Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychic reading?

i need a psychic to give me accurate reading about my relationship with my boyfriend now is any one psychic in here?

Answer by Baltek
It will end.

I have spoke simple truth.

*Funny, I got a thumbs down for stating a simple fact of existence. I love answers.*

Answer by myriad_soul
You’d do best to find a local one. Don’t go over $ 35 a session. If they overcharge, it’s a bad sign.

Answer by audrey_d
You are the only Psychic you need, and you don’t have to be psychic to tell if there is something wrong about your relationship, the signs are all there, AND YOU KNOW IT. you just have to acknowledge them. and yes I am Psychic

Answer by sybil_the_soothsayer
Your boyfriend is a good guy, he is reliable and supporting…you will have a great relationship if your own defiant attitude doesn’t sabotage the teamwork possible between you…control the need to be right and you have happiness ahead…

Answer by *~Ariel Brigalow Moondust~*
I will be honest~ I am just learning…..
It is meant to end. Sorry.

Written by SuperPsychic

I’m gonna fill this section very soon! Promise.