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I looked on Craigs list for a free psychic question. I found this lady.. her bio said she was accurate. I called her. She said.. she has so many other things going on and is not doing readings anymore..but knows someone a friend I suppose who is good. I asked her if she would answer a question and she said most likely.. tell her Kat sent you. I tried phoning her a few times and was unable to reach her. I decided tonight to try one last time. She calls me back.. kids screaming in the back ground. Once it was quiet.. she was a very nice lady. She said she doesn’t do this for money but has three kids. So.. I think it sounded better then the truth.

I mentioned contacting her friend and she said she might answer a question. She was hesitant at first.. but said she was now in a quiet place go ahead and see what she could get. I asked if someone would contact me and divorce. She said contact yes. Which means nothing to me unless he were divorced because I am that way. She said she isn’t sure about the divorce.. Unless she wanted me to spend money to read me. She said she has a coupon on her web site and I looked and she does. She is 2.00 a minute.. says she is fast.

She some how.. managed to talk me into a reading. Me and my big mouth.. said I would send her a money order for a half an hour.. when I can’t seriously afford it right now. I am getting jobs lined up for work but.. have not started just yet. She is also on a radio station which is on her web page and you can all up for a reading. She gave me her address and that made me feel.. I responsible to do this now.

She told me she gives a general reading first. I told her I didn’t want one. She said that is how she works. I just wanted to know the answers about this guy. But.. I feel like she is not what I am looking for. I need a psychic who is more precise and I know .. they are out there . I have read reviews on these sites and such.

I have her email address from her web site. She also advertises on facebook and in my opinion… she wouldn’t do all this if this was not a way for her to make money.

Should I feel bad and how do I get out of this now? Should I say .. I thought it over and its not a good idea right now before starting work? Or should I be honest and say that I am looking for something different?

Please Help.. I just feel bad because she has three kids. But.. since she has a web page.. is on a radio station, face book, linked.. I think she must do okay.


Answer by Kiri_Miri
Listen, there are con women out there who prey in your conscience and good will. If you dont toughen up, you will be the one to loose. I had a reading for me done, and the readings were so generic that I realised it was a loss of £20.

I wonder if she has any kids at all…

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You have no obligations to her. How can she operate when kids are screaming nonstop? You should have asked the psychic #1 a “quick question” why didn’t you? Of course it is a business. She may or may not be legit or even accurate.

I don’t get what is the problem. She is not going to phone you. If she does say you slept on it and changed your mind or you have new unexepected bills and “as much as I’d like to, I’m sorry right now I just can’t budget it in”.

Now, how easy is that!? 🙂

Answer by Ava
Do you feel bad for going into a store, trying something on & not buying it? I would hope not. This woman is offering a paid service, you do not need to feel obligated or guilty in any way. No offence, but people like you are too easy to read, too eager & basically just too gullible. Reviews can be written by anyone, don’t believe everything you read. Hold onto your money.

Anything a legit psychic tells you can be changed by your own free will anyway, nothing is predetermined. You don’t have to give her s specific reason, just tell her you’ll get back to her at a later date.

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I knew you were going to ask this

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I just wanna ask one question but dont wanna pay money i know thats not right but i just need help. PLeASE

Answer by Yumbolina
What’s your question?

Answer by Lady Lazarus
No, you can’t skimp on quality.

Answer by revulayshun
You may ask your question for free. The answer, however, is gonna cost you.

Answer by Ed
You have already asked it, I hope it was helpful

Answer by Architect
Can I have your soul in return ? It will be a free question . only your soul .

* Muhahahahhaha Cough cough hahahhahaha *


Answer by Fireball
no you dont. They are big fakes. Just ask God…

Answer by Ben Dover
Just email me your one question, and I will answer it free of charge.

Answer by mike3
Ask Christ for help. He is the only One who will help you for free.

Answer by Ade
I think he’s sent the question with his mind. Any psychics want to chip in?

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Your all gonna burn in hell …. I say this because I am to insecure and to come up with an answer that requires thought …

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You can get free readings. Go to and have a look

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