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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a real psychic in north york toronto?

I know a lot of you do not believe but I want to test it myself. Do any of you guys know where a real psychic can be found for a real reading.

Answer by Pants Party III
All psychics are fake

Answer by lilith
All the real psychics have collected a million dollars from this guy.

How many ppl have won?
Absolutely nobody!

Answer by Vampires are not real
No, because there are no real psychics anywhere.

Answer by Abella Arthur
You can try a genuine psychic at for hardly anything at all. Their readings start at 15 minutes for $ 29.97 and if you are a student (even less).

The least expensive way is to do it over the phone or getting a group of girls together for a house party. However there are psychics at JucyJasper that will come to visit you in person for a one-on-one reading. If you do it over the phone you can be sure of how psychic they are because they don’t have any of your visual information to go by (which some say is cold reading) and they often start with a general read before you ask any of your questions.

By the way, be wary of flashy neon signs from a store front psychic who only charges $ 10-20 a reading. They should be mostly viewed as entertainment. You don’t see a line up around their store, right? Then how do they make enough money to earn a living doing what they do? Let your imagination run wild…

Genuine psychics (who are respected by their peers and who have a genuine respect for the work they do) don’t: erect flashy neon signs, charge hardly anything for an in-person reading; or try to sell people stuff (like candles and spells at huge prices/fees) unrelated to the psychic reading.

Store front psychics are masters at pandering to egos (marketing) so try to avoid getting sucked into that. Learn all you can about the psychic, ask questions, and get your needs met!

Some people get caught up into the tools a psychic uses, don’t. That’s like caring which writing utensil a songwriter uses to write their song. A tool is used for focusing, expanding, and detailing psychic thoughts, feelings, and impressions from the inner to the outer — from them to you. The tools used are due to natural preferences. Everyone can learn how to use a divination tool, like a pair of scissors. However, it’s those skilled in helping and connecting to people that excel.

Now to address the naysayers.
Psychics provide more than predictions and fantastic stories.
Great psychics who have a varied professional, educational, and life experience can offer a seeker great value. They can: be an objective ear; help make a final decision on equally agreeable options; teach life lessons; remove confusion; relax; receive objectivity; find direction; gain insights and understanding; meet goals; have confirmation; get heard; feel confident in your choices; enjoy tough love when necessary; educate the seeker on the facts of life; help the seeker heal their emotions and body; give great ideas, insights, and options.

Great psychics are able to connect to people in ways that a trained psychologist or therapist can not. And although many psychics have a code of ethics they are not governed by the same rules of professional conduct. They can often attack a problem much quicker than a traditionally trained therapist. In fact a lot of psychologists and therapists use the tools of a psychic, such as tarot — even Carl Jung studied and learned from tarot (16 court cards, 16 personality types) as well as connected to metaphysicians and practitioners of alternative therapy.

Yes… psychics are very much connected to life, highly observant people and are fully aware of the bad choices people make. There isn’t anything wrong in that, that is a fabulous skill that many still don’t possess. Allow people the right to get help in the way that is most comfortable to them instead of chiding them (like many probably do in their life) for beleeving[sic].

Also keep in mind that anyone who predicts (weather person, sports forecaster, trade analyst) can make an error. This world is divine and we mortals are a mere blip on the map. To say no one is perfect is an understatement. The universe has a way of causing Loki to magically enhance our days and nights. *wink*

And Naysayers, admit it: You are fascinated with psychics. If you could actually be a psychic, you would. We get you. If you ever want to learn how to read people, places, and things for good and not evil check out

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