Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?

I just want to know if there is a fortune teller or tarot card out there who can give me some insight into my relationship. I need to know if i should move on with my life or continue trying what im doing. I dont have any money but i would really appreciate some help. I have an aim name i will give someone if they want to talk to me, yahoo messenger too, or you can email me. Please no smart comments or fakes………..

Answer by STONER
your looking in the wrong place. you should ask god to guide you in the correct direction

tarot is not from god. anything that is not from god could sway your decision and make u decide something that is not best for you. what if a fortune teller tells you the relationship your in is bad but in reality its the love of your life who you are meant to be with. this tarot card reader will change your whole life.

the answers will come if you ask god to guide you. dont go looking for black magic answers or you may be guided the wrong way.

Answer by Alan C
listen to your mind and thoughts! dont listen to your heart your heart only wants one this and your mind will go through the stages of
* will i get hurt
* do i want to get hurt
* this is the right thing!

Answer by maze_walker
Don’t listen to the head. It thinks too logically.
Don’t listen to the heart. It’s too full of emotion.
Don’t waste money asking anyone anything.
The answer is with IN you.
Go with your gut. It never lies.
Intuition is a wonderful gift.

Answer by Black_Stone_Heart
go to a relationship counselor, they can help you.

Answer by Honey
You have been given some good advice already, “Listen to your inner voice”. Yet, I know that sometimes there is so much going on in your heart and head the it is difficult to hear that inner voice. My thoughts on this is to ask you some questions to ponder and remind you that in all relationships the only way for them to truly work is that both are working in the same direction and for both involved to remember that you must accept the other as he/she is because you cannot expect the other to change into what you want or expect.
Questions for you to think about: Is this relationship giving making you feel safe? Can you accept this person as he/she is Now, without him/her changing to meet some expectations of yours? Do you truly believe this person, without a doubt, is in it together? If another comes along, will his/her head turn from you?

Please consider these questions for yourself. Try writing your answers down and looking at them later.

I truly hope you find the answer you seek and peace to your heart.
Blessings and light to you.

Answer by em
heyaa. im not going to say anything public on yahoo answers, because this is personal to you, and this is an answer for you not the public. feel free to email me at:

blessed be xx

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
I can help you but as an experienced Tarot Reader I would like to point something out to you first. Nine times out of ten when someone is asking me about their relationship, it means that something is wrong which is not likely to be fixed unless both parties want help such as seeking a counselor or at least be willing to work on the relationship issues together. The problem is that unless your partner is willing to seek help with you, the relationship is almost always doomed to disintegrate. You should never stay in an abusive situation either.

A relationship is between two people and both of them must carry the load of responsibility of maintaining it if it is to last. When one person is doing all of the carrying while the other just sits back and reaps the benefits, the relationship will eventually fail. You need to ask yourself, “How much of the load am I carrying? How much do I think my partner is carrying? Is the load fairly balanced between us or is it really balanced unequally?” Then write down the pros and cons of sticking with the person and be brutally honest with yourself. Look at the answers and consider them carefully. Is one list longer than the other? Now ask yourself, “Am I really happy? Is this relationship still worth maintaining?” If the answer to both is no, then it is definitely time to move on.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
You really shouldn’t ask this online is this format. You have no idea who is answering you or if they are playing a big joke.

There are online sites that will answer a question, which seems to be what you need. I would try that.

Answer by Mystie010
Fortune telling should always be taken with a pinch of salt particularly the tarot. When you start to rely on readings to help make life changing decisions then now is the time to stop looking to Tarot Cards.

In my honest opinion I think that if you are having to question your relationship with someone at all, then perhaps they are not the right person for you. If a relationship is truly working then both sides know it and as I said you wouldn’t need to be asking those sort of questions. I know that this is a really hard approach to take but believe me those sort of answers cannot be found in the cards.

Try to work out in your own mind what you really want and take a long hard look at your relationship and see if the other person is treating you properly. If the answer is yes then great, but if the answer is no then maybe it really is time to move on with your life. It’s as simple as that – no need for cards.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can you tell if a fortune teller is genuine or fake?

I know there are both out there but how do you know which is which?
I am not cleaver enought to predict my own futer.

Answer by ridge63
The phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute,” comes to mind.

Answer by kojos56
fortune telling is not an exact science-you can predict your own future by observing yourself

Answer by عجहैθếצйวфสгใช้
he/she will look at something and stare for a long time and totally blank out of reality

Answer by Waleed
there are three types of those:

1- is the fake one, they’re just lies and they are every where

2- the natural ones and they normally can sense some of their future or the future of people who they are connected to, and they normally can’t tell details and can’t choose which information to sense, and most importantly they normally can’t tell anything about people who they just met, so if you met one of them you will gain nothing, and they normally don’t practice for money because that is not they way they can do, they can’t choose when or who or what.

3- the third type is using magic to get information about you, they usually need your name and your mother’s name not your father’s, these type can give you information but mostly mixed with lies, just enough Truth to get you come back to them, and they usually can give you many true information about many things but the thing is how to know which part is the truth and which part is the lie, and they will make sure your not satisfied so they can keep sucking your money.
I recommend not going to them because they are just like a drug dealers, once you are in you hardly get out in one piece. I know a woman how lost most of her family because a fortune teller who deal with magic, she accused many people of doing things they will never do just because the fortune teller have told her so.

bottom line, don’t go this rode, for your own sake, you can make your own future

Answer by Allah
you can tell by using common sense
theyre all fake

Answer by KdS
Well, the only real way to test is to ask them to tell about some event which already happened, that’s over and done with — which means you’ll have to spend more for the extra reading that’s nothing more than a test, but sometimes can pay off in ensuring the reader isn’t just giving canned insights.

Answer by language is a virus
All of them are fake basically but some are better than others.

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