Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic reading please?

could a real psychic read me? for free? Please?

Answer by Nikonf5
Oxymoron: ‘Real psychic’

Answer by Jared
You must first cross my palm with silver.

Answer by Canadian Spec Ops
You’re going to have a good weekend. But you’re going to die on Monday.

Answer by B.F.L.
Yes, here is your free reading There is change in your future, embrace it. In 40-50 years you will pass on. Did I answer all of your questions?

Answer by Gary
Not over the internet I can’t. Maybe if you had a picture instead of a cartoon avatar I could get some impression. But not being in the same room, having no personal information, or even knowing what aspect of your life you need guidance with–well, there isn’t much any REAL psychic could do.

Answer by Chaoscleaner
Physic Reading: In your future years you will learn that, more often than not, “you get what you pay for.”

My psychic prediction for you. You’re welcome and no charge…THIS time.

Answer by Crazycarl
Yes, for free… You believe in ghosts, your female of a younger age, You have asked 36 questions, resolved questions 28 and got 4 stars.
Your next question is ‘do I’. Yes, they are real.

Answer by nellina2009
In order for a proper psychic reading for anyone to do, you’d need to have your name, birth date and where you were born.
Also preferably if you ask what specific question you are concerning about, to give a little guidance in your answer.

Good luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i need a free psychic reading?

I need a psychic reading bably.. i have no money in my bank so i cant pay 🙁

If anyone is like in need of practice we can do a IM.
or if anyone has a good site that i can go on>?
i know there are sites out there is just finding them.


Answer by Psychic.dougddog
welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog. Your paypal account works on my site. Check out my profile and if you can’t pay me then o need to become a member of one of my groups. I do take care of my paying costumers first.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone give me a psychic reading for free?

Answer by lala
Nobody can give you a psychic reading on a site

Answer by Pretty
I bet you want to know about your Love Life! ha!
E-mail me with your birthday—mm/dd/yy; and I will try to ‘See” what I can come up with……Oh! And what state (or country) do you live in, and at least your first name.
I will do my best.
Love, Cyndi 🙂

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