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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic Reading (PSYCHICS ONLY)?

Career reading.

Answer by One Man thinks
My forte is face reading or physiognomy. If you can send me a portrait of you or post it on your 360 I can try it. Although I do not consider myself a ‘psychic’ since I do not believe in such things. Sorry to disappoint. I understand if you are reluctant.

EDIT #1 I like Willie’s joke here.

Answer by Willie Green
If psychics were really “psychic”, don’t you think one of them would have picked up on your q and answered it before you had to waste all your time posting?

Answer by Christianos ad leones (AM)
I’m a Psycho, I think I can help.



Oh crap, I thought you asked for a Psycho.

My mistake.

Answer by kilroymaster
Autumn Girl no real psychic will expose themselves over the internet… And believe this or not there are dangers out there that psychic have to really face up to out there every day of their lives…. So if you going to ask ask for a private reading have it sent via an e-mail address……………… So open up another email address… For private stuff to go to……………….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading?

Kindly suggest websites where i can avail of a free email reading. Or if you’re a psychic just kindly email me if you wanna help. Thanks.

Answer by All Hail The Libra Scale
I don’t understand why a Psychic WOULDN’T give out free readings every once in a while! It’d be good practice!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychics????????????

alrite well me and my friends wanted to go to a psychic for halloween..just for fun..i was wondering if psychics have like partys or like readings for like a small group of people and if so what would we do during the reading(like what would she do like read our palms or what)

and second since we are just doing this for fun and dont really know much about this are there any dangers in this…

P.S. i dont mean disrepect if anybody feels im taking it as a joke because im really not….

Answer by SUSAN P
The way a psychic does a reading, and the price, will vary by the psychic you choose.

I’d Google psychics in your city. Call and ask.

And I don’t think there is any danger in this, as long as you don’t take anything the psychic says seriously. Remember, it’s just for fun.

Written by ArthurJames

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