Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please I need a small free psychic reading?

Im very confused on my relationship with my ex, and on my choices. I really cant do this and I just need something to clear the air. If you know anyone who can give me a psychic reading please tell me.

Answer by Carrie
you shouldnt let a “psychic” make choices for you.

Answer by mom
join yahoo astrology chat room there u can find psychic reader

Answer by JohnG
The site in the sources offers a free 3 minute reading, would that be enough time?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any sites that offer free psychic readings?

I have a few questions and dont want to pay a whole lot so I am wondering if there are any sites that offer a free psychic reading.

Answer by Hilary deep is the best site, I use it a lot.

Answer by empire
Most people that can read the future need to talk with you, Sometimes reading the future is simple a matter of wisdom , I can tell most peoples futures by Knowing there past.or knowing what there going throw.

A real psychic should never ask for Money. Its a matter of service to the gift. Friendship and love for all is more important then money.

Don’t get taken by your drive to know the furure.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I would like to know what my future holds: I need a free psychic reading, if it’s ok?

I’m a 1992 Leo and I want to know what will my future hold as far as it comes to relationships, love, and as well as the outcome. If it’s ok with you, may I have a free psychic reading please? Thanks!

Answer by ashxcool
I since a warm and sunny day tomorrow and for you my dear, I think you should go outside and play because you will be filled with warmth and love today!

Answer by Mike H
I don’t know, I’m not psychic

Answer by Sammi
You have already met your true love. And you don’t know it.

Answer by Piltdown Man
Sorry, no freebies here. We psychics have to make an (honest) living, you know!

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