Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there anyplace online that I can get a free tarot card reading??

relationship issues

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tarot cards are scams, it’s cold reading, and it makes no sense to do it online.

Just read a few horoscopes new or old.

Answer by David
No. That’s a business and every business has to have its profits. but, why do you have to go that far? Me, personally dont believe in that, that’s trash for me. Hey why dont you buy something nice to that person instead of feeding those liers… ūüôā

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Answer by johnny utah
yes, i’ll give you one right now. hmmmm lets see here…oh wait that card is not a good sign. let me turn over this other card and let me see here. well from what the cards tell me, it’s obvious that your boyfriend is cheating on you. sorry.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want a good tarot read or pyschic read???

Does anyone know of a good one in the south?? I’m willing to drive…I just need some answers…

Answer by milly_1963
Try this online reading

And my advice to people is to buy a set of Tarot Cards most of them come with a book and learn for yourself it is far cheaper and you will always have the deck when you need it : )

Love & Blessings

Answer by Coolman
I don’t think you should get involved in those kind of things unless you are really prepared for the cosequenses. You may not like some of the answers. Think about this carefully.

Find another way to find what you are looking for.

Answer by mr.laquinta
What do you consider a good one? They are ar BS so would a good one be someone that tells you what you want to hear? Otherwise for the right price I could make something up and tell you it for a small fee. Whatever you prefer. Get back to me if you want my guidance.

Answer by zachary9351
I predict a fool and her money will soon be parted.

Answer by Mike S
Go to, she is a extremely gifted psychic

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I make tarot cards?

Im poor so i cant buy them
so like Can I make them

Answer by Aonghas
Look up the images online, buy some card stock, and paint or color the designs you find online or make up your own. It’ll be fun.

Answer by FernWise
Sure. The symbolism will be more personal to you that way, anyway. Check out ‘education’ stores for packages of ‘make your own flashcards’ stuff.

Answer by George
Online, or virtual Tarot, is just as valid and as accurate as using real Tarot cards.
The “magic” of Tarot is not in those pieces of cardboard it is inside you.
Tarot is just a tool to unlocking sub-conscious insight.
Here’s a fully interactive online Tarot deck that you can use (& save your spreads with notes to come back to later)

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Why not use regular playing cards? It’s a very similar system.

There are a lot of resources otu there, that’s just one of them.
Best of luck!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Online Tarot Card Reading

Tarot online : Tarot card reading


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