Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Reading Free Books Online?

I am looking to read some J.D. Salinger books online for free. Does anyone have a clue as to where I can find links or downloads to read any of his books? Thank you.

Answer by Herschel
Several web sites offer online full-texts of books that are out of copyright, e.g.
However, aside from the copyright owner, which is almost always the author or their publisher, ANYONE who posts the text of these books online is violating both the U.S. and the International Copyright laws, infringing on Intellectual Property, and can be fined and jailed for it. (In general, anything first published within the last 52 years in the U.S. will still be in copyright. When the law was changed, it became copyright duration matched the rest of the work, i.e. the author’s/copyright owner’s lifetime plus 50 years.)
Writers make a living by creating their work. To read or use it without paying for it, is STEALING, pure and simple.
If the work is valuable enough to read, it should be paid for.

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Answer by Paul L
They are recent books, published after 1923, so they are under copyright protection. Unless Mr. Salinger puts them online somewhere for free, or your local library has e-book versions available for download, you are probably out of luck.

If your local library does not have paper copies, see if you can get them from another library through inter-library loan.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find some easy reading german books, free and online?

i have attended courses and i am very good at german grammar but my speaking skills suck! cant make up a sentence so i thought i can read books to improve my vocabulary. i want to find some easy reading german books online,a nd for free..i know there are such in english but there must be in german as well right?

Answer by Captain Smartass
How about the Owner’s Manual for a VW Golf? That’s German.

Answer by redunicorn
German– Download your Textbooks for Free. Over 60 textbooks in German that students can download totally for free.
PaperC — A german startup that brings all sorts of high quality books (mainly educational or science) free for online reading.
Gutenberg-DE — This has nothing to do with the wellknown Project Gutenberg! – It has German literature makes it easy to create automagically ebooks of the chopped books.
Zeno — German Literature chapterwise webpages. Unfortunately Automatic Downloading with special software is not prohibited.
Plough Publishing House — Gratis Ebooks auf Deutsch – free e books in German on Christian Life and discipleship. .pdf files with bookmarks
eleboo – Die eBook Community — free eBooks in German, easy to download without registration – additionally a good variety of indiebooks and bestseller.
Free eBooks-de A list of eBooks available from MobileRead.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i read MODERN books for FREE online?

Is there any website that allows to read MODERN BOOKS ONLINE FOR FREE???BY modern i mean like Halo:Contact Harvest, or like Midnight for Charlie Bone,or Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.plz respond

Answer by Cadence Cullen <3
Just check them out of the library.
It’s illegal to download copyrighted material for free, and the author is making a living off of those books, so the least you could do is support them, if you like their work. 🙂

Answer by Shadow Lark
Not legally, no. Sometimes you can get an ebook on loan from your library, but not often. Normally, unless you want to break the law, you have to either buy the book or check it out of your library.

Answer by Rita T
The Gutenberg Project has tens of thousands of books available for free download in pdf….

If, by chance, there is something you can’t find there… then one of my English professors gave me this site, which is basically the same thing and was put together by the University of Pennsylvania:…

All copyrighted material is illegal to download. Here are some sites that have non-copywrited material for reading:……………………………….……….

But I would try the Gutenberg Project first. I think their collection is more extensive.

Answer by tegan
you can read books at this site its called www,

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