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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If you could ask a real fortune teller any question at all, what would you ask?


Answer by Brandy A
Lottery numbers! Preferably mega millions and powerball!

Answer by Mimosa
what is your fortune?

Answer by Girl Raphael
If I was going to marry the man of my dreams

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why doesn’t someone just go to a fortune-teller and ask them if the world really is going to end on 21.12.12?

The real gypsies; the ones that predict accurately. Why can’t someone just visit them the next time there’s a gypsy fair (if there is one in their city/town), or try one of those hot-lines advertised and ask them “Do you see anything in my future in 2013?”

So why haven’t I tried it? Underage (15). Actually, it’s probably just a random thought that I wouldn’t really do anything about.

Though it’s not to say that someone hasn’t already tried it out. I wouldn’t know.


Answer by Curious_Yank_in_South_Korea
I am sure some have but while I may believe in 21.12.12, I don’t believe in modern day fortune tellers.

Good luck!… ☺

Answer by S
Because it doesn’t matter, if you’re dead you’re dead. And also because it seems unlikely that you are going to get an accurate prediction.

Answer by Swiz
I did she said that was a mix up……. the world will end when the terrorist blow it up in the year 2057….

Answer by Samian’s 21st Account
Why would I ask them about 12/21/2012 when I could ask them for lottery ticket numbers instead? 🙂


Actually, at this point, I think I’d ask the old lady, “Am I EVER gonna get laid?”

She better not hit on me … :-/

Answer by ŸѺUR ΜajesԎy


everyone only claims to know everything. lying douches

Answer by Santanico P
There’s no such thing as “real” psychics.

Answer by Shelley♥
thats a good idea

Answer by bikenbeer2000
The ones that predict accurately? You mean the ones that win on the horse racing and the lottery every week? Or the ones that have won the $ 1 million available from the James Randi Educational Foundation for anyone able to conclusively demonstrate psychic or paranormal ability?
Oh! Guess what? The money remains unclaimed. None of these people can actually predict anything because prophecy doesn’t work and never has done.
If you’re unwell do you go to a doctor or do you ask the guy who fries burgers at McDonalds? If you want to know about a future geological or astronomical event, do you go to a fake fortune teller (and there’s no other type) or do you go to a scientist, such as a geologist or astronomer? Yes. If you do, this is what you find. A declaration that any predictions of doom in 2012 are pure, unadulterated hogwash. Watch these three scientists saying precisely that.
Don Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near Earth Object office:

David Morrison, Senior Scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute

Neil Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My parents says the fortune teller can determine my sexuality.How do you think of them?

I am 22-year-old gay man. I know I am gay since I am 6.
I have come out to everyone except my parents are relatives. I have been studying in Australia for several years . Now my university semester has finished and I go back to Hong Kong (my hometown ).
Recently my parents suspect I am gay. Everyday, they say a lot of words ( e.g. f*gg*t, loser,manwh0re, j*rk) when they say they suspect I am gay. ” Why can’t you be heterosexual ? All your cousins are heterosexual . Why can’t you turn yourself into a straight man ? Where did you learn to be a gay man? In Australia ? Do people in Australia turn you gay ? ” I answered. They say “Homosexuality is a disese. You need to cure it if you are really gay.” I always reply ” Homosexuality is not a disease ” . However, my parents never listen to me and throw things at me every day ( when they are angry that I may be a gay man ) They say ” Parents only offer their love to children if children promise that they’ll be heterosexual in their whole life”
My parents say ” If you are really gay, you shouldn’t go back to Australia to study after holiday. It will only make you even more gay” They say ” We’ll ask our fortune teller if you will be turned straight again in Australia. If he says yes, you can go. Otherwise, you must not go. Fortune teller can determine or change your sexuality Remember we sponsor you some of your school fees ” They said ” You gay boy have no right to go back to Australia without the permission of our fortune teller ” They say all my life achievement will become zero once I confirm I am gay in front of them. They say”We invest lots of money to bring up you but now you may be a gay man. What a shame and disgrace to us and everyone.You shoul drop from school now and stay in Hong Kong.Edcuation is only for heterosexual people and what gay people can do is to find jobs”

They keep on saying those things to me everyday. I feel depressed when they say I am worse than a piece of sh*t because of my gayness. Recently I’ve found that I am more vulnerable to cold/ flu than before. I don’t know why. I’ve got more headache than before as well


Q.2) Do you think I’ll be less competitve in the society if I discontiune my university studies at this stage( and find a full-time job instead) ?

Q.3) I will confirm my gayness in front of my parents once I am financially independent.Do you mentally support me ?

I miss my gay-friendly buddies in Australia. Unlike my parents, they are always on my side . They give me lots of emotional support

Answer by Michael A
1. Your parents are emotionally abusive to you.
They are emotionally toxic.
And they are dead wrong.
Yes, it would be good for you to get away from them and go back to Australia. Perhaps the fortune teller will make a mistake (to please your parents) and will “foretell” that you will be straight in Australia, lol. I’ll bet if you paid the fortune teller extra money, he or she would “foretell” whatever you want.

2. I do not know enough about your field of study to determine which would be best, but I think if you already have time invested in university, you should continue it.

3. Yes, I mentally support you to come out to your parents once you are financially independent and they can no longer hold that weapon over your head.

I wish you could live with your gay-friendly buddies. Maybe one of them could be a nice boyfriend for you. You need the emotional support they can provide.

Your parents do not understand how to love you. This makes me sad. They are thinking only of themselves, not of you. No parent should throw things at their beloved son and call him horrible names.

Answer by Majestic Ushi (new account)
All i have to say is…this is happening to you for one reason.

and this is a good reason my friend
so pay attention..

They tell you this, so you have more determination for you to be succeful and prove them wrong.

Show them a gay man
is not what they think.

they will regret it…if you are determined enough..
to prove them wrong
dont let anyone bring you down
not even your parents

just turn that depression into anger and determination..


Answer by aziza m
just listen 2 ur mom n dad what they said 2 u cuz it might be important since but then it won’t

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