Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Im setting up a fortune telling booth for culture night at my high school, help please?

I need different fortune telling techniques that are cost effective if purchasing items is required. What could i do at my booth?

Answer by Fireball
ask the librarian for help…

Answer by SteveN
If this is all for fun, I would say that the three best ways to do a fortune-telling booth would be with tarot cards, crystal ball, or palm-reading.

With tarot, you get special cards that you turn over, and each card is supposed to have special meaning when turned over for a question asked. Cards facing the right way are positive, while cards facing the opposite way (upside down for you) are negative or conflict cards. The simplest reading is three cards, representing past, present, and future. You can find the meanings of each card online, or some tarot card decks actually give you a description of the cards’ meanings.

A crystal ball method, you basically are asking the person to stare into the ball and focus with you, and the energy is supposed to come through for you to see and interpret. You then can “read” the person and give them an answer to a question, but it should not be a simple yes or no. Most crystal ball readers try to leave things a bit vague. Much like a horoscope in the newspaper, you leave something for the person getting the reading to interpret themselves.

Finally, with palm reading, you want to learn to interpret the lines on someone’s hands and give some responses based on them. For example, a prominent life line can mean a long life, while one that seems to interrupted at some point can suggest health problems.

If you are doing this to raise funds for the school, you might want to use one of these methods for your fortune telling booth:

Try the crystal ball method, selling small crystals or polished lucky rocks to people after a reading. A dollar store may have small crystals or rocks that you can sell for $ 2 at the booth.

Perhaps you can sell special fortune candles. Buy dollar store scented (or unscented) candles of varying colors. Each would have a different purpose…money, fame, power, health, luck, inner peace, etc.

If you know a woodworker in the family, you could have them create small wooden chips (like Scrabble letters) with a strange symbol on them. These could be “runes” that ward off evil spirits or bring good fortune. Put a hole in them and attach a shoe string or bit of leather and you have an interesting necklace or bracelet people may wear for years after culture night.

Buy loose tea leaves from a local tea shop, and sell them in individual packets for reading tea leaves. You tell them to buy the tea, tell them how they must drink the tea in a certain way (such as always taking a sip from a different corner of the cup until the tea is finished). Then you give them instructions for reading the leaves. Are they a circle in the bottom of the cup? Long life! Are they all in a pile in the center? Good fortune! Are they tilted all to one side? Right side of the handle means things will look up in the future. Left side means something bad may soon happen. That sort of thing.

Just be sure that people know it’s all in good fun and not to take it too seriously. Unless you are a descendant of a true gypsy fortune teller and actually believe you have psychic powers, what you are selling here is just a fun experience. Nothing more.

Answer by Psy Chic
tarrot and palm reading

Answer by HappilyPagan
palmistry is good, tea leaf reading is cheap and if the person interprets their own its their subconscious telling the truth.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you know you are a fortune teller?

I’ve been seeing numbers for a year and a year passed and the numbers add up to the dogs age and death house number I also a couple seconds before a phone rings know when it will ring and who it is? Can I see the future?

Answer by Sheryl Marshall
no, you can not see the future, but you might have a mental illness

Answer by swarr2001
That is not exactly a fortune teller, dear, but it is a trait carried through bloodlines. Please ignore the uninformed answer who suggested you may have a mental illness. I am not sure about the numbers you stated, but the phone ringing and knowing who it is strikes a chord with me and my family. It’s a nice thing to not need caller ID, just remember that. Try not to dwell on the difference between you and those who do not possess this gift and think of it as more a different eye color. You will find that as your life takes you into more stressful areas, the way you cope will be to “know” more things. Blessings.

Answer by Sapphire
You just are. As well your very well aware of it,and need not ask how you know.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think maybe some fortune tellers are real?

Recently I went to a fortune teller and she told me events of my past which are very true, I believe she is a real fortune teller and these people are perhaps able to find clues about the future and past. What do you think?

Answer by waterlily
Ask her for the lottery numbers next time.

I think most of them are frauds. Sometimes they get lucky and tell a person the right thing but it’s only b/c they are lucky not b/c they really know anything.


Answer by vergildmd
Nope, you did say the fortune teller told you of your past right? I’m sure your family members could of told you that too. That doesn’t mean they can tell your future. Probably just using the type of person you are from your appearance and personality to guess your future.

Answer by RichUser
Next time, don’t tell her about your past before asking her.

Answer by annacore
i think some of them can actually see the future etc, but most of them are fake and just trying to get your money off you.

i’ve no idea how some of them can predict so well, but it is really weird. I think that the thing where you sit around a table and communicate with the dead is really weird as well

it just proves that the world is full of mysteries and does not completely follow the laws of science [:

edit.. sorry it didn’t put it all in for some reason O_O

and the answe to your question.. i think some people are just naturally gifted with doing supernatural things like i said above ^_^

why not go back to her and get her to tell you something else
or get a friend to go and get their future etc told?

Answer by nightshade_rosewater
There are a lot of misconceptions about forturne tellers. First is that they tell you the future, I like the way you asked this question in that it sates that she perhaps has some CLUES, But mostly they give you insights into what might occure IF you are to continue on the course you are on, for instance, if you keep speeding, you will get a ticket, if you keep cheating on your significant other, they will find out and leave you, the fortune teller would be able to tell you weather or not this will happen sooner or later. Not specifics. Any fortune teller that claims to be able to tell specifics about the future is a fraud. Your past has already happend and that makes things a lot easier. But mostly what a fortune teller does is use their intuition; something which we have learned to distrust in ourselves, if you want the best fortune teller, retrain yourself to trust your feelings.

Answer by November Ocean
I believe some “fortune tellers” are real, among the fakes. Some people are just sensitive to shifts in energy. But too many that market themselves are fakes.

Answer by Johanna G
Being that i read tarot and runes very accurately I would say that yes there are real fortune tellers out there. However people who seem to think thay can profit from being liars and con-artists seem to have the market cornered.

Answer by Onoff H
some are authentic, but a number are con-artists. but I have no desire to have my fortune read–I’ll trust God with my future, thanks.

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