Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Something I can do that is mindless and brain-numbing?

I don’t like tv and reading is just not working. Also keep in mind that I’m nine months pregnant and currently unable to go anywhere.

Answer by Alice
If you have ever wanted to learn how to knit or crochet, now would be the time.

If that is too complicated, pick an even simpler craft.

Answer by Monica
play video games, cook a lavish meal, listen to music, do a craft of some sort, delete friends you don’t talk to on facebook, clean your house

Answer by Taylor
You can crochet, learn to read tarot cards, complain, bake, sew, get some fish(they don’t go anywhere either), play solitaire, start a game of monopoly with yourself, start playing an online game like wow or ddo, learn a new language using Rosetta Stone, get a Pinterest account and make things using their DIY section. Start nesting for your baby, sped time with your significant other if you have one, spend time with friend or family before the baby, take a long bath, organize your closet or pantry, go onto yahoo answers and answer questions, clean your house if your mobile, make baby clothes, start watching Netflix ( they have so many mini series), get crafty, cut yourself some new bangs, watch online videos on YouTube, download new music, make yourself some CDs with new tunes, talk on the telephone, play games on your cell phone, take up drawing, fold laundry, wash laundry, repeat. Make your bed, call a psychic and get your future told to you. Adopt an animal from the zoo and pay monthly, adopt a star and name it. Sit outside at night and stargaze, buy a telescope. Shop online, buy stuff off infomercials,play an instrument, learn to read music. the list is endless.

Answer by Veronica Alicia
Start mapping out your Family Tree, ready to put the little one on the bottom line and provide him/her with a heritage.
Loads of sites on the Internet, like,,
One of the big sites is – they have a subscription, but usually give you two weeks free trial to start and it’s well worth taking that up

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Party ideas for a 16 year old girl?

I’m turnng 16 in about three months and wanted to have a party. Nothing big, just my closest friends and I doing something inexpensive and fun. We don’t have any video games so I can’t really do that. Anyone have any suggestions? They’re greatly appriciated and thanks!

PS Sorry for any spelling errors. I’m using my kindle.

Answer by sag
maybe Karaoke with little nibbles as the food for the afternoon or evening. or maybe watching old movies with a sleepover in the mix

Answer by natalie
I honestly just went downtown with my friends and that was it! You can go out to dinner afterwards! Just make it fun and random !

Answer by Jenna
Are you planning on staying in or going out??

For going out you could..

– Go to the city for the day and then out to dinner.. that is if you have a city near you. I don’t know what you mean by not too expensive.. like.. not expensive as in not going to a play or staying in a hotel? Or not expensive as in not spending more than $ 100? The one thing in the city that could get expensive is food.. if you’re paying for everyone.. ahead of time you could ask everyone to pay for their own meal and then offer to pay for the train ticker or vice versa. If you go to the city alone with your friends it’s even more fun! I’m 16 and my parents let my friends and I take the train in to the city (it’s a fairly major city too) on our own. In my city in the main park there’s an ice skating rink.. if it’s cold where you live and there’s a city and there’s ice skating you could all go to the city for ice skating and dinner lol.

– Just plain ice skating and then have everyone back to your house after for pizza and a sleepover!

– Have a birthday dinner at a cool restaurant. Like something funky.. lol. Cheesecake Factory is pretty fun!

– This one.. it sounds really pretty inexpensive and actually kind of cool.. I wanna do it!

For staying in you could..

– Have a summer themed beach party. I know this is kind of little kid.. but hell.. it’s fun! If you go to iparty they have really cheap beach/hula/hawaii stuff. Get coconut bras and skirts and tell everyone to wear their bathingsuit! There’s lots of fun things you can do with this kind of theme.

– Have a sleepover spa party. Go to CVS or Ulta and get a bunch of face masks.. cleansers.. all sorts of fun things. You can paint your nails and just pamper yourselves! My friends and I used to do this when we were younger but it’s still something fun you could do now!

– Horror movie party? This might not be for everyone. Have you ever heard of a weegie board? Those are kind of freaky! You could also do like tarot cards or something? And then have a marathon of horror movies!

Themed parties actually sound really fun to me.. because these days parties are all about booze and just acting like idiots.. which can be fun.. but I would love to have a winter beach party like the old days!

I hope this helped!

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