Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Seeing a fortune teller for financial advice?

I’ve been in a rut for awhile and I’ve recently decided that I need to see a fortune teller to get a deeper insight into my financial trouble, why can’t I save money and where does it all go? I asked my personal trainer and my therapist and neither of them would tell me anything. I don’t want to be on wellfare forever!!

Answer by UnidentifiedHumanBeing
u r destined to enjoy welfare, so enjoy it

Answer by susanperr
Beware. A lot of fortune tellers are fake. Do not believe them or get sucked into that. It is just all common sense,. See where all your money is spent and see where you are wasting it or could cut back. Also, get a job or work hard and get a better one and even training or schooling to make something better of yourself and make more money in the future. It is all up to you. What you put into life is what you get out of it. You can not just sit back and do nothing or not much and expect your situation to get better. You must get out there and work hard. Your attitude can either hurt your or help you tremendously. It is all up to you. Do not rely on fortune tellers. They will take your money and nothing will come of what they may tell you. Do not be naΓ―ve and dumb enough to believe in that.

Answer by MDavis
Make a budget. You can find samples on sites like “” if you are not confident in your own. Start by keeping track of all your income and expenses for a month. This should give you an idea of where your money goes and how much you have to work with. Then go over your budget and decide what you could spend less money on and still be happy. Create a budget where you decide you much of your income you want to go on various items (rent, food, savings) and try to stick to it.

f you cannot stick to this, that is a subject for your therapist, like “why did I spend this money I did not want to spend?” If you want to save more money, the conversation to have with your personal trainer is “how much training will give me the best results for least expense?” Neither of these professionals is in the business of helping you budget, so it is inappropriate to ask them for that advice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone seen a Fortune teller?

Has anyone seen a fortune teller, like one that you pay money and calls to your home? I have to say I’m kind of sceptical about these kinds of things but I do think it would be interestin and great fun cos a couple of my friends are gonna come over aswell. Has anyone done this and found it to be a good experience? and were they ever dead on about anything in your past, present or future?

Answer by Tag23
Have better use of my money then throwing it away.

Answer by nev
IT is very costly and usually of low quality. They are vague and usually let you fill in the blanks. Any self-respecting psychic would not work for such a place. If you want to do it knowing it is a sham, please enjoy yourself.

Answer by D700 dug
If you are interested and have money to waste go to a fortune teller Palm reader tarot cards or whatever. Dress in shabby clothes No wedding ring cheap jewelry. Don’t wash or shave for a few days and look and act like a bit of a slob.

( this may be easier for some than others )

Record the prediction

Wait a week and return to the same fortune teller neatly dressed, clean shaven, wedding ring, looking and acting sharp and successful.

( this may be easier for some than others )

Record the prediction.

Compare to see if the predictions change from one week to another based on your appearance.

I have done this a few times and it is always fun, especially when you ask for your money back LOL πŸ™‚

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I believe a fortune teller?

This guy asked me when was my birthday and what day I was born. He started to tell my mom to watch out that I’m going to have a boyfriend next year[which is now this year] and my mom told him that I already have one and he was like but he’s not the one. I’m just stuck on this thing because we were already together for about 2years and having him tell me that I’m going to find someone else it’s just makes everything hard. I don’t think about it all the time but after that I just needed a brake from the relationship but it’s hard because I WANT him to be the one. He’s also really jealous and I wouldn’t want to hurt him because he still wants me and I haven’t moved on. I just don’t know what to believe should I go back with him or move one I don’t know…

Answer by meoww
fortune tellers are fake..un less ur supersticious and believe in tht stuff..

Answer by Chris J
do not believe fortune tellers. they jus try and scam people out of their money.

Answer by mikey
You might as well stay where your happy, and see where it goes if it last then it was meant to be. Most of those fortune tellers are full of it anyways..

Answer by Lykastia
Fortune tellers are charlatans. Don’t believe them. If you want him to be the one, then MAKE HIM the ONE!

Answer by jamaican queen
No dont beleive him at all he was just trying not to make his self look stupid when your mom said that you already had a boyfriend. Dont sweat it at all just focus on your relationship.

Answer by Jeremiah F
If you don’t mind conning people from their hard earned money, then go for it and become a fortune teller.

Answer by snashy13
Well–it seems like you are having doubts in your relationship, but don’t let what a fortune teller says sway your decision. Fortune tellers tell a bunch of bullshit lies.

What seems to be the problem here is not the fortune teller, but your own insecurities. Just think about the relationship. I know because you have been with this guy for 2 years that it might be hard to imagine life without him, but if you are dissatisfied with the way he treats you or some of the things he does, then it’s time to perhaps evaluate the relationship and see if it’s something you wish to pursue, or even imagine what it would be like to spend the rest of your life living with these flaws.

Best of luck.

Answer by jenius
No I don’t think you should believe so called fortune tellers. They tend to say general things that can happen to anybody. You are thinking and worrying about it way too much. Hope this Helps.

Answer by mzhubba.bubba
Fortune tellers are stupid, they are basically just really good at reading people. i think that if you really like this guy you should let someone you dont know and that dosent know you ruin your relationship, would you break up with him because your magic eight ball told you too? i hoppe nott i sayy go backk out with him if its not ment to work it wont you cant fight fate:)

Answer by lakisha b
don’t believe that crap

Answer by Moony O
Please, you cant believe 100% on the fortune teller. You are just ruining your own life on this.
Pick on the good thing he said, and forget the bad things. do whatever you feel right and not just listen to what he was saying.
From what you said, I assume you want a break with your bf after you listen to that person, dont you thk that is not making sense?

Answer by Jennifer W
Geez do not base your happiness on what some freak tells you for $ 20! You are your own person and have some control over your fate…take control chicka…get him back! πŸ™‚

Answer by &imhappy : )?!
i would not belive it but i know how you feel and how they can get to you.
one came into my moms work and guessesd my name and age almost exactually right and then went on telling my mom that eather me or my sister is going to be prego by the time were 18! But that has not happedend so far so i hope hes wrong at that!

Answer by Exquisite Soul
Psychics can be WRONG! LIKE WAY OFF. Ultimately, the only one who exerts real control over your fate or destiny is you.

Answer by rawwr its ashleyy
going to a fortune teller and being told your future brings bad luck. that or their fake either way never go to a fortune teller. its a waste of time money and brain space. cuz they usually tell you stuff that is confuzing and it actually sometimes makes them go crazy

Answer by HorseLover
You are your own person, you decide what happens in your life, and you run it, not a fortune teller. Yes, possibly a little thing could end up being true- but honestly, don’t run your life based on a prediction, live a little.

Answer by just a girl
i dont believe in them, but you could give it a try if you have the money, cant really hurt right?

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