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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Questions to ask a Taoist fortune teller?

So I’m interviewing a Taoist fortune teller tomorrow for a local TV station. What questions should I ask him?

RULES: he will not answer any questions about my personal life in camera. (Or anyone else’s personal life- including his own).

So- anyone out there witty enough to ask a fun question? Thanks in advane!

Answer by longliveabcdefg
Having seen a number of such fortune tellers before, I have a few questions of my own which might not all be funny:

1) What exactly does a Taoist believe in, is it a philosophy or religion?
2) Is his fortune telling part of that philosophy, religion or is it something separate like astrology?
3) Does his way of fortune telling have any scientific bases?
4) What made him become one?
5) Does he usually find out later if his fortune telling came true?
6) Does he have any students or followers?
7) Would he be able to foretell incidents that happen to the world at large?
8) Does being a Taoist fortune teller help him attract women (or men for that matter) easier, or does it hurt him?

BQ : If his answer to no. 8 is yes – what is his best pick up line as a Taoist fortune teller?

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