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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : religious, but not spiritual?

What does that mean?
I know I must sound stupid as hell.
I never been much into any religion.
But I’ve always belived in a God and one God.
Even though the Big Bang makes Sence.
I still belive it needed support to happen.
Anyways can anyone tell me what religious, but not spiritual mean.
I’d also like to know what some think about 2012.
I’ve found all this stuff to prove nothing will happen.
But I still don’t understand this New Era.

Answer by The Doc
You’re a deist, which is the belief that god got the ball rolling and started the universe, but hasn’t been seen since and doesn’t intervene.

Answer by Angelness
Like, Atheism. It’s a religion without a god, and therefore is usually not spiritual.
Deism is always religious and never spiritual, though.

Nothing’s going to happen in 2012. The ‘end of the world’ has been predicted thousands of times. Nothing ever happens – except for someone predicting a new ‘end of the world’ date, of course.

Answer by rybread2640
I’ll answer one of your questions.
Religious but not spiritual can be interpreted many ways. One way is something of an indifferent person who pleads “no contest” to religion. They may believe that there is a God (qualifies them as religious) but may not think it is relevant to life (thus, not spiritual). It may also be someone who adheres to a religion (eg for Christians: believes in Jesus, prays on a occasion, etc) but does not put an effort into practice (go to Mass, go on retreats, follow ethical principles, etc).
Hope this helps.

Answer by t d
religious, but not spiritual means you are following the traditions of men, instead of being filled w/ God’s Spirit & living in the Spirit.

2012 can’t be the “end of the world” b/c the confirmation of the covenant (which begins daniel’s 70th week – the last 7 years before the battle of armageddon & Christ’s return) hasn’t started yet. although it may start this May. condoleza rice made an announcement to the media when she was in israel a couple of weeks ago saying the peace deal will be done by May. it contains all pertinent issues of the biblical covenant. so if the final 7 years starts this May, the battle of armageddon & Jesus’ return would be mid – 2015…. & not before.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Supposed difference between spiritual and psychic abilities?

In the first place, both, of course, can’t be proven.
So this question is in the context of the perceived systems that are out there.

1. What are the main differences in these abilities? If any.

2. Do psychics ever encounter religious entities when they do what they do?
If so, does this mean that they believe their abilities cross-over to the spiritual realm?


Answer by wilds_of_virginia
Oh, I know the answer to this one!

Psychic ability usually refers to something you can do on your own- telekinesis, precognition, remote viewing, etc. Spiritual abilities generally refers to a spiritual entity acting through you. Reiki is a good example of a spiritual ability. You act as a conduit for the energy, taking it in through your crown chakra and letting if flow out through your hands into the person requesting to be healed. Likewise, a medium (one who communicates with the dead) would be considered a spiritual ability. Being able to perceive spirits would be a psychic ability. Yes, there is a lot of cross over, and others might disagree with my characterization. That’s how I see it though.

Encountering religious entities? You mean like seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary? An apparition of a saint or even Jesus? Sounds spiritual to me. Google Majegorie, it’s an interesting read. Three or four teenage girls in the former Yugoslavia had many visitations by the BVM. They were ordinary girls before that who showed no psychic abilities. The spirit visited them, so this would be spiritual in nature. Magegorie (sp?) is a major holy place for Catholics now.

Answer by Paradiselost
mind activity and no mind activity, to have no mind activity, say to yourself ” iam not my mind”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is anyone out there a medium ? or somene who knos about the spirtual world ?

i am looking for a medium or someone who is involved with the spiritual world , i need answers to my questions.
[: thank youu.

Answer by Shredder7
No, anyone who claims to be psychic is really just a scam artist that takes money from gullible people. Whatever your questions are, they will not be answered by looking to superstition.

Answer by Tom Mcdermott
im no medium but i know a thing or 3

Answer by kaseyla
I’m not a medium….but I know some things…what are your questions exactly?

Also…to the other answerer, there are some real pyscics out there that DONT need money from anyone to solve your problems. Some even volunteer in federal investagations and solve the cases. Yeah, that’s right FBI baby. It’s a little thing called RESEARCH, my fellow Answerers. Get. It. Right.

Answer by Kei
You can email me, if you have questions.

Answer by Iseult
what are your questions?

we would need to be online at the same time, together.

Answer by Secret Secret
I’m not a medium, but I also know a thing or 4 (:p) about the afterlife.

E-mail me: photographycreate@yahoo.com

I promise I won’t charge you, haha 🙂

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Being a Sober Spiritual Medium & A.D.D. kirk trance medium psychic 11/11/12


The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.