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Kathy Crosswell

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presents her new

Psychic… http://t.co/iibNHDa7

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Spiritual Medium Chris Butler. Spiritual Medium Birmingham http://t.co/PoLLvcbR

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Hey be sure you join me on Spiritual Talk Radio Monday at 6p central, Medium Sean Michael will be in the house.

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Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen Shares Her Gift – The Rosie Show – Oprah Winfrey Network

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a way to attract spiritual entities to a location?

Is there a way to attract spiritual entities to a location? Negative or Positive entities just out of interest.

Answer by Mickey Mouse Spears
Yes. If you believe the entities will be there, they will show up. They are attracted to people who believe in them.

Answer by Totally Me
Well…you may get different answers here. I once met someone who swore that he could attract spirits by his flute music. This was good entities.
Then you have the Ouija Board that attracts negative entities (mostly).

So there are defiantly ways to do it. But they aren’t pets, they may not come when they are called and if they do come, they may not be too happy about it.

EDIT: “Mickey Mouse Spears” has a point as well. It is a fact (or as close to one as can be) that a spirit will sooner show itself to someone who believes in spirits etc than someone who doesn’t. So, if you keep your mind open, you might just see something.

Answer by Six66
No, they don’t exist.

Answer by Sal D
I have it on good authority that demons are partial to PB&J sandwiches.

Answer by Zsolt H
Spiritual or material, we think that there are zillions of things, forces, creatures running around outside of us.
If we examine how we actually feel, perceive things we will find, that everything plays inside our head, just like a movie.
If you can accept that you will see, that you do not need to attract anything it is already there, inside your brain.
Regarding spiritual entities, there is nothing beside the creating force, and the creation. We like to make it complicated, but it is very simple.
Outside of us there is only the creating force, which is only waiting for entry. We just have to make ourselves ready for the reception.
Here is a video explaining how we perceive reality, and it also serves as a link to study, how to be ready for that spiritual force:
I hope you find it helpful.


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