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@annnnn1d (Annster ♥) tweeted the following :
How do you think the world will look in 100 years? — I have no idea, I’m not a fortune teller o.o

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@jpromi2 (Joseph Promisco) tweeted the following :
@buzzerblog Is that a hint to what the Halloween lifeline will be? “Ask The Fortune Teller“? lol

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@JoshuaC52 (DearJosh) tweeted the following :
Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?… — Dunno, I’m no fortune teller like!

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Ask the YouTube Oracle

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Answer by Russ
how big are my genitals.

Answer by I♥Y!A + Justin timberlake 8 😉
Will i ever become a billionaire?

Answer by momof3
Do fortune tellers really believe themselves

Answer by I AM
A true fortune teller doesn’t need to be asked any questions. He or she is just born with the gift.

Answer by bbalchic1
Will somebody be dieing any time soon that I should knw about?

Answer by Landon Parks
First, I would ask them if they were retarded…. Then I would call them a fake, and tell them that if they are so ‘real’ than to have them tell you what your thinking in your mind at the moment. Bet they cant!!!1

Answer by Grandma J
Ask them “who do you think you’re foolin”?

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