Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is our spiritual health being assaulted by the media?

1.Obvious in porn magazines
2.Obvious on the Internet (common knowledge of all kinds of disgusting sites and free)
3.Same sex is fun on TV and in movies
4.Commercials-90% naked girls are selling exercise (yeah right)
5.Add more>>>
How do we know we’re not affected as a lot
is on the sub-conscious level (brainwashing?)

Answer by ?
don’t forget, atheist trolls on Y!A

Answer by Squirtle
6. Drink, have sex, do drugs, enjoy yourself, live life to the fullest, live fast, die fast.

Answer by John James
Not sure what spiritual health means, but I guarantee my health has not suffered as a result of the above.

Answer by Rj 88
the jews are controlling the media, so i would say yes. i don’t let it effect me though.

Answer by 2FollowHim
Knowing these things helps to protect us. Knowing what
can go on is like shedding light on it.
To me, the brain is a very complex and in certain ways delicate
instrument that CAN be twisted.
The bible talks about ‘the lust of the eyes’ and there is not doubt
that what the eyes want to look at, latch onto is tough to break.
Thus I find it wise to not allow that looking. Not even glancing.
I think it is quite powerful what is there. Powerful in a black kind of way.
I ‘met’ someone online who got drawn into porn and HATES this,
but is drawn so badly that the images just come and come.
The person does not have the Lord Jesus and is of another
religion, and not interested in Christianity. So this person
continues to suffer and it is sad.

Answer by froufrou
yes, not just our spiritual health tho, our mental health in general
sex isnt the problem to me, sex is part of life, its our inablity to accept ourselves as we are, the media really pushes that one

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Spiritual vs Religious.?

Serious answers only. What is the difference between the two? How can YOU tell? Thanks.

Answer by Fireball226
ive got both…cuz even when 10 i was spiritually inclined long before conversion

Answer by Zasu
Spiritual doesn’t necessarily imply divinity.

Answer by Deens
I actually spend a lot of time with newly observant people and the first thing I was taught is that everybody’s “religious” (unless they’re atheist) and some people are observant or non observant when it comes to actually practicing.

Answer by Kachie
I would think that spiritual is a broad variation of religion, where as in religious things, there’s set beliefs and thought processes, where as in spiritual things, it’s simply connection with some sort of higher being and spirit.

Answer by catwomanmeeeeow
Spiritual means something more internal– it’s a personal faith in something you can’t necessarily justify or describe, regardless of what religion it might be.

Religious means you adhere to the specific teachings of a religion– for example, attend church, comply with the specific requirements (eg. baptism, communion, confirmations, etc).

Answer by ♥ Blonde&Intelligent
I think spiritual is the belief that we all have a destiny; that there is something controlling our fate besides ourselves.

While religion has structured rules and guildlines. You don’t get to believe what you want, you believe what you’re told based on your religion.

Answer by Samurai Jack – Now in HD
Religion is concerned with some deity and how your actions here affect your actions in some afterlife. It will include dogma, specific rituals, prayers, etc…
Spirituality is a concern with that which people consider “spiritual”. Usually, this means that which is “good for the soul”. Generally, this has more to do with how our actions affect us now, and how they affect others, now.

Answer by robert s
Spiritual deals with faith in the unseen, whereas religious is the action taken on behalf of faith. Abraham ,Isaac, Jacob, Moses were all spiritual and acting on faith practiced their religion.

Answer by Sweetie
Its possible to have personal spiritual beliefs and religious ones at the same time; very often they go hand in hand. Many times these 2 types of beliefs serve the same purpose. They give order to a world in chaos; they provide a moral foundation upon which to base behaviour.

The important difference between the two types of beliefs is in their source.

Religious beliefs are based on second hand information, in a very real sense, information and beliefs become traditional, passed on through scripture, proselytizing and popular media. Spiritual beliefs, in contrast, are developed individually and quite often deal with issues of a more personal or intimate nature than those addressed by religious doctrine.

Spirituality is independent of religious beliefs or doctrine. It is possible to be a spiritual person without belonging to any religious denomination or adhering to the ideology of any particular religious institution. To be spiritual, means that you recognize and acknowledge a power or sensibility within yourself and outside of yourself, beyond the purely physical or mental. The recognition of the spiritual self and the acknowledgement of forces beyond the scope of rational analysis does not require membership in any group.

Answer by zahid
That Religious person , Who don’t want to practice the Religious responsibilities
(if any) , They Turn to be Spiritual .

So Spirituals do have a Faith (some faded version of any Religion) , But they prefer to worship within their mind , while doing anything , they feel 24 hrs connected to The Lord Spirit ,

But I think Spirituals Deceive themselves ,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why are so many people easily brainwashed by the media?

For example a lot of people think jihad means holy war. Where infact jihad means The spiritual struggle within oneself. It is a requirement for all muslims. Someone saying something incorrect about Islam and you are defending your religion and speaking the truth, that is jihad. Spreading knowledge about Islam that is jihad. Defending yourself from someone attacking you is jihad. ONLY DEFENDING! The term holy war is actually something else in arabic not jihad.

Many people also think islamist means islam terrorists or extremists. Where infact islamist means a scholar who is knowledgeable in Islamic studies.

Many people claim that the Quran teaches violence. I have read it and dont understand where you are getting this information from. Taking wrongly translated quotes and out of context from random websites does not mean you have read the Quran. How many of you can say hands on your heart you have read the Quran from start to finish?

Answer by no confirmation without bias
Why are so many people easily brainwashed?

Answer by Mr. Forman
When someone yells “JIHAD!” and shoots a little girl in the face for wanting to go to school, it tends to change the meaning.

Update: Nice, a thumbs down, I guess I didn’t see that on the news.


Answer by IRX120ISBEAST
Islam is evil, it denys the deity of Jesus Christ all Muslims are going to hell, we must warn them of their false belief, Jesus saves, Muhammad damns

Answer by Robin
moslem actions because of the play book quran give even non religious folks a clear picture of satans best lie ever . islam is toxic and deadly inbreeding population of haters they hate non moslems they hate their own women and children it just goes on and on ….resonable people who can read know islam is to be avoided and banned .

Answer by Paul
So your saying it is so believable that most muslim governments claim of 90% or better of their people being muslim is purely voluntary?

Yeh, and today is national save a turkey day.

Answer by Guido Fawkes
Most Muslims are portrayed in the Media as Mindless Murderous Bigoted Sexist Thugs. I can accept that not all of them are like that but….
The ones who aren’t like that are clearly in the minority else they would be in charge.

Answer by PhotonX
The brainwashing media? Which part of it, exactly? Fox “News”? MSNBC? Television as a whole? Local newspapers? If so, right or left? The Internet? If so, what part of it? Are encyclopedias considered ‘media’? Library books?

In other words, your assertion makes no sense. People are ‘brainwashed’ by lies, and by opinions stated as facts, by racist relatives and neighbors, and yes, by many churches too. Fox ‘News’ will certainly misrepresent the meaning of jihad, but that isn’t a blanket condemnation of all media.

Answer by Carle
The Media is not to be believed. They LIE, especially about Israel. I was involved in an
incedent where Israel tried to sink a US ship. I helped design the ship. I sailed on it. I
knew all about it. When the news came out it was full of lies, lies, lies for Israel. I can
never forgive Israel nor the lying US media. There are all sorts of crazy Jihadists, some
US citizens. But the media blows that all out of proportion. I hate the Media, for I know
who controls it.

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