aware though that a shielding spell can not keep your significant other’s aura from being read and if you two are very close, his aura is going to have some of your energy mixed in with it. However, anything that you haven’t shared with him verbally will probably not be evident in his energy field.

The shielding spell I’m going to share with you uses light as the shielding agent. There are other shielding agents that can be used, but this particular type works quite well for the situation you described.

Here’s how you do the shielding spell:
Pick an object, preferable a piece of jewelry that you’re able to keep on yourself at all times. First, wash the object well with soap and water, then dry it well.

Next, Hold the object in your hand and say this spell…and make sure you really feel it and mean it: “Shield me now, be my disguise…from psychic minds and prying eyes. My secrets stay mine, my privacy whole. No one is able to see my soul. Those who DO look will only see light, shining so strong that their eyes shut tight!”

While you speak this spell, visualize a star shining brightly in the sky and invite it to slowly descend from the sky and condense into a sphere small enough to fit in the object you’re using as your shield. Watch as the super bright star merges with the object and sends out a light so bright that no one could possibly be able to see past it to read your aura or energy. Once you do this, the spell is complete and the object will now shield you from psychic and other types of energy readings as long as you’re wearing it. Thank the star for being willing to help you and go on about your life knowing that your energy is shielded from being read.

If it’s a ring or necklace, go ahead and put it on your finger or neck now. Allow yourself to visualize the amazingly bright light coming from it to shield your privacy and know in your heart that this shielded object will continue to emit this light shield for you as long as you have it on your body. The light inside the object goes dormant when you’re not wearing it and will only reactivate when you put it back on. This shielded object will not work for anyone but you, because it was activated specifically for that purpose.

Always treat this object with great respect because it has the spiritual energy of a generous and powerful star residing in it specifically to protect you.

If you ever decide to remove the shield, speak this spell while seeing the star leaving the object and ascending back to the heavens and back to its normal size: “Thank you great star for hiding me well. I release you now and break the spell.” The object is now back to normal and will no longer shield you.

Let me know if you have any questions about the shielding spell or any of the things involved with it.

Blessings. 🙂

Written by Pendora

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