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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : seeking psychic (clairvoyant) reading regarding a few questions I have?

please private message me if you can fully assist me free with my questions or yahoo messenger me if you can assist me as well.

I could use some free insight regarding a few different areas in my life & I don’t want to request a reading thru merymn or free psychic angelic readings thru facebook cause the readers are hiatus who knows why but who ever that can assist me now is truly appreciated.

thanks and yes I believe in new age topics & readings

Answer by Not One But Many
see a doctor, you know you need to but you keep putting it off. your problems’ are not mental but physical

Answer by The Book of David
True psychics would have anticipated your questions and contacted you with an offer before you asked for help in R&S. But they’re always willing to take your money. Spare yourself a disappointing runaround and pitch your concerns to a friend instead.

Answer by Pat K
I went to a party where there was a psychic and he did a reading. Every person at this party was amazed with what this person was able to bring up. They’re real the bible tells us not to go to mediums, I suggest you don’t, they’re spooky!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how to stop psychic reading?

I believe in psychics i dont want my past present or future to ever exposed to anyone is there anything i can do to stop any reading like a ritual or something how can i talk to my spiritual people and tell them not to say anything or something and im being very serious dont write me back anything and im a new singer and i know there are real psychics like the psychic twins who dont mind there fucking business and tell everyone celebrities business how can i stop completly of letting anyone know anything also i have been in a really terrible mood for years of saddness i want to get rid of it how can i

Answer by Dark
Go to a Wiccan Website and do a shield a spell on yourself should work.

Answer by She_Devil
You wrap aluminium foil around your head.

Answer by Görkem
First try to clear the things that you don’t want to expose. Also try carrying the black tourmaline for protection from negativity and black obsidian for feeling healthy in yourself and reflect back others’ energy. You can use rose quartz and especially rodochrosite for feeling better about and loving yourself.

You can have videos against depression in Ataana’s healing channel:

And videos for psychic protection in Lourdes’s reiki channel:

Also you can do a research on internet about grounding and shielding techniques and learn about them.

Answer by LovelySecretsLie
Just avoid that type of thing . There’s many things you can do; pick up a bible, find a hobby, hangout with friends and family 🙂 You don’t need any “obsidian stone”/ witch craft spells or whatever mumbo jumbo psychic future prediction things etc , you have to help yourself. That sadness you have is called depression, talk to someone close to you or a doctor about it, they can help. I used to be depressed for many years too. I hope you get better 🙂 God bless .

Answer by ceasar
It’s easy to criticize and judge ourselves and this weary’s the body. yourself deserves to be loved by you. yourself deserves to be accepted by you regardless. It’s hard to do at first, but with practice it will come natural and you’ll find you feel happier, confident, and carefree. Hence other’s opinions won’t affect you. There are alot more self like and being happy techniques in a book called “It’s Your Life, Make the Most of it, Here’s How” this can be downloaded for free on

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading?

I used to go to church and a prophets would tell me things like I’m going to a big generation and I like to its there a website where I can get a free psychic reads I’m tired of reading the horoscope.

Answer by anthony h
you don’t need a “prophet” to tell you anything dear. You can study it for yourself in the Holy Bible. Jesus said, “behold I have told you all things.” the prophets who had the most value are the minor prophets, they read like a newspaper for today.

Why would God tell any man to tell you anything? He made you, do you not feel that He cannot speak to you or tell or show you what you should know, remember Christ said, many will come confessing Him and not be of Him. Everyone and everything yelling Jesus has nothing to do with God. They are false prophets wolves in sheep clothing and without studying to gain knowledge of the true word of God, all is lost. He tells you everything right there.

We are all part of a big generation dear, you can read about it in the NT, we are the generation of the Fig Tree. Remember, Jesus said know the parable of the Fig Tree. He also said, see that you are not deceived.

Answer by LowLife Atheist4Ever
Here’s some free advice: all psychics are frauds, there are no spirits and there is no afterlife. Save your money and time.

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