Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please can someone give me an email address for a GENUINE psychic who will give me a free reading?

I have been in touch lately with a lot of people who have claimed to be psychic, clairvoyant or in touch with a spirit guide. I need urgent guidance in a matter of the heart. I have received just about every type of advice going and they all contradict each other. I am begging for help. Thank you.

Answer by eri
No, no one can do that, for one specific reason – no one has psychic powers. There’s millions of dollars out there in prize money for anyone who could prove they have those powers (and if it were true, it would be easy to prove). No one ever has. Not ever. It’s not a real thing. People claiming to be psychic are simply trying to scam you out of your money because they can’t get a real job.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you give me a free psychic reading concerning my future lovelife?

My name is Melody & my date of birth is july 16 1990. What do you see for me? Whether you just get some general information or specific details please let me know either way. Random things that are you get for me are welcome too.

Answer by beccatypes
try cafe astrology ;]

Answer by Rockstar
i see 2 to 5 years til you meet the guy ur looking for, your guide says not to think so much about things and instead let things happen, your stressing yourself out especially in your back and you get mild headaches, also says you shouldnt worry so much about how you look and accept what u look like, yet u keep criticing your own image, try getting rid of your stress by doing something u like, like rollerblading , the guy ul meet l have light brown hair, havent net him yet thought, oh they also say to be a bit wiser with your money and to save up fnr the futttre

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any phychics out there willing to help someone out with their gift for free?

I would like a reading but don’t have the means to pay for services…I realize this is how you earn a living, but there has to be someone out there that shares their gift for the sake of helping others.

Answer by Indiana Jones

Answer by CGBaker
Asking for a free reading is like walking into a restaurant and asking for a free meal, you shouldn’t do it.

Answer by molly
You really are new to this planet arent you?

Answer by Running for president
How can a “psychic” help YOU out when they can`t even help THEMSELVES out , Wilhelmina ??

When`s the last time you saw a headline in your local paper that read “Psychic wins $ 100,000,000 Lottery……. for the 7th time !!”

Now …. think for a moment ! ……… WHY have you never seen such a headline ??

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