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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Name of this prank fortune teller website?

It’s a prank website where a friend asks a question and you get to answer it.
Like you invite your friends to go on the site
they ask a fortune telling question
and you get to answer it

Answer by ♛ ĄŊ†ჩɽℴƔℴℊʊ€ ♛ ㋗㋑㊀㋞ 刀ロ乇レレム イん乇 乇アノく つム尺ズ レロ尺つ乇丂丂
There seems to be such site available… Sorry about that….

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any restrictions to what fortune tellers can tell you?

For example, can a person ask a fortune teller questions about another persons personal life?

Answer by DiscoGoddess
They can tell you whatever they want. It is however unethical to tell certain things, such as what you’ve just mentioned. Most wouldn’t do that. In my psychic school, a topic that is covered firstly is psychic ethics…then protection….stuff like that.

Answer by Safety S
They’ll tell you the sky is brown if you have enough cash.

Answer by Alex101 D
Some because they have no right and would usally have no idea who they are. But there are a few that can do that. I tried befor twice one said no and the other said he would break his arm and he did.

Answer by Etheria
There are restrictions
They are specific to each establishment

Answer by Shane
of course they can? if they want to but the karmatic price would be dire and it would be an absolute waste. i don’t have to much experience so i don’t know to much about it?? besides they would really have to be there or have a picture of the person for it to work.

Answer by Hieromedius
The Apostle Paul said that prophecies will fail. As we are not perfect and see darkly, as through glass. Symbolism is the Universal Language. It is never wrong. We just interpret it wrong. And there is always the element of Free Will. That we can make conssiuos choices that will cnage the outcome of events. Think about that on a scale of 7 billion people!

Answer by pixie
Good question. You can definitely ask, but the information may or may not come. You have to get permission from that individual’s higher self. When I have done readings, there have been instances when someone asks a question about another person, and I don’t get permission from the other person’s higher self. Not often, but again it happens.

Another thing to remember when you are getting a reading is that the information is based on what is going on in that moment. There are so many variables involved that can change the outcome. For example, I did a reading last week, and the client asked if he were going to get a particular job in the near future. I “saw” that he would, providing that he actually went to the interview. I strongly felt that he was waiting for a job to fall into his lap, with no effort on his part, and that’s what I told him. (It wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but, hey, he asked.) He contacted me Saturday and told me that he did indeed get the job, but he almost didn’t go to the interview, because he didn’t feel like getting up so early.

Answer by Angie N
It’s only limited by how well you grease THEIR palm.

Answer by Azrhei
Well that all depends because some take a vow(s). Such as I will not reveal matters of death. I will not share information of others. I will only use my abilities for goods. There are others vows like it but only your fortune teller will know unless she/he tells you.

Answer by kilroymaster
No for 99.99% of them are false…………………………………..

Answer by Terry
No fortune teller will speak of a questioner’s death. Two very mundane answers. If it is witnessed and the person suicides the fortune teller can be held libel. The second is death never brings in big tips.

Answer by Charles
Most will not, infact unless they see some very good reason, they will probably not mention to you that they saw anything, because thats cross a generally accepted moral line. But, not all are the same. Most will not tell you how to hurt someone, or anything that could cause bad karma for them and yourself.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : “Fortune” to put inside a fortune teller for a girl I want to ask out?

So, I want to make a fortune teller for the girl I’m going to ask out, and the fortune will be something like “will you be my girlfriend?”, but a friend of mine said it shouldn’t be a question.
Any idea what I could put in there?
thanks everyone. :>

Answer by Anonymous
If you hand deliver the fortune teller, make it say,”You are standing in front of your future boyfriend=).” so sweeeet. I wish guys at my school were that witty.

Answer by monica c:
Why can’t it be a question? “will you be my girlfriend” sounds fine to me.

Answer by Taylar Wong
aww that is so sweet
”will you be my girl friend? xoxo ” would be fine ;D
hope she says yes xx

Answer by Alison
because the first answer is actually very good, I just want to add when It comes to romance, you never ask a girl a question, you tell her things.

never ask a girl “will you have dinner with me?”
instead teller her “I am having dinner soon, I would like for you to join me.”

see the difference? she cant say no. 😉

Answer by A Yahoo! user
Does fortune teller wants to ask her out? She or he could say “do you want to go with him out?” Sounds too cheese to me though.

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