Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there any msn robot msn addys that are online all the time?

is there any msn robot msn addys that are online all the time?

Answer by WaqzZz
Hi There Are Alot Of MSN Robots Out There. There Not Really Called Robots There Called ‘Bots’.. Some Of Them Are Useful But To Tell You The Truth Some Can Get Annoying. I Can Name You Some But I Dopnt Know All Of Them..

Smarter Child
This bot will learn and remember what you say so you can have funny conversations with it. Also it can display search engine results, weather reports and more.

Spleak is a female chat bot. She plays games, makes jokes, can give you all kinds of information, from weather to spell checks and definitions

The World Of Alice
This is a virtual buddy who talks to you and can give information about weather and more!

Inside Messenger
This is a very useful bot which can find information for you like DVD’s, Games, CD’s, Competitions, News and more.

Virtual Secretary
Have your own virtual secretary in your contact list. This bot can do lots of things that a secretary would do for you.

Chat with WiLMa, the Windows Live Messenger Assistant, and learn more about all the new features in Windows live Messenger

Games Bot
f you’re bored this is great bot to play games with. You can play Hangman, 4 In A Row, Word Scrambles and more fun games!

Movie Scout
This bot does a great job of providing showtimes, trailers and other information related to Warner Bros films.

Quiz Master
This bot asks you 20 quiz questions. If you answer them all correct you can get into the top 5 quiz masters!

My Fashionable Life
This chatbot gives you beauty and fashion advice. You can ask this bot about hair, lips, skin, and makeup.

The Gbuddy is a chat bot that brings Google products to your messenger. It’s possible to search for Youtube movies, maps and images.

Astrology Bot
Discover the astrological forces influencing your life and your destiny. Explore your Zodiac Horoscope, Tarot Card and Chinese Readings, your dreams and more.

Encarta Instant Answers
The Encarta Instant Answers Bot finds answers to your questions, Text, audio and video content from the Encarta Encyclopedia web site is displayed in the activty window next to the conversation.

I Have Many More, Just Add Me On Msn And Ill Give You More..


Answer by х-мιcнelle-х 🙂
yeah, go to and there there are all the robots there are and they add new ones all the time, they also have loads more cool stuff

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who are the best online psychics?

There are just so many so-called “psychics” out there advertising online for Tarot card readings, psychic readings, love forecasts, you name it. Has anyone had a positive experience with a psychic reader who has been really accurate and reliable?

Answer by morgan j
I am one i’ll do it for free

Answer by ☮♥secret_luvr_4ever☮♥

Answer by Psychic Melody
I’m a phone psychic and online Psychic Melody Day, I do tarot card and clairvoyant psychic readings. I don’t answer free psychic questions as my roster is full with existing clients, but I think they offer one free question at if you would like to try their services first.

I suggest looking for verifiable testimonials that are submitted by actual clients. Word of mouth is always best.

I hope this helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone had a correct reading with the psychic Ann Fisher?

I had a reading about a year ago and I’m almost 100% she was right. Just wondering if anyone else has had a reading with her and if so was she right for you? Please feel free to give details. If you share so will I !!!

Answer by Haterbee Killingscock

Answer by scott b
Did it ever occur to you that YOU made what she said come true because she said it and not the other way around?

Answer by Alias Smith & Jones
missed by 399%

Answer by Dogstar, Siriusly speaking
Even a blind dog can find the occasional bone.

Answer by deborahpsycic
Psychic here

and I believe I may have had a reading from an Ann fisher several years ago (15 I think) …. at the time she was doing readings with regular playing cards like tarot (it can be done, same really) She was pretty close to the mark and The reason I wanted to be a psychic, I believe now she has become much much more then a card reader.

She made me see it is OK to be out of the ordinary and we all do not have to fit into this neat little box of conformity. If you see her again tell her a fan says thanks.

and just because I hate all the other answers that are always being given about there is no such thing as psychics. I have a blog i wrote on how to tell a real psychic from a scam, maybe they would like to educate them selves “guys there are bad apples in every barrel, doesn’t mean the whole batch is bad”

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Online Tarot Readings

Addiction ~ Empathic Mystic Online Tarot – UnificationNow


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.