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Could someone help me please? I am looking for a professional physic who is willing to answer some questions that I have. I would like to talk through e-mail, to keep my privacy. Because I don’t trust these ‘Free Online Physic Reading’ sites, I would like it better if I can contact someone through e-mail. I hope someone can help? thanks.

Answer by Julius
What century do you live in? I ask only because you use a computer and obviously have no fear of electricity, yet, are still backwards enough to buy the whole psychic readings bullshit. I think it’s time you join us in the 21st century deary.

Answer by Milla
see a doctor turd burger and don’t except us to solve all your goddamn problems!

Answer by Cryosheath
Why’d you put it under the physics section. Psychics have nothing to do with physics

Answer by Sponsored
I knew a girl who was shocked because an online psychic sent her an e-mail full of personal insights into her life. She decided to go, in person, to this same psychic even though I went mental at her for being fooled.

She went and the psychic was so off the mark it was embarrassing. These psychics collect very broad statements and act full of confidence in an attempt to fool you. Please remember, if these “psychics” were so mystical why would they be stuck trying to sell a product to you? They would be psychic enough to be rich and even change the world for the better, or conquer it for the worse.

You’re just as lost as the rest of us, get used to it 😉

Answer by Des
Now I’d be more than happy to do that for you kid but I am pretty sure you want a psychic, oddly there is this TV series where they made a similar mistake about some guy who helps the police and they say his background is a PhD in physics anyway that aside. First and this too is important you know it doesn’t work as such, but what I suggest is you try me out here on something not too private and see how it goes. Downside with asking for a psychic to help you with personal stuff it’s a bit like my going north of Kandy with a backpack and loads of rupees and a sign saying tourist please don’t rob me of all my money I realize there has been a civil war and there’s no reason for you to show me any consideration, except sometimes that works. If it’s to do with dead people not so keen on that stuff because that’s just a bit cruel we all want some reassurance, I miss my parents I am orphan now shoot and it may be nasty but there are unscrupulous people who might take advantage of the grieving, but no I am a seriously bona fide well not physicist more of a metaphycisist well nope not gonna spell that one right. How genuine am I. I guarantee I will not be able to predict accurately the 3.30 at any race dog horse two flies on a windowsill. If I could obviously if anyone could well we’d place a few bets and then end world hunger or something, so maybe you need to be realistic about what a psychic can achieve. Can it make you happy. Nope hasn’t made me happy. They say meditation sometimes does the trick and service to others, love and you can never be happy if happiness is the only thing you seek. if you lost something yeah maybe could help that along. I don’t do love because by the time you have set the whole love assistance going the person is no longer interested in X often they have changed the sex of the person they now love and sometime the species. What I do specialize in is bit like the A team, when I say specialize I am the real deal here, Qabalah, basic Wicca messing around in, a fairly competent knowledge of Latin Greek Hebrew Syriac and Enochian, a member not in good standing of several magickal orders, and I’ve seen all the Harry Potter films now I think. Hey if you are going on a magickal adventure some kind of fellowship in pursuit of (oh and alchemy is my speciality not so much organic metal but more on the vibratory/musical level) give me a try. Clearly I don’t want money. Also I don’t really want to be hassled by needy kids who expect me to magick away their problems. In fact as true psychic if you do get to contact me and engage my services I promise you life will be far more complicated and I won’t necessarily be of any help at all. That’s what psychics do it’s my avocation. If you wanted simple straightforward like you said you got the whole free online psychic or yahoo groups psychics are us. In fact the only reason I am responding is because the whole took me ages to say foliage, I’d always pronounce it foilage, yeah yeah laugh funny aint it except it can bring bad luck to laugh at a psychic and trust me all these scientific types the most superstitious. You find me kid. You email me and I will serve you. Unless of course I find a way of changing emails and reincarnating because every psychic should have that option. And if you are after doing some revenge thing, not that keen I am sure the guy deserves it but my karma is already up shtook you need someone with a purer soul who can afford the payback and they are usually too goody two shoes to help anyways. I may be a little insane but you are the one seeking the services of a sidekick so let’s not make a big thing about that and I refer you to the negative luck thing I mentioned earlier. And I really prefer letters with stamps. I hate email. No one has ever achieved anything via email.

And stay away from the professionals they are a bunch of amateurs. And if you did find me I guarantee you would not go along with my advice so since you have already determined what needs to be done why are you trying to bother me for confirmation. You know what to do go do it. You willing to change your mind then why do you need my help.

Actually more I think of it you are good to go kid. Job is done. You made the call now let the Universe assist you and try not to get caught what you are planning sounds a little not risky just well I am too old too slow too tired for stuff like that you are looking for a hero. Oh but if you find one then the trouble starts. There’s a lot to be said for pizza and procrastination. And I recommend the film District 9 people say it’s a turkey but it has all the essentials of fairy tale and magic and will give you all the information you might need.

May you be happy. May you be happy. May you be happy.

Answer by sundy
you can try this guy through this e-mail,
mind you, be truthful if you really want him to
help. HE IS NOT A PRO but a councellor and a
confidant, here is his address:

Answer by joey s
i think most people here are assuming this person is as naive as they sound. We don’t know if they are simply curious, or perhaps asking in order to further a project of their own. If they are naive, having distain for their question doesn’t help, and furthermore “psychic-ism” is one of those things that would provide subjective, empirical evidence, if any at all, and even then it isn’t disproven to the extent we might like. Someone, somewhere, may have had a psychic experience. Like another person here, I have experienced psychics as starting out seemingly accurate and then getting less and less so as they go along. Some of the best ones don’t know they are reading your body and others do so in a very conscious and studied manner. Others think they are being responsible, and treat their patrons as if clients in therapy. If you want “the experience” go to someone who has a physical shop, or even a tarot reader at a fairground or beach. It will cost you much much less than a “phone psychic” and be much more interesting. Be aware that you are doing something moderately dangerous, and do not under any circumstances take what they say literally and apply it to your life or decisions. An earnest reader who actually thinks they are doing something helpful will give you all they can in the time allotted. If you sense in the slightest that they are stringing you along to get you to pay more, do not visit them again. If you do think you receive an insight, take that to your closest friends or your therapist first. Remember, this person has no mystical sources or powers that you yourself do not have. What a “psychic” calls Intuition the rest of us call a well-honed superficial first impression. However, you may just learn what is really obvious about you, which escapes all of us from time to time. If you really have no friends which you can trust to reflect you back to yourself, and cannot get therapy, do something else like pretend you want to kill yourself and call a suicide hot-line to talk, or go to one of the many free therapy groups. In the end, psychics are a dead end.


The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.