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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Reading books online for free?

Does anyone know where I can read The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks online for free? Thanks.

Answer by Paul L
Visit the website of your local library to see if they have an e-book edition available for download.

Visit your library to see if they have a paper copy. If they don’t, ask if they can get it from another library through inter-library loan.

Otherwise, as a recent book, it is under copyright protection. Unless Mr. Sparks puts it online somewhere for free, you are probably out of luck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : read books for free online?

i’m trying to write a essay on a book and i need quotes, but i don’t have the book anymore, where can i read the book Shug by Jenny Han online for free?? i really need it!

Answer by Casey

Google Books is great for reading online literature :o)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Website to read books for free online……….?

Does anyone know of a website that i can go to, to read full books for free?? Your help is greatly appreciated, thank u

Answer by Herschel
Several web sites offer online full-texts of books that are out of copyright, e.g.
However, aside from the copyright owner, which is almost always the author or their publisher, ANYONE who posts the text of these books online is violating both the U.S. and the International Copyright laws, infringing on Intellectual Property, and can be fined and jailed for it. (In general, anything first published within the last 52 years in the U.S. will still be in copyright.)
Writers make a living by creating their work. To read or use it without paying for it, is STEALING, pure and simple.
If you value the work enough to read it, pay for it.

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