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Question: Will I do anything great in my lifetime? and will I achieve what I hope to achieve career wise (real psychics should know)?

Answer by Buttercup
Not if you keep believing in psychics.

Answer by Emmanuel S
if you believe in real psychics i suggest you retreat to your parents estate and live your days out there playing dungeons and dragons sorry i couldnt help it, im really not a bad person

Answer by Love Is The Answer
Don’t ask a psychic. Pray to Jesus. The Holy Spirit can and will guide you through your life… that is, if you submit your life to God and listen for his guidance!

Answer by Xplore
real psychics work face-to-face or the most over the telephone, hearing the voice of the person. didn’t you know that ?
they need to have a grip over the person to whom they’re reading, the coldness of digital yahoo answers can reveal nothing to me….

also you can address to astrologers since you gave your birth date

Answer by Star Cherub
It all depends on your definition of great. As far as your career, there are some things that are beyond our control. For example, to be a professional basketball player, height is an asset, so if you are too short, it’s best to seek a different lifetime goal that will ensure happiness.

No psychic is going to prepare you for your career. Only you can do that; it’s best that you find the solutions to your problems with hard work. Obviously there is some reservation about what you’ll do with your career. If you have doubts, you won’t go very high.

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I do not get it. I came across like five questions asking for a psychic love or life reading and I just wonder…what is the point? Isn’t that like impossible? Now, I do believe in the idea that some people are actually psychic, but at the same time, anyone psychic or non-psychic can come online to post an answer and you would have no actual idea as to whether or not it is bogus. Because of that, what is the point of people coming onto Y!A asking for online readings?
Do not ask about the category it is under because I just went by what Y!A suggested.

Answer by ❤ Arinna ❤
It’s not possible to get a psychic reading online or over the phone. Period.

Most people don’t understand that.

Answer by opinionatedlilbugger
Desperation maybe? Your guess is as good as mine.

Answer by Jesus is Messiah The anti JPA
The psychics already knew not to answer.

Answer by BATMAN

If you win the Lotto will you share your winnings?

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I am trying to locate free psychics

Answer by Pagan Rebirth

It’s primary a site for Wiccans, but I believe you can find psychic resources there, too. It is geographically-based, so you can narrow searches down to your locality.

Good luck!

Answer by iblis_6969
There are all sorts of psychos on the internet.

As for psychics they are as elusive as the pink monkey!

Answer by Chippy1080
u want someone to preform a feat for you and ur not willing to pay for their time? be a little generous, time = money, not everyone has time to dedicate to giving away.

Answer by Darlene G
Here are free readings on the web. (Chose your own form of divination and ask your questions.)

Most working psychics are like any other profession and do not work for free (how many doctors give fee exams?)

Answer by psychic-junkie
I’m often asked about how to find free psychics. Although I’m a professional myself and work for a fee I realize that there are psychics out there who offer either totally free readings or a free psychic question here and there. So I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations

Answer by Mother anne K

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“Ask a Psychic” – Round of Applause for Victor (Pt. 8 of 8)

Written by PsychicKathy

Hi! I am Kathy, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. I do not use tools, so if you are looking for tarot, astrology or anything like that, sorry that’s not me!.

I have been psychic since childhood, tracing my abilities back several generations, through my mother and grandmother on my mom’s Irish side,and to at least my grandmother on my dad’s Polish side. We all get our gifts from God, and no other place.

The first time I really remember using my abilities was when I was about 10- we were lost on a trip to visit relatives who had bought a new house and farm in a different state. I was able to navigate our way to the relative’s house, and once there knew where everything was, even down to the silverware drawer! Deja vu, indeed!