Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is the free question for california psychics really free?

I want to ask them something but not if it will cost me

Answer by fakeuserid51
Why not just become your own psychic and find out your own destiny? Here are 10 easy steps to becoming a psychic.

Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
Psychics are all frauds and you are deluded if you believe otherwise.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading/question?

Where can I get a free reading without needing a credit card or cash?

Dear One,
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Avoid Black dresses.

Answer by Jennie
You can get free psychic reading here :

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any free psychics reading I can get?

I want to know if my boyfriend is or will ever cheat on me. We made a promise to never hide anything from each other and trust each other. But in order to trust him I have to know is he willing to cheat on me with another girl. Does he really love me? We have had problems in the past, nothing too serious but I want him to know I don’t like the inappropriate things he watches or sensual behavior or humor he is aroused to. I love him but I don’t want to live that way with someone like that. I accept everything he is and what he’s not but I’m sure I am not the only one who wonders these things. (Add: We’ve been dating over 8 months now and we want to create a future together when the time comes. When we are ready and are old enough.)

Answer by Bryce
You just have to trust and have faith on that he will not cheat on you. Hope it helped

Can anyone help with mine?;_ylt=Ao29wt9vseutjRa7g2pEi2kM_dw4;_ylv=3?qid=20120804100030AA5qURJ

Answer by Jasmine
There are alot of reputable psychics online and most will give a free intro session. If you only have one question, I’m sure they could get to it during the free session since some are as long as 15 minutes.

Go here: for a list.

Also, here’s an article on finding a credible psychic:

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free psychic questions

One Free Psychic Question By Phone


I am a Clairvoyant – Clairsentience – Clairaudient – Empathic & Medium. At the young age of 7 started to sense, see & feel things which frightened me. After years of experiencing these gifts I figured it was time to let them take over since I could not control it and I have never looked back or regret my choice it is the greatest gift to be able to help others and give direction to those who are lost. With these 5 gifts I have helped many and now I am here to help you.

I do not use Tarot Cards. Pendulums. Spells of any kind. or any tools at all just my natural born gifts. If you are looking for some concrete answers then look no more.

I will read you like a open book and anyone or anything that you have on your mind. I am here to help get you to where you have been trying to reach.