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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : No disrespect but why are people offended by the victoria secret native american costume& gwen stefani video?

I’m just wondering how that’s disrespectful not trying to be mean as I love the native american culture and would like to see more being done for native americans I just did not find that offensive its just a costume and I like gwen stefani what was wrong with her video also my god daughter is going to wear a native american head dress that she made in art for her 1st grade class is it bad if she wears it

Answer by Jenna
NO. That’s so stupid, no offense to those people, lol. That’s just dumb. People are insane. Just because you dress up like someone? Wow. People these days! :p

Answer by [The Tramp]
too sensitive. every minority complains every chance they get. they got their asses kicked at wounded knee, we lost at the little big horn. overall we won. get over it.

Answer by Ii’ni’ da’ałhosh
Here’s why:


in short, the headdress is a sacred and cherished symbol. It is earned and respected. Can you imagine the reaction if those models had dressed like slutty marine officers, complete with the medal of honor? Or Slutty Popes? Yeah…..people would be offended, and rightly so, because it is degrading and insulting to what those symbols represent.

Why are our symbols not given the same respect?

edit****** It’s rather sad, when the Tramp is comparing Little Big Horn ( Where the 7th cavalry attacked an armed Native village and got their butts whipped for it) to Wounded Knee,( where the military opened fire with artillery on unarmed women and children) Can anyone in their right mind call the latter “a victory”? It’s called MURDER, a Massacre, for a reason.

Answer by Thomas
Well, it would be the same as if someone dressed up in a military dress uniform and was prancing around with a medal of honor and purple hearts and other medals and ribbons…just to use it as “fashion.” They actually have laws AGAINST wearing a uniform if you aren’t military/retired and didn’t earn those medals. In fact, a high ranking naval officer actually killed himself because people found out he was wearing an unauthorized Combat-V devices on ribbons. Even though his commander in Vietnam had issued them, they hadn’t been official approved. A review panel determined (after his death) that he was not qualified to wear wear them.


And then there are other people that get offended by the use of the American flag in clothing (although this has relaxed considerably in the last few generations). But, if you go back a few decades, many traditional White Americans would be furious about American flag underwear and flags on shirts, etc. They felt that this symbol should have an honored position and not be cut up and displayed inappropriately.

These symbols that non-Indian people just see as “costumes” or “neat culture” really have deeper meaning and Natives take this very seriously. Each solitary eagle feather has to be earned and it takes a lifetime to acquire enough to make a headress. And to wear even one, you have to be able to state what it was for and who gave it to you. For example, not to go into too much detail about this…but I am a middle aged tribal member…a combat veteran and immersed in Indian culture and tradition and I have only personally been presented with three eagle feathers in my life. They have deep significance to me and to see someone with a cheap immitation eagle feather headdress does make me cringe.

Answer by Salish
Thomas hit the nail on the head.

Those headdresses are earned, through several acts of valor. As I understand it, the most common stereotype of an “indian headdress” is this: http://www.google.com/imgres?start=132&hl=en&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1586&bih=710&tbm=isch&tbnid=Dr8asGxt4LuZ2M:&imgrefurl=http://nebbish-route.tumblr.com/page/2&docid=O8kpgdrrnBZVtM&imgurl=http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqs2xyeym51r1nxdpo1_500.jpg&w=500&h=647&ei=bwSkUKSUDMGUiAKLt4HgCw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=208&vpy=305&dur=610&hovh=255&hovw=197&tx=108&ty=102&sig=115192990367241297469&page=4&tbnh=144&tbnw=117&ndsp=50&ved=1t:429,r:33,s:100,i:103
Each of those feathers, I was told by people from the tribes that use this type of regalia (regalia is ceremonial clothing, NOT a costume…), is supposed to represent an act of valor. People do not just get to wear these because they “look cool”. And, they are not meant for women (not because tribes are gender oppressive, there are cultural/spiritual reasons why various regalia are meant to be for specific genders…womens’ regalia shows her level of communal respect in different ways)

Imagine if all the sudden…celebrities thought it would be cool to dress in slutty outfits and rock a medal of honor, for fun, and for fashion. Because they like the look…and they dont mean offense, so the military (you know…the people putting their lives on the line to protect their silly a$ $ es) shouldn’t be offended. They are just trying to “honor them”…

My people had to be subjected to Genocide so non-natives could live here. If this hadn’t happened, your life would not be as comfortable as it is now. I am not saying I blame YOU for the genocide…I am saying, “please pay at least a LITTLE respect to the people who had to be murdered so you can have the lifestyle you enjoy…at the very least…”

You can respect native cultures (plural there, there are over 565) without appropriating them. distorting them, or exploiting them. You can incorporate native designs into fashion without taking from the things we consider sacred. For example, I saw a design on a vest a few years back when shopping at Forever 21 that had a “salish star pattern”, and I bought it in a heartbeat (Salish is my general ethnic group, there are dozens of Salish languages and sub-cultures). THAT was cool. Now, if I’d seen a “salish thunderbird design”, I would have been disgusted, unless, of course, the designer was native. Now, be the designer native or not, if I’d seen a “changer” or “star child” design (very sacred character in our spirituality), I would have been LIVID.

The Gwen Stefani video made me VERY upset. I am glad she removed it, that says a LOT about her character, and being a No Doubt fan since I was 9, I was very glad to hear their apology. Her video was the epitome of American prejudice and cultural appropriation/degradation of Native Americans. What made it even worse…is that she wasn’t even TRYING to be offensive.

The most detrimental racism isnt the “grab your klan gear”, up-in-your face type…its the insidious, subliminal, “I didn’t even realize that was racist…” type that causes the most harm. Because, well, people don’t even realize what they are doing IS racist..because it is sooo very ingrained in them as being “normal”. From experience, most people, like yourself, don’t think minorities are “less than”. Most people are not aware of their racist attitudes…and are HORRIFIED when they are pointed out to them. Because they are good people, and good people don’t like to degrade others.

Gwen Stefani and Victorias Secret degraded native americans in their dehumanization of our spirituality, history and cultures. And they didn’t even realize it, because America makes a business out of the exploitation of native peoples. The average american is sooo disillusioned as to what constitutes genuine native american culture, they cannot discern the reality from the stereotypical. Some, even go as far as telling REAL natives that they are not “real indians”.

The “wild west” if often portrayed by the Majority of America as a “cray, gun slinging, gold digging, fun time…” in american history. There are movies about the hardships of the wives of ambitious men who moved their families west…there are documentaries about the boom towns and what not. The west is portrayed as “fun”.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I get more in tune with myself and learn more about myself?

Answer by Johnnies
Buddhist teachings are a good place to start. They are not strictly speaking “religious” because they don’t actually worship a deity or God. Instead Buddhism states (more or less) that Human Beings have the Buddha (Awakened) nature inherent within them and have the potential to become “Buddha”…that is “awake”. It could seem a little confusing at first because the idea is that the “self” is an illusion of sorts because it is a limited identity…i,e MY car…MY house. Buddhism recognises that the “self” is in fact part of an interdependent web of life…that all things exist together and cannot exist in isolation. To become more self aware then means to become more awake to this reality which means identifying oneself with a larger whole. Nonetheless it also acknowledges that there is an ego -identified consciousness which can be developed to be more compassionate, less angry, more awake (conscious) etc and that it is through the dissolving of ego restriction (basically fear of loss) that we can become more of who we really are. We dissolve ego by acting and thinking a way that is not egocentric or centred only on the ego identified self, thus you learn more about yourself by becoming more connected with life generally. This is by no means exhaustive. For a really good look at Eastern philospohies with a grounded practical Western perspective I’d recommend any books by Ram Dass or Jack Kornfield. It makes a lot of sense. There is no substitute for age and experience. Despite having been interested in things like this for many years I understand things a lot more clearly now I’m pushing 40… It seems you just can’t force it, even if you try. Wisdom comes with years….I still have much to learn! Good luck with getting switched on! It’s worth the effort. Life is a rich place when you plug in!

Answer by Tim B
You’ll never know anything about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight 😉

Try to express yourself more often. Meditate and try to follow some sort of physical activity. A great method is to try practice Yoga and just try to open yourself to many types of music and movies. Begin appreciating life and try to stay away from any materialistic part of life. Such as TV, Video Games, the Media, and pretty much anything that you think you “need.”

Yes even the internet.

Good luck, and personally if you can try to spend time in a spiritual environment. Maybe even try to live like a monk and avoid any form of bodily desires and focus on yourself and life itself.

Good Luck.

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