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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic/Medium? Dad died 10 years ago?

Hello, My father died 10 years ago, Him & I were very close.
Recently he has been on my mind a lot! and a week ago I even had a dream about him.
I would like to know if he is trying to contact me or something?
What would you suggest for me to do?
talk to a psychic or leave it alone? thanks.

Answer by FSM
He come to you in a mirror he is not happy with your controlling boyfriend and what happened with the person that framed you at work. See a psychic!

Answer by m w
Sorry to say, but we all die at some point in time. Including your father. Yes it’s painful, I know the feeling. But it happens and we have to learn to live without our parents or other loved ones, until it’s our turn to go. It’s the way life works

Once a person is dead, they are gone. Ghosts aren’t real. Psychic’s aren’t able to contact them. All psychics do is defraud you of your money. They size you up and ask you enough questions and tell you generalities to convince you they are somehow authentic. But they’re not.

Then they say, pay now and come back next week with more money if you want to hear your fathers message. Psychics are simply “scammers”. They are predators who prey on grieving people. Don’t fall for their schemes. If people stopped believing in these predators, and stopped giving them money, they would go away.

as to your dreams, well I don’t think anyone really knows how dreams work. Some people think they have some meaning, some people think that’s how we remember things. We process and recall and resave information through dreams. Dreaming about your father is normal. It doesn’t mean his spirit is out there tying to contact you through a psychic. It means your brain is recalling information about a person you have intense feelings for.

*** update ***

You have two intelligent people here giving you the same advice. Psychics are con artists. Keep your distance from them.

You also have what appears to be someone cracking jokes about psychics. Don’t listen to FSM, he or she is just trying to be funny.

Rebecca… To date, approximately 107 billion people have died on this planet. There is about 150 million km² of land on Earth. Some of which is uninhabitable due to weather or soil conditions. If we say we humans live on 100 million km², then there would be about 1.07×10^11 ghosts per 1×10^8 km². And let’s assume each house has a 10m x 10m footprint, that works out to be about 1 ghost per house. Clearly with that many “ghosts” there would be some “indisputable” evidence to their existence. There isn’t because “ghosts” are simply tales we tell to scare each other.

There is no such thing as ghosts
There are, however, con artists ripping off as many people as they can.
All psychics ARE con artists! There are no exceptions.

FSM shows you exactly how those con artists work. Look at your picture. Very cute. Bound to attract boys. Every fathers nightmare. So FSM says “your father won’t like your boyfriend”. And you start to think FSM really is speaking with your dad. Then FSM goes on to talk about the person who framed you at work. If you say “that never happened”, FSM says.. “that’s not what I hear. Maybe you just don’t know about it yet” And when it eventually happens (because things like that do happen) you think.. “AH HA.. FSM is a REAL psychic”.

And if FSM was clever, which many of these so called psychics are, he would google your name.. and find a twitter account of Aly Martin at PPHS for example… and compare pics.. and think maybe that’s you. Then google some more and find potential parents names… Travis and Misti for example. And now you are really impressed.

It’s NOT real!

ok Inteleyes… I’ll bite. Here’s your chance to prove yourself.

My father died a while ago. If you’re a real psychic will real contacts in the spirit world, and not a FRAUD, conjure up your spirit guide, contact my father and ask him what his fathers middle name was.

And if you want some extra money, Inteleyes, this guy founded JREF which sponsers a prize to anyone demonstrating true psychic ability. Randi has spent the last 25 years exposing con artist phony psychic’s all over the world. His million dollar contest was created in 1996. NO PSYCHIC has ever won that prize! EVER. Care to tell us all why not?

*** another update ***

it’s been almost 24 hours since I challenged “inteleyes” to prove herself with a very simple test. Conjure up your spirit guide, put him in contact with my fathers father and ask his middle name. No response = wrong response = con artist.

*** yet another update ***

it’s been about 72 hours since I challenged “inteleyes”, who claims to be a “real” psychic, to a very simple proof of skill. Inteleyes could not do it and therefore this should be considered undeniable PROOF that Inteleyes and all “like” psychics are simply CON ARTISTS.

remember this Aly Martin! 🙂

Answer by Cynthia
Seems like you really miss your dad even after all these years. You probably want to talk to him like you used to and fill him in on what’s happening in your life. This is perfectly normal behavior and emotions you are experiencing. Many people who grieve will either talk or write letter to their loved ones who passed away. It can be very therapeutic and it won’t cost you a dime. The process of grieving a loved one is never fully complete and from time to time we will feel the effects of grief and it is a good idea to see either a grief counselor or join a support group dealing with this issue.

Now as for seeing a psychic, medium or even a ghost hunter. Many, if not all of these people are con artists who try to suck in grieving people in order to take their money. If not that they are narcissistic people who get off on showing people that they have pretend super-power. Never trust these people, they do great harm to people who are grieving or have other issues that need qualified help. It’s better by far to talk this issue out with a professional counselor or a qualified support group.

Answer by Rebecca
I hope you know that yes ghosts are real, and yes your dad is possibly trying to contact you, or maybe it’s just because you are thinking about him so much that you began to dream about him, you are not alone in the paranormal world and I suggest that you go to a medium and contact your dad so that you can let him go in peace
Good luck and I believe you

Answer by inteleyes
Ghost and spirits are real, and if it is your father he don’t want to scare you so he waits until the right time, when he knows your ready. You just have to start talking to him, when you notice something paranormal has happened, or if you get that feeling. And yes spirits do come within our dreams to communicate, sometimes they don’t use words, instead they use dream form, vision like pictures to communicate, you just have to think and ascertain whet the meaning is.I am a psychic and I am telling you this from my experiences some of the same things you have experienced.

Answer by Madeline
You sound really genuine in wanting to communicate with your dad. You should go to a medium (a REAL one). Look for a medium (not just a psychic) because mediums are the ones who communicate with the dead. Depending on where you are located you will hopefully be able to find one. When you go, a good medium who really is connecting with your dad will give you evidence he is there like how he died and some details about his funeral or maybe a saying/memory you and him shared.

Dreams are tricky – he can be sending you a message and he can also be dropping by to say hello and let you know he is around you still.

If you live in new york city or are ever there I would suggest Therese Relucio who I went to. She’s very good at what she does and I only recommend her because i went myself. her website is

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can ANYONE be a psychic/medium?

like does EVERYONE have a gift of some sort that is i guess “supernatural”? And how can u find out what it is?

Answer by Karate Kate
Whether or not everyone has a gift is your personal belief. In answer to your question, the answer is virtually yes. Although it would help to have good improv skills, an articulate vocabulary, and no moral compass– since you are giving people either false hope/unneeded dispair.

Although, most people who talk to psychics are simply lonely and want someone to listen to them– cheaper than a therapist.

Answer by Ms. GoodyTuShu
No, there are only certain people born with this sixth sense. Yes, I’m sure there are people out there who WANT to have the sixth sense, but there is nothing someone can do to gain that ability.

I have a relative who has a sixth sense and she did not know it until she was an adult…She can sense the energies off people and she knows what people have experienced in their lives. She also can sense what people will pretty much encounter in their future, but, her rule is that she can’t TELL people what she sees(whether good or bad) because she knows that these future events can be altered by a higher power.

Answer by Dawn Marie
In the real world, I would imagine that it would take a special gift, and that that gift is rather rare. I interviewed some 20 psychics/tarot readers from 2003-2005 and only found two that actually demonstrated potential talent and accuracy.

ON here, you can be just as psychic as anyone else who claims they are….

The beauty of the internet…

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