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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : love ­čÖü are psychics real?

I called a psychic and she told me allot of the stuff about my love life that was true told me was true and as for predicting the future none it came true I just wanna are psychics real and will my love life get better for the year 2014 # LOVE SUCKS

Answer by Mr. Mike
the Bible warns about witchcraft. psychics get there information from demons who are smarter than humans. so yes the info may be right, but how much of the rest of it is lies? i don’t see evil spirits as truth tellers. Good spirits are not allowed to tell our future because that is witchcraft.

Answer by Kelly
Psychics can be as real or as fake as you want them to be. Should you be paying hundreds of dollars to psychics, to get answers about your love life ..? Um, well personally I think not. Instead of being so negative about your love life .. try to be more positive. You are the one who is controlling your life. You decide whether you want your love life to be bad .. or good.

Answer by Aaron
Psychics are very observant of the person they are talking to. Usually the person they are talking to gives out more information than he/she is aware! That doesn’t mean the psychic can read that person’s mind; it just means the person they are talking to is being fed back the information that has already been given out.

For example, we already know you’re female, you’re either in love or have been in love recently, and that there have been bumps along the road in your love life. We also know that you have spoken to a psychic on the telephone and that you have some belief in psychics. All this because of what you have told us.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i am psychic?

ever since i was little i would have wierd gut feelings. when i was 3, my greatgrandmother died. i walked into my parents room and told them…before they knew i told them what she had told me. she was ok…she wasnt sick anymore, and i “mimicked” her presisely, as she used to talk. my parents are major catholics and dont believe in anything close to it. these gut feelings always tell me otherwise. i have deja vu, can hum a song in the car, turn on the radio, and that song will come on. someone’s name will pop into my head when i talk to sum1. if i AM psychic, how can i help it benifit me???
oh!!! and three minutes ago…my relative died.
poor nanna robak :’ (

Answer by Honky Hick
IF you were psychic……..don’t you think you would know?!

Answer by Paradisa
i really think the examples you named are coincidences. It has happened to me. A song would be stuck in my head… and i’d turn on the radio and it would be playing. It’s happened to everyone i’m sure.
On pop quizes i usually follow my gut feeling and i end up doing pretty well.

Answer by Emily W
dude… i have the same issue… kinda…. On november 9th, i had a feeling that somone close to me was going to die, but noone was sick, or suicidal or anything… my ex-girlfriend overdosed on ectasy on November 13th… same thing happend with my great grandpa and my second uncle… the sucky thing im having the feeling again… if u get any good answers, please let me know…

Answer by marcus s
its not really psychic ability there really isnt a word for it its more like being able to read the code of life and the world around us. it benefits me alot i know things before they happen and have great reaction times to things. i can read people or get lost in a crowd on command granted alot of people will try and dispell this but its what belive you have to sit down and figure out what you can and can not do also set rules like i belive in a system of balance that i can use my powers for evil acts as long as i use them for good on an equal playing feild you have to set up a sort of training thing were you see how far you can take it

when i was in high school i got so good as to ask spirts the answers to questions i had no idea about and it worked

trust me there are some crazy things you can pull off if you get good at it but like all skills you have to practice and grow

Answer by Dr. Bob
You are not psychic, because there is no such thing. It is part of a childhood fantasy. Many teenagers get involved in psychic stuff because their real lives are boring and meaningless, and they assume that believing in psychic stuff will make them exciting and different and special.

It does none of those things. It only underscores that the person has a miserable real life. Such a person needs to back away from fantasy and return to reality.

Answer by greenbox42
it’s more likely just delusional fantasies.

Answer by ady
in the bible it talks about each person having a spiritual gift to help aid them in contacting with GOd. One of these is the gift of profitecy (i cant spell!!!) anyway….
it is possible that this is your gift. Some people make call it “being sensitive” or “intuition” or even psychic abilities. you can expand on your gift and become more insightful….
my mom predicted many many things and i dreamed about her death before she killed herself, my best friend being hurt the night before she was admitted in the ER, my boyfriend cheating on me and the girl’s name and work place (there’s a story!!!), etc, etc, but with our gift came a curse too!
i can sense spirits around me and see entities sometimes. that part of it is a “generational” curse and a whole me story. mail me… I know lots on the subject.

Answer by Mike C
man screw all yall

im psychic and want no popularity or money
those things are not for me

dont think its a benifit
email me at

(if any religous emails come my way ill damn you to hell ooo!)
not you i mean other people

anyways your welcome to ask questions
im not mr super psychic but i know enough to be asked questions

and besides everyone is psychic
or you might just have a good gut feeling

ill just talk to you later about all of it

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