Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

Answer by Incodnit
astrology, yes

tarot, debateble

Answer by Athene
I’m very pleased with the astrology readings I’ve had from
They offer a lot of free ones, you just need to enter your birth data.


Answer by curiousdiva
which kind of tarot reading r u talking about? the one done by you online or the one done by readers? both of them can be accurate…for online readings u have to concentrate on the question very hard.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru


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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for real tarot card reader. Free?

Answer by yielding
You can get a free online Tarot reading here…
There’s another one here that requires registration (free), but also gives lessons and information about Tarot reading, numerology and astrology…

Answer by imstillsandy

I think they have a free reading a day.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is it true that for a tarot card reading to be accurate…?

you have to choose the cards? does that mean that online readings are not accurate?

Answer by Bitter Tear
No you can pick up on energy of a person and get a pretty good reading online I have before in a good group i know. However if you pay for it then it will more likely be crap. The real ones are the ones who do it for free.

Answer by KdS
It depends on your ideas of how the cards work to begin with. If you think energies of people are how they work, then it might make a difference whether the person is picking out the cards themselves. If you think the energies of god and the universe are what influence the cards, then the person doesn’t matter at all, and so the cards can be read in regard to any person from anyplace, without them touching the cards.

I personally have never done an inaccurate tarot reading to my knowledge, and I usually read for people who aren’t anywhere near me. (In fact I prefer it so — having another person around is a distraction to me.) So, on my own experience, readings from afar are just as accurate as any kind of well-done reading.

Answer by vid
Online or telephone readings can be just as accurate if the reader is good. Generally, if the reader is a good reader in person the reader should be just as good online or on the telephone. However, the automated Tarot readings at some sites are not accurate.

Some readers believe a person should shuffle the cards, but other readers don’t allow anyone to touch their cards. Generally, if I’m giving a reading in person I have the person shuffle the cards, but sometimes I’ll shuffle the cards because some people aren’t very good at shuffling. It doesn’t really matter if it’s in person or online or through the phone. It works the same way, but again, it depends on the skills of the reader.

Also, I don’t know if you know this or not but there are some very good readers on eBay. Granted, there are some terrible ones as well. I suggest eBay because there are many readers on there that don’t charge what many other sites do. Also, some of the readers on eBay you’ll find at other sites as well, but they’re cheaper on eBay. I would suggest if trying eBay out to check out the person’s feedback–not the amount so much, but what the people have said about their readings from that person. Hope that helps!

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