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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there another way to put music and videos on my Ipod other than itunes?

My computer has a problem and it won’t let me download itunes. I read online that the only way to solve the problem is to reinstall windows but thats not an option for me.

Answer by Geia M
you can try limewire

Answer by Annerszz

limewirre doesn’t work? wow.

read up on these things, and see which one you like better:

Answer by george acevedo j
on amazon mp3 music

Answer by Tomsggreasens T
You should make sure the video is MP4 or H2.64 video for iPod. I like the DVD to iPod Converter Suite to rip DVD movie and convert videos in any format to iPod. It is the fastest converter I have used. Also, the output quality is great. You can download this software free from here
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Answer by jbiggs68
Okay students listen and learn ;)!
1st download quick media converter (easiest and most formatted supported FREE converter ie. 3g2, iphone, psp, wii, xbox 360, avi, mp4, ipod etc.)
2nd Use firefox web browser and add the add on Download helper. ( goto tools /addons/get extension.
3rd go to youtube or any other viral video site and choose your video. Download FLV to desktop.
4th Open quick media converter and convert to format of your portable device.
5th upload to device and Enjoy!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the positives of playing violent video games?

I’m doing a speech persuading my audience that video games are not all bad and can benefit. I know the topic of violence has to be brought up. What can I can say about that. I don’t know if supervision of game selection for kids is enough. Is there a positive side?

Answer by Online Gamer Richie
Yes there is a positive side to playing games.
Eye hand coordination

Reading skills – that way you know what your mission is to do ( only in some games)

Decision making – you have to decide if you take out a certian mob if it will alert others or better to sneak around it.

How about stress relief, this can go 2 ways but if you play a fun silly game laughter will happen and stress begone.

I could go on about this but don’t think u want to read 3 pages of positives and that be a minimum.

Ok as for the violence part, Movies are out there that are by far more violent and show much more gore than video games.

If you choose the right game then you can gain by far more positive than you could from watching even a perfectly clean movie.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

Richie of

Answer by dragon_rayray
Its fun
Its releases stress
Its helps with hand eye coronation

Answer by mj69catz
One of the positives can be the ability to take our your aggression on a game, rather than on your little brother or on someone else.

While the violence is a negative aspect of the game, you want to point out that each game has it’s positive features. Perhaps try finding the game rated as most violent, and point out something that can be learned. Most games have a team playing option. When playing with a team, you learn team building skills, you learn how to adjust for the strengths and weaknesses of others, and how to adjust for differences of opinion. You also learn hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking skills on just about every game I have ever played.

We see a lot of focus on how violence is blamed on violent video games. But the video games are just a factor. There are many good kids who have parents who allow them to play violent video games but limit play time, and properly supervise the players. A kid who has no discipline in the first place, is given free reign to play any violent video games, and is not given limits is likely to be aggressive – but the factors to the aggressive tendencies are more than just the video games.

Answer by txace09
Look up the studies of violent games on google, due to the filter on this computer, i can’t provide a direct link, but many studies have proven violent games are a way to relieve stress for teens.

Answer by Oleboy
This is a hard question to give a straight answer to because of all the variables involved. First off, it would depend on the person playing the game. Are they mentally stable? Do or can they apply common sense to the actions they do in the game as opposed to real life events? I have played violent games for quite a while and as a young kid and this did not have any negative effect on my life growing up. I think this is a hard question to answer because everyones so different. But this is my opinion. I do think exposing very young kids to games with foul language can create bad habits. This will always be a sensitive subject, but I think the overall answer is it depends on the person playing the game and how good thier mental wellness is honestly.

Answer by sgoldperson
Well for those of us mature enough to play the game it will allow us to get frustrations out. It will also allow you to act out fantasies, without doing harm. Who hasn’t had a bad day and just fell like punching someone or something? So you go home and play a violent game and it gets rid of some of the stress you have. You can imagine you are getting back at the people who bothered you, with out harming anyone. You also have the advantage that with a game you can act out the violence without wishing you hadn’t. The thing is that the person needs to be mature. You need to understand the difference between a game and reality. You have to still have a certain felling of remorse if you really went and punched someone. Some people just can’t see a difference between reality and a game. Why should we all be punished though? What about freedom of speech?

Answer by pareboy
Here’s a fantastic book written about the positive aspects of gaming (and TV watching, etc). This will provide plenty of fodder for your speech.

Everything Bad Is Good For You by Steven Johnson

Answer by bacon N eggs
you get to realese anger

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How would I find a sexy woman to read a 30 second script for me on YouTube?

It would be a short PG rated video for a legit website in order to drive traffic. They do say sex sells so I’m willing to give it a shot.

Answer by christina p
girl naw where your self respect at?

Answer by jasonmyers_200
put an ad in the paper

Answer by Tiffany
A modeling agent or ad online or local newspaper

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