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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a website where you can read free online books?

I want to read a book but don’t want to buy it. From my iPod, what is a name of a website where I can read free online books?

Answer by dianny i has bunch of books so you look for the book and you can downloaded on ePub format that is for iPods iPhones etc or you can select read on the browser

Answer by Whortleberry

Answer by Jennifer
A lot of public libraries now support Ebook loans. You only need to be a member of a library to have access to thousands of Ebooks that you can download to your ipod for free, and will automatically get deleted after a certain amount of time. I suppose it depends on where you are, but all the libraries in my region (ON Canada) offer this service.

Answer by Dude the Obscure
I want to have a car but I don’t want to buy it. I want to wear a diamond ring but I don’t want to buy it. I want to eat 13 pounds of caviar for supper but I don’t want to buy it. I want to live in Buckingham Palace but I don’t want to buy it. You tell me where I can steal all of those things, and then I’ll tell you where you can steal the product of an author’s hard work without paying for it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a good free online photography site to help learn about camera features?

Is there a good free online photography site to help learn about camera features? F-stop, aperture, shutter speed and all the numbers continue to make my head spin. Help! Thanks.

Answer by meg
depends what type of camera you have but try youtube it helped me a lot!!!

Answer by Frank
YouTube is the best place to learn about your camera and photography. If you want to learn about F-stops, aperture, and shutter speed, you should check out this link in the bottom. My self I started from the bottom up and all thanks to YouTube and the people who share information about photography.


Answer by Ara57
There is a difference between learning camera features and learning exposure. For camera features for specific cameras, YouTube is a good choice along with the camera manual. Also many dSLR camera have Magic Lantern guides or other books available.

To learn exposure, I think books (along with some deliberate practice) are more helpful. There are lots of books on basic photography. Also lots of sites. Here are a few:

For now, do not worry too much about knowing which exact numbers constitute a full stop. It is enough to know small f/stop numbers = a bigger opening, more light enters and less in sharp focus. The opposite, larger f/stop numbers = a smaller opening with less light and more in focus. But do learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together to form your exposure. Also read about how your camera meters in different modes, and how that will effect your exposure. It takes a while to begin to understand. I’d suggest starting with the Program mode and watching the numbers. Then progress to aperture priority where you set the aperture and the camera selects the shutter speed for “correct” exposure, and shutter priority, where you select the shutter speed and the camera chooses the aperture. Learn in small steps and you will see you progress at a steady rate. Congratulations for wanting to take the first steps to understanding! Happy shooting!

I really like this simulation.

Answer by Tanjid
Yes man there are a lot of web site that can help you. You can learn what you want to know. You also can get help from Google or you tube.

Answer by B K
The best way to learn about the features of your camera is to start with the user manual that came with it.

If you want to learn about exposure, you can have a look at this:

Answer by Alyssa is a great site!! It’s totally free and is very good with tips. Also, try getting Bryan Peterson’s book Understanding Exposure. It explains all that stuff very easily and you can get it at your local library.

Hope that helps!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find a free online version of Cherub The fall?

I wanna read this book online cuz i can’t find it in a store. Where can I find a free online version?

Answer by Paul L
It is a recent book, therefore it is still under copyright. Unless the author puts it online, you are most likely out of luck.

Pirate sites, where copyrighted books are scanned and made available with no payment to the author, are inconsiderate to the author, and they’re illegal. You would not want that to happen to your novel.

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