Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is Sylvia Browne an accurate psychic, why or why not?

Answer by AnswerMom

Because no one is an accurate psychic.

Answer by Dale S
Is there such a thing as an “accurate” psychic??? They get alot of things right but theres alot they are way off on.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : most accurate free psychic?

i wish to know the e-mail of very accurate and genuinely free psychic person.thanks

Answer by aspicco
you get what you pay for…

Answer by That Guy
Just find one that recently won the lottery. Good luck.

Answer by Dirk D
Why would a real psychic give you a reading for free?

If you want a real psychic to read you, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever received an *accurate* psychic reading over Yahoo Answers?

if so, from who?

Answer by abbignome
I didn’t know people could get psychic readings over Yahoo Answers… interesting.

I haven’t, but then again, I’ve never asked. I’d rather my life be a surprise.

Answer by Eliza D
Good question.

I doubt it very seriously…In fact, I doubt if there are any “real” psychics here at all…People just post these questions here because there is no separate section for them. Plus the fact that most of the askers end up dealing with mocking answers instead of actual ones.

Answer by D’arcy
Hah, how can anyone actually give a reading, not to mention an “accurate” one, over the internet? Are people really that gullible?

Answer by Chloe’
Everyone I’ve come across has told me something different every time; They were very phony. Are there real Psychics on here? Yes! I know a few, but I rather not give out names for confidential purposes.

Answer by Divine Alchemist
Evidently someone is because I keep getting messaged saying my readings are dead on. But that is tooting my own horn. I’m sure there are 1 in every 100 or so.

Answer by visionaryme
no never and it is naive of one to expect the impossible

Answer by Pretty

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Accurate Psychics

Online Tarot Cards and accurate psychic readings


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