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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My ex boyfriend called i havent heard from him in five months?

He didn’t leave message i really don’t wanna call him back because we always get into argument he ruins my week,it’s usually just him being curious or he wants something some one who Intuition or psychic what are your predictions on what he wants should i even bother or is just waste of my time.

Answer by TotalRecipeHound
Call him back OR have someone else call him back. Start the conversation, you are an exbf. Why are you calling.

It’s probably a booty call.

Answer by Moaneek.
If you don’t call him back it’s going to bug you.

I would just call him back and be straight to the point and stern.

Then if he is being stupid hang up and tomorrow change your number.

Answer by Mandy Cullen
Definitley don’t even bother. Especially if you know that he is usually just being a pain in the ass. You don’t need to deal with any extra stress.
And why should it matter if he called, he’s no longer apart of your life. Leave it that way.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you please predict when will I be able to find a job?

I need a psychic person to really answer my question. I have been looking for a job but I do not have transportation to work far away places. I need to pay my bills,I need to pay for my inventions at the patent office this month?

Answer by Aria T
My prediction powers say that you must fill out some applications and not be a douchebag at the interview. Wait, I misread my eightball… it says “try again later.”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what happened to all those predictions Hillary would win?

As the race gets closer to an end, I can’t help but think about all those predictions that said Hillary would win…

What happened to all those tarot readers and psychics and so forth that said it was in the stars for Hillary to win?

Answer by Still thinking
I think tarot readers are fake

Answer by Wiseman
They were obviously wrong. I’m sure they were biased and were just saying that so people would be assertive. Hillary isn’t going to win the election but she still has a chance to play a bigger role in politics. There’s always the next election.

Answer by luvergrl34
She should have won!

Answer by Sandra K
The same thing that’s going to happen to all of the retards who believe 12/21/12 will be the end of the world, those who believed in Y2K, the ones who believed…ad nauseum! Psychics are frauds, but no matter how many times they are wrong, as they were about Hillary, some imbeciles will believe their next predictions.

Supporters to politician’s is like supporters to a football club; it doesn’t
mean that if your team lose a match you would stop your support! To my believe they are all behind her to give vote to Obama.

Answer by Jypcee 5000
I love you…and I predicted that she wouldn’t stand a chance…Only a bunch of idiots would let a Scorpio woman rule America

Answer by Steph
I think they were filed away with “Donald and Evana will be together forever” and”The year 2000 will be the end of mankind”

Answer by Mettle Gnosis Seraph
Hi. Those psychics that you are referencing have misread the reading of the cards. The stars did not specifically predict “Hillary” Clinton to win the Democratic nomination but for “Hilarity” to win the nomination. There is a paradox in this reading as both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both considered “Hilarity” by name. Most psychics assumed it would be Hillary Clinton.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

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