Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : question?!?

ok, lol im trying to be mean or anything here but why the hell to ppl ask on here for a psychic to tell them there future lol???? i mean do u see how many ppl ask this same qestion daily? i mean u never get a good answer ?? why ask

Answer by christina p.
cuz they’re lame lol! psychics don’t just give out free info on yahoo answers.those ppl need to stop beign so gullable!

Answer by Passion
I with you on this one! I asked myself this exact same question yesterday. It was soooooo many people asking psychic questions yesterday. It was ridiculous!!! I don’t know why they think that a psychic right here on yahoo answers can tell them their life story. Don’t get me wrong I believe in psychics because I have went to a professional one in the past. But I wouldn’t think for one minute to come on here and ask a psychic a question. For one these so called psychics on here don’t even know anything about the person to give them a detailed and accurate answer. That’s what’s so funny! These people don’t give a date of birth, etc…… And, if they do their still not going to get a real answer because no real psychic is going to give out real life answers to their problems for free! People need to take control over their own lives and not live day to day waiting for answers to their life. I agree with what someone else said not too long ago. Yahoo answers should have a separate section for Psychics since the majority of questions in the Astrology section are for psychics!

Answer by tiacola
I think it’s sad actually that some of these people leave every aspect of their lives in the hands of a complete stranger. I believe that there are genuine psychics on the internet but come on. When people start asking things like “psychic, where is my black sweater or how many kids will I have?”, they’re just being a little too dependent on others making choices for them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find a free psychic?

i need a psychic that doesnt require a credit card. i just have one simple question i need an answer for.

Answer by •Dotzzz•
Well I’m not sure but if it’s a question about like how your life will go then you can buy some books on palmistry and read your palm. Or look up how to do it for free online. You would be suprised how detailed & accurate proper palm-reading can be.

Answer by Gene L

Nothing is free…especially phoney psychics….

Just ask us your question, your chance of us being
right is just as good and….we’re FREE.

Answer by Riley’s Mom
If you have a myspace….

Answer by PsiTips
I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations about how to find free psychics.

Answer by judy
there’s none

Answer by L M
If you don’t mind buying this book, and a deck of regular playing cards, you can answer your own question with:

Gong Hee Fot Choy Tells Your Fortune

I have used this book for years and it is very accurate.

You can buy it used from if available and pay less.

Don’t waste your time with phone psychics. I have met people who have charged up thousands using their telephone and the information wasn’t even as accurate as this book I’m recommending.

Also, if you have a question and you want to know the answer, you can write the question down on a piece of paper. This method works well but sometimes you may not like the answer you get.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help from a fellow Psychic? Confused in love?

I cant psychic read myself. I love him but I feel like I don’t have a chance.
I love him and we finally kissed but he really held back and now I am confused. he won’t talk to me.

Answer by kate
psychics arent real.. go figure it out and not try to use this useless unreal junk

Answer by yumeheathbar
so, u need a psychic?

Answer by Tyler
wow if your a psychic and told him your chances were doomed from the beginning, people dont like the crazies

Answer by Sayaswift
Being serious here so hear me out. I’m a psychic, but it’s not like rub the lamp get a wish. They come and they don’t. Give me the situation, I’ll do my best.

Answer by Bob
just go for it

Answer by Jasmine
wow why don’t you ask the lord for a lot of help solving your problems

Answer by Nichole B
well you’ve gotten some rather rude answers however if you go into a brand new relationship with an attitude like this it is simply not going to happen. Try being more positive.

People really rely on psychics to much. There fun, but i’m learning to trust my own intuition and when its just a little too certain that its right I take a step back and evaluate.
Maybe you should do the same?

Answer by mudpie2009
Talk to Bri, she’s a free psychic. You can ask her a couple of questions and they’re free! This site is helpful.

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