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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to develop psychic abilities by feeding your body on pure food and drink only and meditating?

everyday? I am really interested in becoming a psychic and seeing my future rather than asking another psychic to know about my future. Is it possible?

Answer by Smack
there is no such thing as a psychic…
only good observation…

Answer by Jordan P
No, read Siddhartha and you will find the way to enlightenment.
you have to medidtate and not eat at all

Answer by crystal temptress
it is posible i mean budh did it

Answer by efran
i have not heard before about developing esp from a diet,all past prophets and psychics did not have pure foods, meditating is something people should do once in a while to get some relief from a hectic world, esp as it is called is nothing more than gut instinct simple common sense projected onto a future event, in the same way you would contemplate what your life would be like years from now, everyone has these instincts but few would follow them

Answer by Girl Raphael
Sure, also try water scrying its what the mayans taught nostradamus to do.

Answer by Raider
Yes it most certainly is the fastest and quickest way to develop your own powers (how I hate to use that word on this section of Y.A.). Take my word for it that you must maintain the pure diet in order to keep your powers sharp and clear, too. Are you prepared to go straight and pure vegetarian? This is the way to do it.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please read the detail. Do you agree with me about psychics and money?

On Yahoo Answers, just as it is in everyday life, most of those who ask psychics for readings only want their needs pandered to and are willing to pay for the pandering. There are many who will pander for cash or points. Some true psychics and many not. In watching and participating I’ve seen this as a constant pattern. Therefore, I would say it is those who seek through remuneration and build the false house of cards in which they wish to abide, buttress the view of many none believers that divination of any kind is false.

Answer by sistermariepigtailedpirate
I’ve read tarot cards for quite a few years, some of those years professionally. W hen I worked professionally, I did charge because like my clients I had to live and support myself with my skills and talents. However, I gave serious consideration to my fee in order to make certain I was absolutely not taking advantage of my clients. I also never turned away anyone in need.

Tarot readers who charge exorbitant fees or who maintain no flexibility on the basis of need may have the requisite talents, but I absolutely do not have any respect for the beliefs which motivate them or their ability to live up to the beliefs they do have.

Answer by Callie R
Yeah. I would say that people who want to pay money for a psychic session are just paying to hear what they want to hear. The readings are vague and you can make anything you want fit them. It makes some people pretend like they have their life figured out and they want to know whats coming at them. But really, doesn’t everyone? Personally, though, I believe going to see a psychic is childish. (but what would I know, I’m only 13 myself)

Answer by
most of the time i wanna be pandered to.

i want good news. don’t tell me someone i know is gonna die… hell, EVERYONE i know is gonna die. (i just don’t need to be reminded)

the interesting bit is that there are people willing to PAY for the good news.

paid entertainment, i guess.

“Here’s a dollar. I especially liked the part about ‘someone close to you will come into money’. Heck, don’t spend it all in one place.”

Answer by moondown
Well, Terry, I certainly agree with this statement ingeneral.

Answer by baronvonstrudel
Interesting… the reason that psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, and other divination practitioners charge for their services is to ward off people who just want free entertainment. It can be very destructive if a person is bogged down by a mob of cheap people who want you to “read their future” without them paying a dime.

Answer by Sal D
I agree Terry. Very much so.

Answer by Robin Runesinger
I cast the runes, but only for people that have a serious need and respect the beliefs of the Forn Sidr. The casting of the runes are part of my religious beliefs, so I would not cast the runes for someone who did not respect those beliefs.

I do not ask for money because there might be a tendency to tell people what they want to hear to satisfy them. If there is no money involved, I can be more precise in reading the runes as they fall.

Answer by mhiaa
And they will have a higher source to answer to for such; or karma, for those who believe in such.

Answer by lightningelemental
I do not expect nor accept money payment for Tarot readings, but I am often given an offering (such as a sweet grass braid) to acknowledge my efforts.

I have accepted cedar, candles, tobacco ties, sweetgrass braids –they kinds of things I use frequently. I put time and effort into a reading, and it’s nice to be acknowledged for my time and effort.

Answer by *~Ariel Brigalow Moondust~*
Yes Terry~ Most people only wish to be pandered to~ and when given a good reading by a sensitive, they usually say it was a bad reading because they are not being told what they wish to hear.
Pity~ they could do much with the information from a good reading!

Answer by CaM1051Sec
Too many take advantage, & this casts a very negative image over the whole thing. Do you ever watch “Psychic Detectives” on Court TV?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What was the last question you asked a psychic?

being the Elevator girl i asked my local psychic if she knew which floor i was on

what about you?

Answer by Rocket
“Why are you such a fake?”

Answer by Katsuma
Never been to a psychic.

Answer by KannadaXXo
i asked will i get married within 3 months..he smartly answered that it will happen if you try was in dappgunte tumkur district of karnataka

Answer by A&G is #1
never been to a psychic. id get better use by wiping myself w/ it.

Answer by Perth Princess
I don’t believe in them!!!

Answer by Vinster
“What are this weeks lottery numbers ?”

Funnily enough she was unable to tell me .

Answer by slap and tickle
will I get any best answers today?

Answer by Ted B
” I would think that you should already know my credit card number…..”

I asked my local psychic if I will ever be trapped in an elevator with Yahoo! Answers’ Elevator Girl. The 85 year old Bulgarian Psychic looked me straight in the eyes, with her one good eye, and said, “You wish you little pigtailed wuss!” Needless to say, I will be going to a less insulting psychic in the future.

Answer by Frank T
I went in only two times and never will go again ( two different ones, in different states)
you ever see on TV or the movies when THEY freak out
that’s what happened when I went in
they got scared and asked me, no TOLD me to leave and never come back
the truth

good luck

Answer by Runman
Funny…I asked what floor you would be on too…

Answer by Undercover Brother(Agent JD55)
This cost me how much??????

Answer by thiny72
I ask, why 006 is afraid of 007

Answer by Vietnam Veteran
I asked her if she was a psychic why did she have to ask my name.

Answer by Relative ease
Does this all really happening or is it only me who’s lost the touch of reality?

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