Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Questions about online college classes….?

1.Is it easier to pay for than if I lived in a college dorm?
2.Would the lesson be uploaded via video, or would I just have to read the material?
3.I know number 2 probably depends on which online college I take….so my question is, which one is best and is online college really worth it?

Answer by RoaringMice
You want to avoid the for profit, as seen on tv, famous for being online schools entirely. They have terrible reputations. So avoid U of P, Strayer, Devry, Walden, etc. Instead, if you must do this oneline, go to a reputable, traditional brick and mortar school that also offers online degrees, like Northeastern, Florida State, Drexel, UMass Amherst, etc.

In general, you may get better financial aid if you go to school in person than if you go online. For example, most scholarships are reserved for full time, in person freshmen. In addition, your least expensive option for a four year college is one of the public universities in your home state – you get the lower, in-state rate on tuition.

Most online programs require significant amounts of reading. Some do have videos and etc, but the reality is that you’re educating yourself via the texts provided and any discussions they have in online forums. That usually means you need to be really self-motivated to get the work done, and some students find learning things online to be harder than doing it in a traditional classroom, because the teacher isn’t right there for you.

I normally advise that anyone who can get themselves onto a campus instead of doing this online, go to a campus. You have a better chance of being successful on campus than you do online. That’s just based on graduation stats – fewer people manage to get through online degrees.

Answer by CoachT
1) paying for it is the same as if you lived in the dorm or on an isolated island. Paying is paying. The costs will be less simply because living in the dorms costs money. But, the cost for the course itself is usually higher online than in-the-seat.

2) most often the process is: you’re given a reading assignment in a textbook, you read it. Then you and your classmates discuss the reading on a discussion board (with prompts from the professor – not just a free-for-all), often there is a supplemental reading or a video/audio lecture prepared by the professor. Then you either write a paper or take a test. Sometimes it’s as non-complex as “read chapters 11 and 12, exam on Friday”. It just depends on the class. Same with in-the-seat classes, they’re all a little different.

3) “which one is best” – it depends more on you personally. Some people can’t do the self-directed learning method and will not thrive there at all. They need the daily interactions of face-to-face with live people and they need the motivator of someone saying “don’t forget your paper is due next Weds…” which you don’t get in an online class. Others (myself included) don’t care for sitting in a lecture hall with 100 sleeping peer students listening to a grad assistant read the textbook to us. We’d rather read the book, take the exam, and move on. The success rate (measured in either pass rates or graduation rates) for online programs is really low. Not because the programs are bad but because most people don’t have the motivation and self-direction skills to stay on it and not procrastinate when you aren’t restricted to “be in class Monday and Weds from 10:30 to 11:45…” They try to do a whole semester’s work on the last day of class – and fail.

“Is it worth it” – it depends on which school you pick and why. If we’re talking “as seen on TV”, “go to college in your pajamas” for-profit college, probably not. If we’re talking some courses at Harvard Extension or UC-Berkeley (both teach online) then, as long as you do the work, you’ll learn an awful lot.

Some points most people miss when looking at completing college online:
* it’s no faster and no cheaper than going on campus. It may well cost more and take longer.
* it’s not easier than going to class, it’s much harder. The course requirements are the same and you’ll cover the same material and take the same exams. The difference is that online you don’t have a professor standing over you showing you how to do it or telling you what you read.
* all colleges/universities aren’t the same. The reputation of the school matters much more than whether it was online or in-the-seat. Almost everyone teaches online these days – it’s a normal delivery method.
* people that were looking for easier, cheaper, or faster usually drop out in one semester. For that reason, drop out rates are very high.

Big advantages:
* time and location: you can do your classwork anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection. Particularly useful for people that work odd/changing hours and people that travel around a lot such as military and missionaries.
* commute: you don’t have to drive somewhere – you can use that time to study instead.
* availability: you don’t have to move to Boston (Harvard) or California (UC-Berkeley) to learn from some really top-notch professors. You’re also not restricted to whatever majors your local college happens to offer.

Big disadvantages:
* People! You don’t get the same interaction with real live people that you get on a campus. Not a problem if you happen to be 30, have a family at home, a job you go to every day, a church/community involvement, etc… but a pretty poor socialization experience if you’re 18-21 and live at home with mom and dad.
* some things just don’t suit online learning very well. It’s pretty hard to learn trig and calc online. Many of the sciences just require labs that most of us don’t have at home. To get the degree, you still have to pass those classes if they’re required for your degree.
* some online schools have a REALLY bad reputation. Even worse than the worse not-online school. Many employers will trash resumes from those immediately. You have to pick your school on reputation.
* it’s really easy to procrastinate to the point that you fail a class. An F in an online college class is still an F in a college class. Your GPA will suffer as a result and there is no “do over” in college.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are their any online Bellydancing instructions??? that includes downloadable video??

Answer by Brian H
I hope that for your sake yes and that you let me in on the viewing action!

Answer by stellaprincess2005
If you find any then let me know. I’ve been looking but all I find is DVDs. I will eventually buy one but I cant decide which one to buy. I want a proper exercise one.
I want to learn to belly dance as a form of exercise. At the mo I just seem to dance around my living room to Shakira!!

Answer by Cassandra S
There are several online sites with descriptions of moves and a few online instructional videos however before I tell them to you I have to throw in this little disclaimer. A video, book, website, etc… is no substitute for quality live instruction coming from the personal interaction between an instructor and student. Only a qualified instructor will be able to help you with proper posture and breakdown. Using other methods of learning by themselves may lead to serious injury. If you can I highly recommend finding an actual local instructor and taking either classes or private lessons and then useing resoureces like those listed below for supplementary matierial in addition to your lessons. OK that being said here is my (in no way complete and quite condensed) list of resources (starting with directories where you can locate local instructors)

WEBSITES (for finding teachers/classes) – probably the most extensive directory – my site which has a decent sized directory as well. – another large directory as well as a great forum which can answer pretty much every question you will ever have about bellydance since it’s comprised of bellydancers from all over the world.
If you can’t find lessons looking on these three sites their may not be any in your area.

WEBSITES (for learning moves on-line) – my own site look under the movements section, there will be enough to keep you busy for a long time. Also please read the before you begin section with the disclaimer, warm-up, cool-down, and basics about posture. – don’t mind what the other person said about this site I doubt she even knows how to bellydance. Shira’s site is an extensive collection of articles written about and for bellydancers and can provide you with a wealth of information that will be very beneficial. It’s one of the oldest and most respected sites on the Internet and is referenced by bellydancers world-wide. She has a specific page which tells you how to do some moves as well as extensive links to other sites that offer on-line lessons as well. – More movement descriptions. – go to on-line dance lessons there are several articles about dancing there. – Another old, well, respected website full of information you should check out. She offers a few instructions for several basic moves. – more of a technique lesson but might be helpful after learning some basics. – has some descriptions of select movements.

Belly Dancing Basics by Laura A. Cooper (ISBN: 140271078X) – newer book, not great but not bad either.
The Art of Belly Dancing by Dahlena with Dona Z. Meilach – This book is out of print but shows up on amazon and e-bay from time to time. It’s ok but it’s written for a different time the history part is especially questionable but the moves are pretty straight forward.
Grandmother’s Secrets by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi (ISBN: 1566563267) – An interesting read has several descriptions of dance moves as well.
A lot of books have been coming on the market recently and most of them (excluding out of print books) are available at Barnes and Nobel or borders books as well as other chains and smaller stores.

ON-LINE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS – Like a mini instructional video available online. It’s not bad quality. – Several mini instructional segments on various moves as well as zills, costuming, and musicality.

Precision Motion Workout Series by Suzanna Del Vecchio – offers good posture basics as well as quality instruction on many moves.
Bellydance for Fitness Series by Neena and Veena Bidasher – this series is very cheap and available from major retailers like target, walmart, borders, and Barnes and Nobel but the quality of instruction is low. This is more of a workout for beginner dancers who already have had some training. The videos are a good quality as far as picture and sound but these are not good for an absolute beginner.
If you have any questions about bellydancing please feel free to contact me through my site

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Video of Verdi’s Nabucco (Slaves Chorus) has Rieu singing with a female with a lovely voice. I cannot find her name. Anyone can help?

Answer by albydiner
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