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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic prediction: who do you think will win the election?

I believe that Obama will win this election narrowly, and that Sarah Palin will take the heat for the loss on the Republican side (I don’t particularly like Palin, but t he loss firmly goes to McCain). What do you predict?

Answer by Stew S
I think your right. Obama will win and people will blame Palin for his loss.

Answer by Erin
I agree with you, that’s exactly what my psychic mind tells me.

Answer by Hari Seldon
Obama will have over 300 ev [you only need 270]
McCain will be 100 ev short

beauty contestant
hockey mom
Alaska Governor
attack dog for the right
lover of her husband’s ex partner
woman who decided to have a baby in her 40s, when defects are MUCH more likely, and her baby was born with Downs.
and republican candidate for Vice President

Answer by Darren J
It doesn’t take a psychic to figure out that Obama will win.

As long as we are talking about the supernatural, if I had a genie, I would wish that America would come to its senses and toss both crappy candidates out.

Hari Seldon – I agree with most of what you said, but I won’t hold the fact that she had a baby after 40 against her. That isn’t fair. Who knows, maybe the pregnancy was an accident. Good for her though for carrying the baby to term.

Answer by say no to USSA
I pray for myself, my family, and the rest of this great nation, that your crystal ball is wrong. If you happen to be correct, I am sorry that people will have voted to ruin this country.

Answer by Plans World Domination
Obama is already winning in the polls and the McCain campaign is already blaming Palin. No psychic prediction needed.

Answer by Wake up and smell the Bias!
I think McCain will pull it off, however if Barry does win, I predict that the American public will be sorely let down. And for the first time since the Revolution we very well may fight a war against a foreign nation on our own soil. We’re spoiled. They call us Republicans war mongers, but we call it preemptive strike.

Answer by TM
My psychic mind is telling me that people are already predicting this to happen by looking at the observable facts. But you’re right, let’s accredit an evidence-based educated guess to phony psychic powers!

Answer by janet a
I think you are right on! I am hoping Obama wins by a larger margin than narrowly, but I’ll take that over a loss. I can’t wait until November 4th. My husband and I have already made arrangements to take November 5th off from work, just in case we are awake most of the night. We already voted by mail last week, so we are all set with that.

Answer by Alexia M
I had a reading done by Sylvia Brown, and she said John McCain will be our next President. So far, everything else she has told me, has happened. Go team McCain.

Answer by Smegg Hedd
I predict that liberals will remain ignorant, misguided, and obsessed with taking other people’s money no matter what happens.

Answer by Lucci
I hope you are right BUT I have a feeling the McCain/Palin ticket will win. This nation is too racist to elect something totally different and refreshing.

Answer by ferretferret13
exactly what you think! Obama all the way!!!

Answer by Samuel D
McCain may be able to swing it. God help us if Obamawama wins; we’ll be taxed to death. So many people who support Obama want “change”…well they just might get it, and they and I will be very, very sorry!

Answer by art.eskenasy
McCain, Palin will win after a very tight race in an almost unexpected way at late hours on november 4th. People would have realized that Obama is nothing but hot hairs and false promises. Mccain and Palin are more down to earth, besides their horoscopes show potetiallity on the MC. Obama´s moon in geminis means lies, lies, little lies…McCain´s moon in capricorn means business, steadiness, sucess after struggle.

Answer by yair
Elizabeth Joyce had predicted that we will have a female VP and that she would not be Hillary in last January. Read her latest predictions:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever personally received an amazing psychic prediction?

Do you care to share the details

Answer by aspicco
I saw a great psychic in tune with me back in 1984. She told me I would meet a Laurie or a Linda in a few months who would become an important friend (not lover) to me, and we would help each other out over the next few years.

I started a new job about six weeks later and the other person in my department was a woman named Laurinda! And we did become good friends and helped each other out a lot over the next few years.

This same psychic also told me I would be in England in a year, and two years later I was sent to England on a business trip. For the record, I have the kind of a career that never involves travel. It was a fluke of a trip. There were other things she said too.

I had the experience at a “psychic party” where 6 of us hired a psychic for the evening. Curiously, the psychic was very accurate for 4 of us, but didn’t do well with two of us.

I think it is quite possible that some psychics tune in to certain people better than others… so sometimes you have to test a few psychics to see who you connect with…

Answer by lala
Yes I did and many times ; it will be long here to tell you all I had been predict and was right on the dot ; but I will share this one with you ;; OK First the physic had never seen me before [ her name had been given to me by a friend ] I sat down and 30 sec later she said ; your mother in law is in a nursing home and she is sick ; but within a week she would be hospitalized and it will be a emergency ; they will perform a surgery on her but she will not make it ; at his point I said are you telling me that mother in law will die ; and she yes that’s what I am telling you ; and I said within a week and she said yes ; when I came back home I did not mention that to my husband because I knew how he was attached to his mother and also I did not believe it will come true in a week ; maybe a couple of years ; but in a week it as like Oh wait a minute ; 3 days went by and the 4 th day the phone rang at 8 A M I answered and the nurse from the nursing home [ where my mother in law ] told me ; they had just sent my mother in law to the hospital because she a very bad night ; 2 hrs later the hospital call me and said my mother in law was already in the surgery room because she a ruptured intestine ; and after the surgery she went into a coma and died 2 days after ; so everything had happen the exact way she had predict ; and this consultation had cost me 25 dollars ; she had also predict me many other thing who came true ; but like I said it would to long here to go in each details

Answer by Bronwen
I don’t know if this counts.

I had my cards read on a spur-of-the-moment impulse once. The reader was amazing. I won’t go into all the things she told me, because most of what she told me was not in the form or predictions, but rather things which I already knew but which she had no way to know except by reading in the cards.

She did make one prediction, however, which was amazing. She told me during the reading that my mother had seriously injured one of her arms, and that while she was already considered “healed” from the injury, she wouldn’t get full function back in the arm. That was all true–my mother had, the previous spring (my reading was in the late summer or very early fall), fallen while cleaning in one of the bathrooms at our other house, which was empty and being prepared for sale. She was alone when she fell, and she fell into the bathtub, dislocating her right shoulder. It was a terrible dislocation–I saw the x-ray films, and the top of her humerus was so low on her body that it was down in the area of her breast–you could see the metal from her bra underwires, and it was only about six inches above that–it took several doctors and three orderlies to get it back into place.

Anyway, the psychic told me that the reason my mother had suffered the accident (she never did know exactly what it was, only that it was an injury to an arm) was because of a not-yet-diagnosed neurological condition which affected balance. She told me that they were going to do a lot of tests, but that the proper diagnosis was still about six months away. She said when we had the proper diagnosis, I would understand just how it was that my mother had managed to fall in such a peculiar way that she ended up where she was and with a dislocation.

They were, at the time, doing tests for other reasons on my mother–namely, they were tracking her TIAs, and trying to figure out if she’d had more, and if she had had a regular stroke, in addition to the TIAs. That’s all they were looking for. About six months after the reading, my mother was diagnosed with a very mild case of Parkinson’s Disease. When the diagnosis was confirmed, the neurologist immediately commented to her that while it is not a classic symptom, balance impairment can happen, and that he believed that the reason for her fall into the bathtub and subsequent dislocation was due to the Parkinson’s.

My mother is fully healed from the dislocation, but just as the psychic predicted, she has limited mobility in that arm. She cannot raise the arm above shoulder level. The Parkinson’s is very mild, and she only has slight tremors and balance problems, thank goodness. But the psychic was correct about all of it.

The thing which amazed me was the timing. It was almost six months to the week from the time I had my reading to the day my mother was given the diagnosis. My only regret is that I lost the psychic’s card, as I would love to get regular readings from her, and no longer know how to find her.

Answer by censorshipoffools
my horoscope said i would go though a calamity and i was in a hurricane that day and it said i would lose my patients with someone and my niece almost spilled water on the keyboard so i grab the cup and threw it outside, and that was before i read it,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever been to a psychic and had the prediction come true 100%?

Do you think psychics are frauds or that they genuinely can see the future? If a psychic makes a prediction for you can your life path change or will it definately happen?

Answer by myothernewname
Yes, She stated I would be losing money in a short period of time. When we were done, She gave me the bill. I cant believe she knew that. De, De De

Answer by Bodieann
Yep me. I went with my sister for a laugh. And EVERYTHING she said about my past and present is true. It was a really wierd experience. She even told me what I’d been thinking about prior to walking in (a random thought I’d had) she also told me I’d have trouble with a car, which I didn’t believe as it was fairly new….. ” days later my husbands car blew up…….

Answer by steelypen
I have had many of these sorts of readings, we used to go to Psychic Fairs on Sunday afternoons. Most of it is crap, which makes good entertainment. I think there must be some who have the gift. I saw a guy in 96, 01 and 04, he was right every time about my future, even when it was hard to believe at the time. I mean, it was too unusual to be something anyone would say. I like him, Mark something, wears cowboy boots! I should see him again soon…

Answer by Michie R
One psychic told me my husband would kill himself at 24 years of age. That did not happen.

A different psychic told me a whole boat-load of stuff that wasn’t true…like I was going to marry this specific person whom I didn’t and I have a life VERY different from the one she said I would have.

The only thing she got right was that my step-dad would die a horrific death…but she knew he was a pilot and she did have a 50/50 chance of nailing that one.

Answer by churchonthewayseniors
sylvia browne is the real deal………there are some that claim they are psychic and they lie lie lie to take your money………..

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Psychic’s predictions for 2012 — From 30 years ago. F#@*ing scary! – English subtitles

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