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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is throwing away stuff you want a type of mental disorder?

One has always had a problem with throwing music, movies and stuff away. I always regret it but I guess it boils down to my frantic fanatic religious beliefs about the entertainment I enjoy. And the indirect positive messages that are mixed up with the negative messages I get. You can describe me as spiritual person and can tap into my free spirited nature. How can I get a sort, recycle bin in my head? People who know me well. Would call be perfectionist, tend not to socialize much!

Answer by Connor
No but having paranoia about everything being out to get you is.

Grow up, if you believe that you are a mature human being then you can stand to listen or watch the things you want without it clouding your ethical and moral judgment. Stop acting like you are a baby and can’t think for yourself or handle basic media. Don’t let religion cloud your common sense.

If you seriously think everything is out to get you and everything has negative messages in it that affects you subconciously then yeah I would talk to a therapist.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why is it that people these days are not spiritual?

It’s time for us to stand up and rise! People are too into television and other unbelievable horrible things! I don’t know about you guys, but it’s time to do something about this disease!

And though this is all true, what is the complete answer to why people are not spiritual anymore? This world needs more peace, love, and harmony!

BTW, I need some quick answers because I need to put them on my policy of peace for my campaign tomorrow.

Answer by Champion of Knowledge
I think most people consider themselves Spiritual because it sounds good, not because they actually understand Spirituality.

Very few people are truly Spiritual.

Answer by Celeste
My opinion is that christians don’t let you be spiritual or that’s its a sin to think there’s more than one god or anything else out there. And some kids are just to lazy.

Answer by Strocity
Perhaps they are too blind from the television (overall media) like you stated.
Or maybe spirituality is slowly decreasing due to the fact that every decade public opinions change.

– 60’s was the spiritual/hippie decade, at least for the United States
– 70’s was the disco decade, at least for the United States
– 80’s was the rockin roll decade
– 90’s was the sex decade/rise of the media
– 2000’s was the.. well I don’t even know what to say for this decade.

SO as you can see, times always change, therefore the people will always change. It’s just how things go.

Answer by Zsolt H
I am with you, we are in the 24th hour.
But it all happens purposefully.
They say light comes out of darkness.
At first we have to hit rock bottom to realize we cannot continue living like this anymore.
So we have to arrive to such suffering, natural disasters, wars and destruction that we will not have any other choice but to change our attitude towards each other.
It does not sound too nice is it?
Fortunately we can go another way.
We can learn about the global system we live in, we can understand we are all totally interconnected, and interdependent, and we cannot survive without unity and connection.
And then we can avoid the suffering and disasters, and build a nice, predictable and sustainable future.
It is our choice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Christians: How damaging is the emergent & post modern Church movement to the Christian Church?

To those who are not aware of what post modernism and the emergent Church movement is. It’s a movement of Churches who are modernizing and relying on experience and technology to try and provide a ” Hip ” atmosphere for today’s generation at the expense of watering down the gospel message and truth. .

Personally I believe this to be a very damaging movement infiltrating Churches today. This use to just be the case in large mega Churches, but is now even infiltrating medium sized and small town Churches.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Answer by Hugo
So being more modern in order to get back some of the young members they are losing is a bad thing?

I didn’t know God wanted Christians to create more Atheists…..

Answer by Alan
At the risk of sounding Darwinian, either churches evolve or they die. There is no point in a church with no worshippers.

Answer by anthony h
this is what happens when focus on the word of God is lost. God’s word, will and way is never changing, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and so is His word, nothing man says or does changes his instructions, it just changes their chance for salvation. Stick with the word of God as it is written in truth in the Holy Bible.

Answer by pab
I’m atheist, so maybe i just don’t get it..

but how is that bad?

How does that change anything?

Answer by Gabby Little Angel
It is the apostasy was prophesied in Scripture. We are at the very last of the end time prophecies. I don’t expect it to get any better before the Lord’s return.

Answer by Chi girl
We Orthodox Christians are not into “hip”; we’re into Holy Tradition in our churches. We’ve always had youth programs though for Christian fellowship and socializing among the younger generations.

Answer by Logan
I don’t have a problem with using modern methods to present the gospel…as long as it’s the CORRECT gospel. It does seem that in most cases, it has watered things down a lot though. Then again, I rarely attend a church.

Answer by jysn_kay
It is condemning many people to Hell

The JOel oSteens, Rick warrens, Joyce Meyers, you know the type. They speak of salvation without repentance and the holy spirit. They are self help book authors masquerading as pastors. And because people will not read the bible and admit their sins and repent they are doomed. These pastors lie to their parishioners for $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


There are things and PEOPLE that GOD HATES. ITs in SCRIPTURE

Would you rather have a NICE LIE or a HURTFUL TRUTH

Answer by Glu††øղ ƒøℜ Puи! ShMent ☺†☺
Damaging? It’s the beginning of the end of it altogether.

It is in opposition to the actual scriptures. Isn’t Christianity supposed to eschew and reject the very ways OF this world? I have gotten a flyer in the mail promoting just such a new church. It’s basically a marketing gimmick. It is a historically as well as scriptural inaccurate view of what “going to church” used to mean.

To be honest with you I think a part of it is because their isn’t much of a market anymore for the old time views on religion.

In my opinion it further makes the case for atheism in general.

Answer by LottaLou
The Gospel needs to be preached.

I think the greatest threat is the great apostasy. This will be a joining together of the cults that were started by those who refused to come to the love of GODS SAVING TRUTH. And so these cult teachings that deny the Trinity of the Father, Word and Holy Spirit as One Eternal Creator… And those cults that deny that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God… And those cults that deny Jesus died on the cross to shed His Blood for remission of our sins… And those cults that deny that Jesus raised from the dead bodily with the keys back from death & hell… are joined together with the biggest after Christ cult… islam… And this is called Chrislam… They don’t have crosses, they don’t preach repentance. They have another gospel that is works related that denies the POWER OF THE GOSPEL. The Power of the Gospel is the saving power of the cross… the resurrection… the power of the Holy Spirit and gifts… These are denied in the great apostasy.

@ by jysn_kay, in that list of Ministers you have, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers do preach repentance. But they also preach victory IN CHRIST JESUS. Rick Warren, on the other hand, has written a Purpose Driven Church, and that is a book that advises to take the crosses out of the church, don’t preach on the blood of Christ, don’t preach on repentance….

So I ask you, Why do you lump Joel and Joyce with Rick…? This is a trick of satan to turn people away from the real Ministers of the Lord who help us be over comers IN CHRIST, and to be victorious in our lives.
So we don’t listen to the Lord’s Ministers and then loose out on the blessing the Lord has for us to be over comers and not down trodden…

The Lord would have us prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers… How can we help anyone IN CHRIST, if we are in the gutter our self.
Our soul prospers, when we mentally choose to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our soul choices… And this affects our health. So as Christians, we are to have faith in Gods Promises for us. And both Joel and Joyce preach Gods Promises and help edify the Body of Christ.

Rick Warren, on the other hand, has become an enemy of the Cross to please the muslims…

Answer by LuvG22
I belong to a congregation that often uses modern technologies to deliver services, but we would be foolish indeed to rely on “experience and technology”, or providing a “Hip” atmosphere; the Presence of the Holy Spirit is all that is ever needed alongside the Gospel message. We frequently have just the worship of the people, with no backing music or musicians; other times we employ multi-media video, a sound system, with drums, guitars, keyboard, etc.; In both cases, unless God is present, it is a fruitless activity, merely performance.

Take great care not to mistake modernising churches for cults, etc. Use spiritual discernment to divide the wheat from the chaff; there are many churches that are very sound doctrinally that are very modern in appearance, but you can, if you know the Father, pick up on His presence in a place, so do not listen to voices that condemn, but make your own mind up, always prayerfully, so that you are not lead astray.

Are you saying that no modern stuff is acceptable, though? If you are, then you are denying God’s Sovereignty over ALL things, by suggesting that old cloisters and stuffy cold stone buildings are the only acceptable places for the Almighty Creator, and that somehow Rejoicing is just a word in scripture, alongside “Holy Spirit” and “Dancing”!

As Christians we cannot be afraid of the new. If we are clear on Who God Is, we can see through falsehoods and “flim-flam”; there is a large element as well in the church who daren’t do anything different for fear of displeasing the Lord, only to find that their service is stilted and lacking because God isn’t welcomed into their midst once during the whole “by the book”(and I don’t mean THE Book) affair!

In short, God is where His Praises are, not where there is a spire, or a sound desk!

God Bless you

Answer by God’s Canvas
The emergent church is slowly gaining ground, you are right; It is a damaging movement. These churches are places where more and more people flock to and are being lulled to sleep into a seeker sensitive atmosphere that falls short of the high calling of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of these churches fail to preach the gospel and will draw these people through the senses. They often introduce events designed to speak to those easily drawn by sensationalism.

A local church in our area (about 3,000 people or more) is constantly drawing people by it’s carnivals, it’s donut give-aways, it’s programs designed to give people a sense of fitting in — but they fail to share the gospel message. The problem with these churches is very serious.

These people unaware join a movement that will eventually cause them to go into an eternity without Christ OR will be disappointed with the movement that they will run to Jesus and this type of churches.

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The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.