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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a way to train your psychic abilities?

I’ve read quite a lot about this stuff, and was wondering if it’s possible train your psychic abilities. I would love to learn to read psychic predictions!

Answer by Ron
I would also love to learn how to make psychic predictions, who wouldn’t, sadly it’s not possible, during the cold war both the USA and the USSR spent billions on research into just that, just think of it’s military potential for a minute, they both ended up with NOTHING!

ALL psychics are fakes, some genuinely believe they have some power, the others are just con artists

Both James Randi and the great Harry Houdini spent over a hundred years between them searching the entire world for a genuine psychic during their world tours, they never found one, not a single ONE!.

JR will actually GIVE anyone a $ 1,000,000 if they can prove they have such a power, the protocols for the challenge have to be mutually agreed.

EDIT: Why not take the Randi challenge, not that I don’t wish you well with your book, but I doubt whether you’ll make a $ 1,000,000 from it, in fact if you pass the challenge you will probably double your sales.

Answer by yahoo user
There are free classes on line at least tarot card reading ones. Practice,practice,practice. Don’t let anyone part you from your funds.

Answer by Paul Freeman
There’s a bunch of online courses for this. All you need to do is train, train and train some more.

You should also know that not everyone can use their psychic abilities even if they train. Hopefully you’re not one of them.

P.S. I have found a psychic quite a while back who does free readings online. A couple of her readings were really true! Here’s the link :

Answer by honai
To improve psychic abilities battle against fighting type Pokemon

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Give me a PSYCHIC PREDICTION about my life!?

If someone has psychic ability, I’d like you to tell me something I don’t know about my future. You need to prove your ability by telling me something few know about me.
You people are funny tonight. One psychic can’t even spell “psychic.” I’m still waiting for something tangible.

Answer by theseeker4
Tomorrow you will wake up, do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep!

Answer by chibbychon
you are a young with lots of questions about your future. wanting for anwsers, with out having any patients. lol. you will not have everything you want but you will find ways you enjoy what you get and have. you have ways on keeping your head up. there will come a day where it will weigh down but you need to make sure you get the key to open the door to the new life of over coming. youll understand in the future. stay outgoing. you will be ok. no worries ­čÖé

Answer by Pika
You are a male white-collar worker who secretly fantasizes about psychic abilities. You believe in the supernatural and strongly believe that Yahoo! Answers can give the answer to everything. You are also very stingy with money, not even paying a measly few cents to go see a palm reader.

In the future, your question will get answered, Kyle W (how did I know?!), and you will choose this answer as the best one in order to donate 10 points to a poor and needy Level 2 User.

By the way, you will die of heart disease. Good luck with that.

Answer by Kay T
In the next 4 weeks something great will happen to you. You will die in 10 to 30 years. Sorry to break the news. Get the most out of what you have now. That’s the only information I can give you now, without seeing you.

I have a profession in phsycics. Feel free to visit a real phsycic at any time; it’s much easier when we can see you.

Answer by Alex
I predict you are going to get a lot of wacked answers.

Answer by empress_salix
Someday, you will find a blue piece of beach glass in your path. This will mark an important turning point in your life.

Answer by jajadajade
Psychic reads mind.

Horoscopes – read stars.

So Astrologers do not read your mind.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics: I need a reading/prediction?

Is there a psychic out there who can give me their thoughts on whether I will end up marrying a particular woman I am in love with?

If this post gives you enough to work with, please give me a reading.

Answer by Moose
You will end up marrying a woman you are in love with.

Answer by mlcjlrich
Trust the brain leading your heart.. not a psychic.

Answer by spir_i_tual
You are a wise person and you would like to get married sometime, but you will change your mind later and not marry her.

Answer by newjdguy
I looked deep within my crystal mayonesa jar and saw:

about a teaspoon of mayonesa. So, given that my jar is more than half empty, my Spidey Senses and Magic 8 ball both say NOPE.

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2014 Psychic Predictions, Tarot, Astrology Reading from Intuitive Channel Tara Greene

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