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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible for psychics to give exact time frame for something to happen?

does it really come true? i have been told that i would be able to stay with my man only 6months..after that someone else is coming in my life. this really made me upset. i hope she was wrong. but did u ever go to one whose such prediction came true for you?

Answer by digital_bacon
It’s called Chaos Theory, read up.

Answer by cupcake
Most psychics are a phony. I went to one once and she wanted me to buy her a television if I wanted her to predict some bad things she saw in my future. I got out of there fast. A true psychic can predict very accurately with exact time frames but they usually do not share any of their predictions with anyone else.

Answer by vintagemale1951
it could be done if taking full comsentration on the matter,maybe not to the second. but day or night,

Answer by janu
dont believe that. psychics are crazy frauds.

Answer by shilpa j
no there is no exact time frame for something to happen, psychics can only predict and in some cases they give suggestions according to their experience…..

Answer by sassydesignergirl
I’m not a huge expert, but there is the predicting the outcome of events and there also is the human will. Circumstances may be presented to you, but only you can decide whether or not you want to accept them or not. We still have control of our destinies. However, I don’t know for sure if psychics will agree with me on this – I think often things are destined to happen even when we don’t believe it at the time.

The other element is – she may not be a true psychic so you may not have anything to worry about. You have to ask yourself – has she been accurate in other readings? Are there other people you can confirm about her predictions?

Answer by Sam
Sweetie please take heart it really depends on how in tune the psychic is, its important to remember that a medium is only a channel, and they interpret what they feel at the time, this does not mean that this is set in stone.

What she may of been picking up on is that this person may not be your life partner only you can decide weather or not you want to be with this person.

Clairvoyant/psychics /medium will tell you what will happen if you are to continue to follow the same course that you are on now you can change this outcome depending on what you do.

Pls don’t be upset k all will be good and things will work out the way they are meant to, I do readings all the time for myself and for others and i know what i am talking about from experience.

Trust you gut on what you feel to be true if you wnt to email me you can.

love and light

Answer by davo
Hi, If you really love the person you are with and he loves you the same then there is no problems,
I hope you have spoken to him about this as if it is general knowledge to both of you and not a secret then it is easier to change the prediction, remember the future is not always correct only the past.
the future can be changed by turning right instead of left, etc
but the past is the past, unless someone comes up with a time machine to go back.
you have no worries as long as both of you fight temptation.
Western Australia

Answer by Arcanum Noctis
When I dreamt my sister would lose her job, she lost the job one week later. It wasn’t time specific or specific on what the cause was. None of my predictions have been.

I had a day-dream like flash that something would happen between me and my brother, which wasn’t specific at all. Later that day me and my brother got in a fight over something very stupid. When the situation took place, I had the same feeling that I had from the day-dream like flash.

Now I have a prediction that something is going to happen by 2010 that is going to affect globally, but it isn’t specific on what it is or specific on how it will happen.

Anyways, she sounds like a scammer because she seems to be playing on your feelings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are your predictions for the year of 2007?

For those of you who are very psychic, what are some of your predictions for the year of 2007? Those of you who are not very psychic can also list what you think will happen in the year of 2007?

Answer by lil sweet
Uh………. I figure since Britney Spear’s career isn’t exactly over ,it’ll be over in the year 2007!! Shakira will win another Grammy……………….. Nope thats all I see in my crystal ball!!

Answer by Everyone else is crazy…but me!
More illegal aliens, and less action in Washington!

(This prediction racket is SO easy!)

Thank you, come again!

Answer by miranda w

Answer by Clrinsight
1)Briteany Spears locks horns with DSS -again.
2)North Korea allows IAEA inspectors back in exchange for IPods.
3)Equal rights groups sue state and local goverments for the right of pet owners to marry their pets, Courts allow for pet/human civil unions. It ruins the next election!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If your collecting disability from the government and get a job on the side?

Will they take away your disability claims?

I want to work as a model… I am kind of psychic and well my predictions tell me I will be successful at my endeavor….

Answer by Matthew P (SL)
You would be taking a great risk. In most cases you would lose your benefits as soon as your social registered as having a job.

Answer by .
My predictions tell me you better check with the disability department or whatever.

Answer by halfadozen1984
If you are really disabled you would know that you can earn up to a certain amount before you SSD is effected.

Why are you asking this in this section?

Answer by Just wondering
If you predict that you are going to be successful then get off the disability pension completely.

Answer by joeb
Congratulations, I also think that you will and can be successful at anything that you put your focus on.

As far as disability from the government, I am under the impression that disability is for people that can’t earn an income base on a physical or mental impairment preventing them from being able to work. So if you work, I am assuming that you might lose some or all of the benefits.

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