Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a PSYCHIC or ASTROLOGIST who will help me for free?

I got some free readings from different psychics online and was fascinated by what they said and I really wanted to go further and get more detailed readings but they’re too expensive and I don’t have a credit card yet. I was wondering if there are any psychics on here who would be willing to help me for free. I really need some advice right now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer by Bizhen
I can give you some great advice free! It is that psychics and astrologers are frauds who cannot give anyone proper advice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does Negrodamus use his psychic talents to gain wealth via the telephone and online?

I am Negrodamus. I am a natural psychic and put Miss Cleo to shame. I would like to use my talents to gain the green. How do I find a legit way to milk money from the masses for my profound wisdoms via the Internet and telephone?

Please no sarcasm or stupid answers. Negrodamus is the King of these and you must bow before him.

Answer by windsonged
Don’t your psychic powers tell you what we will answer? Why didn’t the voices tell you how to make money?

Answer by Ahmed
if you are a psychic you already know wut i am gonna say, dontcha?

Answer by Duh
Use your “Physic talents” to steal some dude’s wallet Mr. Negrodamus

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any sites online where I can get a free past life reading?

I’m looking for a FREE past life reading online, and NOT one of those ones where you just fill in your birth date etc, because obviously that wouldn’t be a proper reading. Any help appreciated!!

Answer by great gig in the sky
I can give you a free one. This life is all you have had.
If you want another answer, people will probably give you one, but it won’t be any more true than this.

Answer by Feathered Serpent
The internet is full of scams, just turn your firewall off and start searching!

Answer by ♪♫Lisa ♪♥♪ Lee♫♥
Stay away from all that…..religious beliefs aside…I once read about a girl who learned that she had died in a fire in a previous life….and then what happened to her presently is that she developed an irrational fear of fire that had never existed prior to this reading and she ended up in bad nervous/mental state cos of this….this developed into other fears and her life was just ruined after that…..

Its all a lie as well…there has been evidence found that whilst you are in a trance things are just ‘fed’ to you and you wake up believing it…none of it is true….we were never here before….our soul/spirits are our own they have never been used before – God would never put someone else’s spirit inside us – to me its as grubby as using a used tampon [sorry if that sounds crude but thats how I feel] as I feel its an insult to God who makes each of us special and unique.

Be careful as many people use this as a way of making money out of vulnerable people x

Answer by King Notter
Past lives is about the most rediculous theory i have ever heard of. If you believed in past lives then you cannot believe in individuality and therefore nobody is unique which leads to a dull boring world.


Answer by bahtinov
look at this

Answer by General D. Ypsilanti
This is a subject dear to my heart and I did have a reading some
years ago by a well thought of psychic. She told me interesting
stories and how I felt about some things. I accepted it as possible
but did not get any insights from it that triggered memories or
felt like life’s questions answered. I have known regression therapy
to be a big help to some. Has not worked for me.
I can’t imagine that anybody that devotes their time and energy
into counseling would be inclined to do it for free. They have to
earn a living too.
The doctors listed below were both astounded when
they first encountered past life memories. In a number of
patients physical symptoms that were carry over memories
dissolved upon examination of that lifetime.

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