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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic card reading gone wrong?

Early this week I asked a question about a card reading I had on Sunday of last week and got great advice ­čÖé Hoping someone can help again.

I went to the reading with my boyfriend…fairly new boyfriend actually. In my reading I was told that there would be jealousy surrounding a dark headed female and an argument would occur. He was told that he would go out with a dark headed female and would argue over this as well, with jealousy occurring. Now he can’t let this go. It’s become an ongoing problem this week! He is afraid something is going to happen that he can’t control…wants to see the psychic again…isn’t sure if he can “change” things and says he is literally turning his head to all dark headed woman…Matter of fact, I’m about to walk away from the relationship because he’s driving me nuts over his insecurities in this.

What can I say to ease his mind? He has seen this psychic 4 times in the last year…I’m thinking he may feel dependent upon her and is giving up on free will. ­čÖü

Answer by Ad
Seems to me the reading was right on for the most part. You two are arguing over this dark headed female. As for what to say to him, the card readings are never set in stone the can always change by choices you make. He needs to be more secure with himself and use the cards as a guide not a bible.

Answer by fightingfalconx
Ok I don’t believe in divination to tell you the truth unless God speaks to you, yes but if it is a girl with a crystal ball…no.

Tell him we have the power to make our future no matter what the circumstances are.

Answer by Tee
a true psychic would know what to say and what not to say. what this psychic said was obviously not the correct thing to say. true psychics know that what they say in their readings is going to have an effect on the person. and they should avoid saying such things that would create a loop like this on a clients mind.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think that psychic card reading is accurate?

My aunt does those psychic card reading things and she did a few to me this morning. And some of the things she asked mea nd stuff were true, like when he asked about my habits and stuff because the cards said them, but i was wondering what you guys think. Are these readings true or is it all a bunch of shit?

Also, haha i totally wanted to go to a diff card reader after and ask the same questions as i did from my aunt to see if i would get the same answers but i wouldnt pay for that, or even look for one. But thatd be a possible way to see if these readings are true.
btw i didnt PAY my aunt to do the readings, i wouldnt pay for that kinda thing.

Answer by George M
psychic readings in general are just as accurate as educated guesses according to your appearance.

Answer by Lorde de Mágica
Could be?

Why don’t you try it and let us know if they work.

Answer by asourapple100
No, real psychics don’t exist! They’re about as scientific as god, creationism or 1 mile long pink elephants on the surface of Pluto!

Answer by Alan Turing
You waste your money having a psychic reading.

One mile long pink elephants on the surface of Pluto are more probable.


Answer by My Religion Is Bigger than Yours
Tarot, like any other form of divination, doesn’t really predict the future. But it’s not completely useless. Fortune telling can be used as a form of psychoanalysis in which random patterns are used to access a person’s unconscious mind.

However, the person being accessed is also the one doing the reading.

Answer by ninetymiles
Whatever you paid…ask for a refund

Answer by mike
Some truth mixed with lies.

Answer by ray
no its called cold reading its a trick

Answer by John D “Your ad here”
Useless crappola in my opinion.

Don’t waste your time going to psychics, waste it here instead.

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