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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My fortune teller said that in May of next year the guy I like will ask me out, and that in terms of marriage?

he’s hard to get but definately obtainable…. Should I believe what he said? I’ve hard stories of fortune tellers accurately predicting the profession and age of their marital spouse (doctor, mechanic etc…) and I’ve heard stories of fortune tellers predicting tragedies (mother’s death, car crash) the day or the year before hand… what do you think?
My goal is to lose 80 pounds in 6 months in answer to your question
He’s not in a relationship with this woman… I think he really likes her but she had a boyfriend up until two weeks ago… And he’s not married. They are not even living together.

Answer by Cherry Brandy
I say anything is possible, but take it with a grain of salt. Don’t let that prediction dictate how you live your life. Truth is, you won’t know the answer until you get there. I’ve had many accurate premonitions throughout my life, but one can’t let those feelings make them lose sight of present realities.

Answer by BlueLadyBlue R
I am a clairvoyant and I have done alot of great things. But lets level with each other, that man you care for, is it possible hes not all that serious or attracted to you if you have to wait till next may? If a man isnt interested now, what do you honestly think will change his mind? Not to discredit the psychic but geesh, It doesnt make sense.
If hes all that hard to get maybe its a sign not to fight it so hard.

Answer by sybil_the_soothsayer
I think we discussed before how you going after this guy is dishonorable because he belongs to another?

Answer by Joann

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are good Decorations for a Halloween Dance?

The Visual Arts team is throwing a Halloween Dance at school. I need to think of some amazing but easy decorations and ideas for games. We already have a fortune teller, and we are making a graveyard. We have a lot of space to fill, but are kind of short on help so we need big easy things. Thanks in advance for the help!!

Answer by phoebe
idk maybe a spider

Answer by Lady of the Dark Forest
Cake walk because they rule!

Streamers in black, orange, red, yellow and purple, maybe some green to.. and the same color balloons.. glitter everywhere because it rules! and the all popular stick your hand in the black hole and tell what you feel and guess it right win a prize kinda deal

Answer by Elemental_Hero_Rachel
a strobe light is fun when dancing :]

Answer by Renee
Cut out bats (black paper) & bend the wings. Tape fishing string to them and tack them to the ceiling. I looks awesome when there is a bunch. I did this in my dining room. Good luck!

Answer by hi ppl wassup
a fog machine is always good to have at a halloween dance. and maybe some scarecrows and some fake spider webs would be good too!

Answer by Dominic
Have cauldrons and put dry ice in them. It looks very cool. Also try black-light, it gives an eerie feeling.

Answer by skip_2015
go with a horror movie theme like Night of the Living Dead… or turn the whole room into a cemetary

Answer by Camie
put up scare crows, get like 4 smoke machines, and those mini pumpkin lights

how about a pumpkin decorating contest?

Answer by lil_dodger2001
foggers for the flour
fake bats

Answer by Jon
Corpses…of people or animals, or whatever.

Answer by Krissy S
I love Halloween!


Black and orange streamers, balloons, confettii. Black and orange plates, cups, cutlery…you could even try a novelty store and get some black and orange toilet paper for the washrooms!

Pumpkins! Try and see if you can find some giant ones. My husband grows them every year, and we usually average around 300 to 400 pounds per pumpkin! If you can’t find the huge ones…get lots of small ones!

Do-it-yourself scarecrows. Straw, hats and clothes! Too easy!

Candles…LOTS of candles! Stock up on black, orange and white candles. Big ones, small ones…TONS of ’em! It’ll create a spooky glow!

Smoke machine. See if you can find a smoke machine for really cool special effects. This would be a great addition to your graveyard!

Large hanging ghosts. Easily made with rope and bedsheets!

Creepy headstones. Easily made with some cardboard and paint.

Spider webs. You can find this gauzy material at any dollar store for super cheap! Simply attach fake black spiders (also at the dollar store) and you’re set!

Game Ideas:

Guess how many? Fill a large jar with your choice of treats (maybe the classic candy corn?). Count how many you put in the jar! Have each guest guess how many candies are in the jar. The person who gets the closest without going over wins the goodies!

Costume contest! Person with the most original costume wins!

Pumpkin carving contest. Most unique design wins!

Bobbing for apples. Classic game.

Halloween pinata. You know what to do.

Halloween treasure hunt.

Guess the weight. Weigh a pumpkin. Whoever guess the closest to the correct weight without going over wins.

Halloween who am I? Each guest gets a famous Halloween character written on a piece of paper, and taped to their back (without seeing who it is). They must then ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to other guests to figure out who they are.

Halloween musical chairs.

The ideas are pretty endless. Use your imagination!

Answer by The Grand Inquisitor
We cut out tons of headstones from cardboard, spray painted them grey and drew cracks on them w/ permanent marker. Then, scattered them on one large wall to make a graveyard. When guest came, they used the marker to write their name on their cup and then ON a headstone! It was awesome by the end of the night (ppl came up w/ some pretty funny stuff to put on theirs)

It’s also fun if you have someone dress as the grim reaper, with a staff and lantern- to greet guests and show them the way in to the party (for us the party was in the basement, so they had to walk a ways thru the dark to get to the door.

Colored spot lights (popular for plants or around xmas time) on the floor in corners makes the fog look extra cool.

We had bloody punch with cherries then we took surgical gloves and filled them with water, then froze them. Remove the glove and float in the punch- looks awesome.

Coffins are pretty easy to make out of refridgerator boxes and spray paint:)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can you tell if a fortune teller is real or fake?

I would like to have my cards read. However what I don’t want is someone who’s fake and asks me questions to throw it all back at me to make it sound as if they are telling me something. I would like to see someone genuine and I would like to know what I should be asking to check this out.

Answer by Anyanswer
To be honest, I wouldn’t waste money on having your fortune told.
Live each day as it comes.
Imagine if the fortune teller were to tell you bad news … you’d spend the rest of your life worrying.

Answer by ☯Nerd Pride☯
Yes, exactly what the first answerer stated.

And also, alot of fortune tellers(more than 90% of them) are just in it for the money and the attention, they really dont know how to tell fortunes, they cant really tell your future, you might as well just go to a chinese restaraunt and crack open a fortune cookie, you will get the same exact reliability that a fortune teller will give you, fortune tellers have no physchic gift, you are the only one that can truly form your future and you’re the only one that can decide and tell your future no one else can.

Answer by Prabhupadanuga
Card reading is fake. Please read below – the actual person who is conversant with Bhrgu-samhita can tell you your past present and future.

Adi 13.90 The Advent of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
The divisions of the sad-varga area are technically called ksetra, hora, drekkana, navamsa, dvadasamsa and trimsamsa. According to Jyotir-vedic astrology, when it is calculated who rules the constellation of six areas, the auspicious moment is calculated. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, who was previously also a great astrologer, says that in the book named Brhaj-jataka and other books there are directions for knowing the movements of the stars and planets. One who knows the process of drawing a straight line and thus understands the area of asta-varga can explain the auspicious constellations. This science is known especially by persons who are called hora-sastra-vit, or those who know the scripture of the name Hora. On the strength of astrological calculations from the Hora scripture, Nilambara Cakravarti, the grandfather of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, ascertained the auspicious moment in which the Lord would appear.

SB 10.8.5 T Lord Krsna Shows the Universal Form Within His Mouth

jyotisam ayanam saksad
yat taj jnanam atindriyam
pranitam bhavata yena
puman veda paravaram

jyotisam–knowledge of astrology (along with other aspects of culture in human society, and specifically in civilized society, there must be knowledge of astrology); ayanam–the movements of the stars and planets in relationship to human society; saksat–directly; yat tat jnanam–such knowledge; ati-indriyam–which an ordinary person cannot understand because it is beyond his vision; pranitam bhavata–you have prepared a perfect book of knowledge; yena–by which; puman–any person; veda–can understand; para-avaram–the cause and effect of destiny.

O great saintly person, you have compiled the astrological knowledge by which one can understand past and present unseen things. By the strength of this knowledge, any human being can understand what he has done in his past life and how it affects his present life. This is known to you.

The word “destiny” is now defined. Unintelligent persons who do not understand the meaning of life are just like animals. Animals do not know the past, present and future of life, nor are they able to understand it. But a human being can understand this, if he is sober. Therefore, as stated in Bhagavad-gita (2.13), dhiras tatra na muhyati: a sober person is not bewildered. The simple truth is that although life is eternal, in this material world one changes from one body to another. Foolish people, especially in this age, do not understand this simple truth. Krsna says:

dehino ‘smin yatha dehe
kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir
dhiras tatra na muhyati

“As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.” (Bg. 2.13) Krsna, the greatest authority, says that the body will change. And as soon as the body changes, one’s whole program of work changes also. Today I am a human being or a great personality, but with a little deviation from nature’s law, I shall have to accept a different type of body. Today I am a human being, but tomorrow I may become a dog, and then whatever activities I have performed in this life will be a failure. This simple truth is now rarely understood, but one who is a dhira can understand this. Those in this material world for material enjoyment should know that because their present position will cease to exist, they must be careful in how they act. This is also stated by Rsabhadeva. Na sadhu manye yata atmano ‘yam asann api klesada asa dehah (Bhag. 5.5.4). Although this body is temporary, as long as we have to live in this body we must suffer. Whether one has a short life or a long life, one must suffer the threefold miseries of material life. Therefore any gentleman, dhira, must be interested in jyotisa, astrology.
Nanda Maharaja was trying to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by Gargamuni’s presence, for Gargamuni was a great authority in this knowledge of astrology, by which one can see the unseen events of past, present and future. It is the duty of a father to understand the astrological position of his children and do what is needed for their happiness. Now, taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by the presence of Gargamuni, Nanda Maharaja suggested that Gargamuni prepare a horoscope for Nanda’s two sons, Krsna and Balarama.

Adi 17.104 The Pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu in His Youth
Through astrology one can know past, present and future. Modern Western astrologers have no knowledge of the past or future, nor can they perfectly say anything about the present. Herein we find, however, that after hearing Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s order, the astrologer immediately began his calculations. This was not a facade; he actually knew how to ascertain one’s past life through astrology. A still-existing treatise called the Bhrgu-samhita describes a system by which anyone can immediately get information about what he was in the past and what he is going to be in the future.

Answer by Psychic/Medium and Artist
You shouldn’t be asked any questions except your name. (That only because it’s good manners to know who your speaking to).

Answer by Oliver Stone Eats Children
easy, theres no such thing so all of them are fake, or you can have them tell you your name without you telling them, if they can predict your future, someone is bound to say your name in one of those visions, amiright or wat

Answer by DragonAtma
The best method would likely be to ask them for a sample bit of info and see if it’s something that says “scam!”, such as a Barnum Statement. The statements “I see that you’re usually a calm person, but you sometimes get angry.” and “I can tell that one of your relatives suffered from heart problems”, for example, may seem accurate… until you realize that they apply to a good 95% of the population!

Answer by Republackan [♥]
Just send me an email..your name and what yuou want answered….

Answer by Mackenzie
Don’t bother. If they ask for money, they are most probably fake.

I suggest getting a Tarot reading book and some Tarot cards, studying into it, and doing it on your own. It’ll be cheaper and more personal because you did it on your own. Plus you can always go back and do it again.

Also scrying and palm reading is great and easy to do at home as well! Maybe you can even get a pendulum and have a chat with your spirit guide to find your destiny. That’s what I do.

Answer by lauren
ok listen to me most fortune tellers are fake because im a real psychic and we don’t really want to tell people were different we just kinda wanna live life normally but you can tell is if shes doing a cold reading she is going by 1 how you look 2 how you talk (like if you sound educated or have a southern accent) 3 she will try to trick info out of you and ask un needed questions 4 they will go by your color of your skin/ backround well good luck

Answer by Noori
Well, non of them is going to give you a true answer. Fortune, fate and destiny can’t be said by any human being.

These things are hidden we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, or even after an hour. Yes u may know that u have a party after an hour but u don’t know what is going 2 happen in there, do u??!

When the base is strong, the building is strong.
When the beginning is right, the end is totally right.

So, why can’t we start from today a right shot so that the goal in the future is in its place!?

You can organise your life the way you want it to be and no need for fortune teller nor monks.

My greetings……….

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Balinese Fortune Teller, Travel Video Guide


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.