Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is There Any Way to Talk to a Psychic For Free?

I have a question I would very much like to have the answer to and only a psychic can help me. I know if you google it you get a bunch of results but none of it seems legit.

Answer by Maya
Yes, meditate enough and you will find your own answers. The so called Psychics only need your hard earned money by conning you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What to look for in a legit psychic reading place?

Okay I am interested in going to a psychic reading but my main concern is if they turn out to be a scam. What signs should I look for if it is a scam? And I would also like to know the average price range for a psychic. I do not want to overpay for one. And if you are a nonbeliever, please just spare me of your opinions. I do not care for them. This question is only aimed towards people with experience and expertise with psychic readings. Thank you.

Answer by 99Kimiko99
DO NO GO TO ANY PSYCHICS! NOT ONLY ARE THEY FAKERS BUT THEY’RE VERY BAD PEOPLE! THEY WILL GIVE BAD THINGS TO YOU! IF YOU WANT ANSWERS LOOK TO JESUS! No joke, all I had to do to find out if everything was going to be okay was sit in my room and talk to God! “psychics” are fake they send you evil things and they rip you off!

Answer by Rainnelor
I would say that the main thing to look for is whether the person can give you specific information about yourself or your past….as well as what is going on in your life now…specific

If they do that then I’d be more inclined to listen to the rest of what they have to say. I am a medium but I read Tarot sometimes simply because I find it interesting. If I cannot get those first things correct then I don’t continue, because I feel like if you don’t have a connection where you are getting good strong impressions, then you are guessing.

Answer by Graybeard
You don’t want my opinion… please try some facts. You can find an offer of a prize for a demonstration of any form of psychic ability in a controlled test that rules out fraud at It’s one million dollars. No one has ever passed such a test. If psychics were real, they would win every lottery, clean out casinos, and make fortunes in the stock market. They would never be injured in accidents, or storms, or any other malady. As students, they would have known the answers to every test in every subject—how many of your classmates were like that? ANY person who claims to be psychic is lying to you or suffering from self-delusion. The liars want your money, and if you insist upon believing them, they will get it.

Answer by susan
They should not:
charge exorbitant fees
ask you to give them money to accomplish something
ask you to talk about yourself first
say vague things that could fit anyone

You should
ask them to tell you exactly what they see/hear and not interpret it, for the message is for you to interpret.
feel free to leave if you feel uncomfortable
feel free to ask them how it works for them

Remember, Jesus gave the woman at the well a reading, so it cannot be a bad thing to do this…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you know when you find a real spell caster and psychic reader?

I had a psychic reader tell me my future through a email that I paid for. Is any of it for real?

Answer by Self Aware
Not if she had to email you. Real psychics are telepathic.

Answer by M (atheist)
The only thing psychic about them is that they saw how gullible you were.

None of it is real.

Answer by .
I am one but I prefer “intuitive”. In the 90’s I signed on to work for a psychic hotline and ranked #4 psychic in the country. My boss used to call me to do his readings. I ONLY cast spells when the energies are aligned properly and depending on what is required. I will not cast negative energy spells for others.

Here’s how to find a good one: do not pay for a phoney. Simple as that! Now I can tell you how to spot a phoney:
If they tell you generic stuff that could apply to anyone
If their rates are advertised cheap as those you see in Los Angeles that read “Palm Reader $ 5” and you go in and they spook you saying you are cursed and demand $ 1000’s to “burn candles”. Yes material is often used but I can buy a pack of 4 candles for around $ 5.
If they spook you
If they say nothing that pertains to you specifically.

I could go on but you get the gist. The best advice I can give you? Go with your gut feeling. I quit my phone practice and went to see face to face clients only. I got bored with ‘tell me my future” and quit because most people don’t want help they just want to hear lies. And you know what? There’s plenty of charlatans that will take your money and tell you what you want to hear.

“Yes your boyfriend is still in love with you but he doesn’t know it, this woman has clouded his mind. I can cast a spell to separate them, that will be $ 500”. That is B.S!!! A spell caster should have a decent rate targeted to the kind of spell you need. I’ve heard about people who spend $ 1000’s and that is ludicrous.

So if you find one you like you need to interview them and ask questions. Beware of foreign based ones. If they give you generic short answers, if they just keep trying to get your money, beware. If you need a spell cast tomorrow you might pay thru the roof. I only cast spells as I said when the energies are right and depending on what needs to be accomplished. And I also require of the person who requests the spell a few things such as DOB, maybe a photo depending on what is needed and maybe a small object, but most of all I required them to do something physically to alter their energy so that the spell can work. This is crucial. At least it is for my work

Everyone is different. You will find all kinds of appellations (witches, wiccans, covenites) and lone practitioners who derive their work from different spiritualities as I do and abide by no set rules except that of energy manipulation to successfully direct it to accomplish the goal of the spell.

Contrary to what #1 said above me, a “psychic” doesn’t know it all. As an intuitive when a client comes in, I know absolutely nothing. I do not have magic powers. This is a both an innate ability that everyone has (such as your innate ability to breathe unconsciously, we both have lungs for that) AND a skill that anyone can learn. Anyone can learn to be a surgeon too, but does this mean that everyone will want to or succeed? There lies the difference. But if you read a website that says “I was born with the gift of bla bla bla. I am the Great descendant of bla bla bla” BEWARE!!!

Being intuitive is like having a radio. It can sit on your tabletop. I come in and Iook at it and say “so how do you know what’s going on in the Middle East with this thing?” Is the answer radios are fake? Or is the answer “Well first I have to turn it on, then I have to find a station that broadcasts news, then we have to wait for them to talk about the Middle East”. Hence if stuff is not being “broadcast” to me, then I cannot provide answers. Some things will remain hidden and unknown, but others will flow. Oftentimes those things are hidden for a reason. If you were to know them, then they could be disastrous for your life, your future or your path.

So if all you want is “know my future” pay someone $ 5- $ 10, no more. Most people’s future will be the same as it is today, unless you aim to change yourself and that is what is of interest to me, and what my practice is about, helping people manifest what they want, instead of knowing “when am I going to die?” “when will I have a boyfriend?” etc…

Hope this helps you find out if the person you contacted was for real or not.

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